Web Designing Courses

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Web Designing Courses

We all know how important the advent of the internet is, which has now become an essential part of our lives and outrightly controls the way we talk, shop, eat and communicate. A strong brand presence is necessary for every new and growing business. Ever wondered who is behind creating these beautiful websites and web pages? All this work is done by web designers. A web designer is a professional with the right technical skills and an eye for crafting stunning aesthetics. If you aspire to be one, then this blog on Web Designing courses is definitely going to help you out!

What is Web Designing?

Web designing is a process of creation of webpages on the world wide web with the use of advanced tools. It includes multimedia, text, and graphics. The person who designs a website is called web developer and the process of creating web pages is called web development. The main part of coding done in various programming languages like HTML, JAVA, and ASP. How the final website will look to the user involves various backend procedures done by programmers. 

Why Study a Web Designing Course?

Studying website designing or development has its own perks. It is a popular course among people who want to establish their careers in the site development, web development or designing field. Here are some benefits of pursuing this course: 

  • To learn web designing you need to have minimum prerequisites or skills
  • It comes with a vast knowledge of programming which can make you multi-skilled
  • There are very high chances that you can start your own business
  • Web designing is a creative field and will increase the creative acumen in you
  • The best perk that you can get is to Work from home
  • You can start your own training Institute
  • You can learn in a short period of time.

Universities abroad offer various courses on web development and designing. Here is a list of some popular ones:

Courses Universities
Master of Science in Information Systems – Web and Mobile Computing University of Colorado, USA
Graduate Certificate in Web Design and Development Conestoga College of Applied Arts And Technology, Canada
Diploma in Web and Application Development Yoobee Colleges, New Zealand
Diploma in Internet Applications and Web Development Fanshawe College, Canada
Diploma in Web Development and Design  Southern Institute of Technology
Diploma in Contemporary Web Design Durham College, Canada
Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media and Web Technologies  Coventry University, UK

Short Term Courses

Sketch App
Master Course
UI and UX Design Standard
UI Design Master Course
UI Design Standard Course
UI Development Master Course
WebMaster Course Web
Master Plus Course
Web Premium Course
Web Standard Course
Query Master Course
Microsoft SQL Server Standard
Microsoft SSRS Training
Adobe Animate Course (Formerly Flash)
Adobe Photoshop Master – Web
Adobe XD Master Course
Advanced SQL Master Course
AJAX Master Course
Angular Master Plus Course
Bootstrap Master Course
C++ Advanced Course
E-commerce Master Course
HTML5 CSS3 Master Course
Script Master Course
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Adobe Animate Course 
This course is used to create 2D animation and its code can be easily incorporated into website code and is hence a powerful tool used for creating digital media content including, animation, audio, video,  graphics, and interactive media.

Duration: 2 months 
Mode of study: Online and Offline

Advanced SQL Master Course
SQL is a database programming language and is very important for those websites who take the user data to save in their database, its the most compatible language and fits perfect with ASP.

Duration: 1 Month
Mode: Classroom and Online

Adobe Photoshop Master  Web platform
Adobe Photoshop is the most efficient tool it has many other uses beyond photo-editing it is also used for designing user interfaces for web sites that are responsive applications and offers customization for various themes.

Duration: 2 Months
Mode: Classroom and Online

Adobe XD Master Course
It is an improvement over previous tools like adobe illustrator which very only limited to image processing technology but Adobe Master XD is a vector-based tool for designing for web and interactive mobile applications 

Duration: 04 – 06 Weeks
Mode: Offline and Online

HTML5 CSS3 Master Course
HTML is a hypertext markup language that has evolved over time and the 5th version is more programmer-friendly as it has inculcated the new forms of scripting techniques. HTML is the basic programming language that every webpage on WWW has been written with apart from that it is highly compatible with CSS (Cascading style sheet)

Duration: Depends on the Institution
Mode: Online and Offline 

Microsoft SQL Server Standard
This course is offered by Microsoft for those who want to learn about database management (DBMS) and this course focuses on data analytics and data processing the databases are a very important part of websites. 

Duration: 1 month
Mode: Classroom and Online

UI and UX Design Standard
UI is a front end development technique that deals with User interface designing which includes the website tabs, buttons, hyperlinking, and icons. Furthermore, the course will cover how the designing of screens, pages, and visual elements is done.

Duration: Changes with the institute
Mode: Classroom and Online

Hopefully, this blog helped you to gain all the necessary information about Web designing courses and all its related attributes. If you are interested in joining any of the web design course then get in touch with experts at Leverage Edu.

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