Companies that Pay You to Travel

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A lot of times we’ve come to a point in life where we wished to quit our 9-5 jobs and travel the world once. But it still remains a dream for many but the fact that there are actually some jobs that allows you to travel while getting paid. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? A lot of companies hire employees from India and allow them to travel around. Read the whole blog to know more about the companies that pay you to travel.  

Adventure Work

Are you someone who loves adventures and travelling? If yes, then Adventure Work can be the best career option for you as it is one of those companies that offer jobs to those who want to travel the world as a part of their job. The company provides you with various job opportunities, from that of an instructor to maintenance of the team. Your job will allow you to have fun in adventure activities, and paid stay and the best part is you may get a stipend. The duration of your job will vary depending upon your choice of a job role. 


Is your fluency in English top-notch? Do you love teaching? Diverbo is a company that recruits employees on the basis of their English Language skills. The job involves teaching and improving the language skills of people residing in Spain and Germany. You should expect to travel to small native villages in the respective countries where you’ll be required to teach English to the native villagers. During the period, you’ll receive a heartwarming welcome from the villagers and you will get to enjoy group dinners, parties and more. Sounds exciting, right?

One Life Adventures

Want to explore more of Asia? At One Life Adventures, you’ll get to work as a group leader for the company that is responsible for setting up epic trips all over Asia to beautiful destinations such as Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan and of course India. You are paid to travel, free accommodation and more but keep in mind that they would prefer employees who have relevant travelling experience or must have been on one life trip. 

STS Travel

Everything is free of cost! At STS Travel, you will get to work as a host. But you’ll be working as a host for a different company that offers spring break packages for college students. You will be responsible for welcoming students on arrival, taking people to events, and answering any questions the guests may have during their stay! You’ll get to live at an all-inclusive resort for a whole month and will get everything for free, from food to a cruise trip. You’ll be travelling to Cabo, Cancun, or Punta Cana.


Want to be a part of the change? Want to help the world become a better place? Volunteering is something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t get a chance? If yes, then Workway can do wonders for you as it is an organization that is actively involved in volunteering activities. From rescuing animals to building schools for unprivileged children, Workway helps you connect with people and organizations that are looking for volunteers around the world who are willing to help others. The best part is that you get a fair amount of time to have fun while travelling along with paid accommodation and food. 

Top Tourism and Travel Courses

The travelling industry is by far one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world as it contributes significantly to a country’s economy. An ample of career opportunities are available for students who wish to build a career in the tourism industry. A variety of courses are available at various levels such as an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate courses. 


Listed below are some of the best universities or colleges offering tourism and travel courses in India:

University/CollegeCourse Name
College of Vocational Studies, Delhi UniversityB. A (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management
Banaras Hindu University, BHUMaster of Tourism and Management
School of Commerce and Management, Christ UniversityBBA in Tourism and Management
YMCA, New DelhiPG Diploma in Aviation and Tourism Management
IGNOUB.A in Tourism Studies (BTS)

Universities offering Tourism and Travel courses Abroad

Listed below are some of the top universities offering tourism and travel or related courses abroad that can help you find companies that pay you to travel:

UniversityCourse Name
Auckland University of Technology, New ZealandMaster of International Tourism Management
Oxford Brookes University, United KingdomMSc in International Hospitality, Event and Tourism Management
University of Queensland, AustraliaBachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management
Lincoln University, New ZealandBachelor of Tourism Management
Master of Tourism Management 
Monash University, AustraliaMaster of International Sustainable Tourism Management 
University of Otago, New ZealandMaster of Tourism (MTour)  
University of Exeter, United KingdomInternational Tourism Management MSc
Sheffield Hallam University, United KingdomMSc International Tourism Management
James Cook University, AustraliaMaster of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Bournemouth University, United KingdomMSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management

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What are some popular courses to pursue after the 12th for tourism?

Bachelor of Tourism Administration, BBA (H) Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, BBA (Tourism and Travel Management), and BA Vocational Studies in Tourism Management are some of the popular tourism courses you can pursue after the 12th. 

Can I pursue a Tourism course in Part-Time mode in India?

Yes, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies from IGNOU in Part-Time mode.

What is the duration of a bachelor’s of tourism management at Lincoln University, New Zealand?

The duration of the course is 3 years in full-time mode.

Travel and Tourism is a highly lucrative career and pursuing a course in Travel and Tourism Management can definitely help you with career advancement. Hope you now know about the companies that pay you to travel. Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts who will further guide you in selecting a  course and university that fits your interests and aspirations.

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