Diploma in Photography

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Diploma in Photography

Photography is the quintessential art of capturing moments with a simple click of a camera and turning them into visual masterpieces. If you love clicking photographs, saving every little memory of your loved ones and finding aesthetics in even the bleakest of landscapes, you can turn your hobby into a thriving and passionate career by pursuing a diploma in photography. It can help you gather all the basics and essential knowledge in a short time, thus laying the foundation of this exciting career.

There are a vast array of diploma courses in photography that you can opt for, from graduate diploma to certification courses. Here’s a complete guide on diploma courses in photography, what you will get to study in a photography diploma and the best global universities that you can choose from. 

Diploma in Photography: Major Subjects

A diploma course in photography constitutes essential photography concepts and digital photography along with photo editing coupled with practical learning in different environments and light situations. Following are the major subjects of photography that you will study during a diploma:

Basic Concepts of Photography

In any photography course, the basics of photography from lens, aperture and shutter speed to rules of composition, analogue vs digital photography and ISO, etc. would be the first thing that you will learn. Also starting with a brief history of how photography began, this subject will move to the technical aspects of photography including the parts of a camera, the importance of light in photography, and the process of developing photographs.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging is a comprehensive subject that centralizes on the concept of digital photography and its essential elements. Pursuing a diploma in photography, you will work on photography software applications such as photoshop along with understanding photo tools, corrections as well as the role of sensors in photography.

In this subject, editing will have a crucial role because, in certain types of photography, photo editing is carried out for corrections, enhancement and other purposes. For this, there are several kinds of photography software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Paintshop Pro, etc.

Practical Photography in Different Situations

Practising photography along with learning the theoretical aspects of photography, is a pivotal part of a diploma in photography. Most importantly, photography is an art that can only be mastered through consistent practice. So, the diploma course will include exercises and activities where you will get to know how photographs are clicked in different light conditions as well as environments. You will gain a complete understanding of how food photography, wildlife photography, landscape photography, fashion photography and other kinds of photography are done.

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Diploma in Photography: Courses & Top Universities 

In photography, there are diploma as well as certification courses offered by several leading international universities.

Top Universities offering Diploma Courses in Photography:

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Different Kinds of Diploma Courses in Photography

Other than a graduate diploma in photography you can also opt for specialized diploma courses in photography where you can grasp the knowledge of a particular field such as photo imaging, digital photography, documentary photography, etc. Following are the specialized diploma courses offered in photography:

  • Diploma in HND Commercial and Creative Photography by Northampton College
  • Diploma/certification course in Documentary Photography by University of South Wales
  • Diploma in Graphic Design with Photography by Warwickshire College Group (WCG)
  • Diploma in Art & Design (Photography) by Barnfield College
  • Diploma in Digital Photography by South Seas Film and Television School
  • Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging by Swinburne University of Technology

Thus, a diploma in photography is the ideal way to dive deeper into your interest in photography. Not only will you be getting the theoretical knowledge but a diploma from a renowned university will get you the right exposure as well as networking opportunities within your preferred field of photography. If you need assistance in applying for a photography diploma, Leverage Edu can simplify the entire process from filling out applications to finding the perfect mentor to guide you through the entire process.

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