Top Careers in the Football Industry in the USA

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Top Careers in the Football Industry in the USA

Is being a football player the only option the football industry has to offer? Well, not really. There is a range of necessities, job roles, and career profiles available in the industry that football amounts to. What are these careers? How do they fare in terms of their potential, what do they have to offer, and what do they avail for those who choose them? We answer these questions in this blog, as we also provide an average idea of salaries of the respective careers in the USA. So don’t think twice, scroll down to learn more about the careers in the football industry.  The following are the top careers in the football industry, apart from being a footballer of course. 

Concessions Manager

Endowed with responsibilities such as overlooking the process of event management (in the case of sports events), handling employees, and overseeing inventory and operations, a concessions manager makes sure that their role of being a food service professional is met with efficiency and success. Some of their responsibilities also include opening the concessions booth, preparing food for peak sporting events, as well as maintaining the inventory, and ordering stock whenever required. 

Average Salary$40,000 per year (INR 33 lakh)

Review Writer (Media)

A writer in the field of football focuses on the performances of each football team, the players, the training, the personas, the sports events, and reviews all to write as a feature in the publication they work for. Their job is closely linked to the game so the knowledge and study of the sport is a must and helps them review and write about the game with better precision and accuracy, bringing better attention to their work. 

Average Salary$37,686 per year (INR 31 lakh)

Sports Centre Manager

As indicated in the name, a sports centre manager overlooks the maintenance and operation of the sports centre or sporting facility. The management of stadiums, arenas, football fields, gyms and locker rooms, or areas where the matches/games are played or held, all comes under the supervision of the sports centre manager. They must be highly qualified in their field, with the knowledge and skills to handle the leasing agreements of the centre as well. Along with the official matches, they also manage the occurrences of practice matches amongst the football teams

Average Salary$37,350 per year (INR 31 lakh)


Might be the most obvious and understandable role for a person to choose in the football industry, apart from being a football player. Why? Because of all the skills that are required to ace the role and designation of being a footballer, the same knowledge and skills help the person to coach other players with the same frivolity shown on the field in the middle of the game. But that’s not merely all, for being a coach also requires the person to be a teacher. So though it’s one of the most destined and asked-for careers in the football industry, it’s also not easy and one of the most competitive ones. 

Average Salary$41,572 per year (INR 34 lakh)


The not-so-hidden but one of the most essential individuals in a football game is the referee. They are the ones who need to know and understand all the rules and regulations of the game by heart; imposing the same in every game and moderating and regulating the smooth operation of the play-offs from both sides of the teams. It’s the referee who signals the start and end of the game. The one who makes the final decision and judgement about each goal, penalty and sportsmanship. To be a referee though, is not at all easy, for they must study the game thoroughly before stepping foot on the field. 

Average Salary$47,922 per year (INR 39.5 lakh)

Physical Therapist 

Being on the field in the middle of the game means the collision of the vigour of each player. This could often result in the development of injuries and chronic body and muscular pains in the players. Exertion needs the right exercise and relaxation to allow the player to continue to play the game to the best of their ability and without any hindrances. Physical Therapists help with that. They are a healthcare professional that indulges in the rehabilitation of football players after their injury. Like medical professionals, they evaluate their patients, judge their medical history, and draw methods of treatment to help the patient improve in their journey of recovery. Moreover, they also teach the athletes ample exercises to prevent injuries. 

Average Salary$85,376 per year (INR 70 lakh)

We just shared some of the top career profiles in the football industry, helping you plan your future to realise your dreams and ambitions.  To learn more, you can reach out to Leverage Edu specialists. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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