Job-Oriented Courses for Housewives

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Courses for Housewives

Are you finding it difficult to restart your career after having a child? Do you have work gaps on your resume and not sufficient skills for getting a job? Life after marriage is bound to get busier and it becomes difficult for women to handle all their family responsibilities along with their careers. Sometimes, women sacrifice their professional careers to take care of their families. But when they find the right time to get back in the game and restart their professional career, the work gap in their resume makes it difficult for them to find a suitable job. So, if you are a housewife on the quest to restart your career, there are various job-oriented courses for housewives that you can choose from in order to explore diverse career opportunities.

Through this blog, we will provide you with some of the major job-oriented courses for housewives thus understanding how pursuing a course can help you kickstart your career after marriage.

Best 20 Online Courses for Housewives

If you are planning to recommence your career, short-term courses are the best options to start with. Diplomas and certification courses can provide you with the apt knowledge and technical skills required in a particular field along with adding value to your resume.

Here are the best 20 online courses for housewives:

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Interior Designing Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Video Editing Courses
  • Graphic Design Courses
  • Teaching Courses
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Makeup and Hairstyling Courses
  • Yoga Instruction
  • Content Writing Courses
  • Web Designing Courses
  • Cooking Courses
  • Photography and Videography Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Jewellery Designing Courses
  • Social Media Manager
  • Dance Courses
  • Entrepreneurship Courses
  • Art and Craft Courses
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Digital Marketing Courses

With the advent of digital media platforms, every organisation is aiming towards building a strong online presence and reaching their audience on a global level. Amongst the most popular job-oriented courses for housewives, you can learn about this ever-growing field through different programs, be it google digital marketing courses, diploma in digital marketing or full-fledged degree courses. Opting for a course in digital marketing, you will get to learn about SEO optimisation, online marketing tools, techniques as well as varied other essentials to build a successful career in this field!

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Computer Courses 

With the booming IT industry, every industry requires professionals that are computer-savvy. There are various short-term programs that you can pursue in the field of Information Technology and one such course in a Computer course. A program in Computer Technology can provide you with basic skills and training that can help you to enter the IT industry. You can also opt for short-term courses in Information Technology or Computer Languages such as JAVA, C++, etc. As one of the major courses for housewives, pursuing a diploma in Computer Science or IT from a top-ranked global university like Murdoch University, the University of Arizona, can also add value to your resume thus increasing your chances of getting highlighted in job applications.

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Interior Designing Courses

Another key mention in our list of job-oriented courses for housewives is, Interior Designing is an artistic domain of study and offers the much-needed flexibility of pursuing work assignments for those who have settled into married life. It is perfect for those who love curating scintillating spaces with striking designs and pursuing interior designing courses, you will be imparted with the knowledge of colour themes, styling a residential or corporate space, and using the right materials to fill a physical space, amongst others. Further, after completing this course, you can opt for freelancing assignments or associate yourself with a design company and take projects as per your inconvenience! Check out these Online Interior Design Courses to know more!

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Fashion Designing Courses

As one of the popular courses for housewives, Fashion Designing courses are readily available in online and offline mode for those inclined towards curating apparel and accessories. You can either learn the intricacies of fashion and apparel design at home or pursue a full-time degree or diploma in Fashion Designing. Some of the popular job prospects you can explore after completing a program in this field include Fashion Consultant, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, and Fashion Journalist, to name a few.

Video Editing Courses

As videos are becoming the most popular medium of entertainment in the world of social media, there are numerous promising opportunities available in videography and video editing, especially on a part-time and freelance basis. A wide range of video and film editing courses and videography courses are offered in online and offline mode which you can explore to familiarise yourself with the major editing software applications and related knowledge.

Graphic Design Courses

For those passionate towards drawing, sketching, painting and visual storytelling, Graphic Designing courses are the best option to choose. Another key mention in our list of courses for housewives, these programs will equip you with the knowledge of image-creating and editing software applications along with typography, motion graphics and how to transform simple stories into compelling images. Completing a degree or diploma in this field, you can work as a freelance graphic designer or open your own design startup and even explore full-time career opportunities across different sectors!

Teaching Courses

If you have always been interested in following the path of an educator, then opting a teaching program from a wide range of job-oriented courses for housewives might be the best choice for you. Completing a degree or diploma in teaching, you can explore a wide range of opportunities not only in educational institutions but also in non-profit organisations that are always in dire need of proficient teachers to impart education to the underserved sections of the society. Some of the major teaching courses you can choose from include, Diploma in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Education, BEd in Special Education, amongst others.

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Foreign Language Courses

Pursuing foreign language courses is an effective way to restart your career at any age. The scope of a career in foreign language is rising and there are several multinational companies that are looking for professionals with linguistic dexterity in two or more languages. Pursuing a foreign language course can help you explore various career opportunities in both public and private sectors globally. Housewives who have a knack for reading can explore career prospects like translators, interpreters, and teachers and job opportunities in international embassies as well. As one of the popular courses for housewives, it can also help you explore different cultures and find work opportunities across the globe.

Makeup and Hairstyling Courses

The requirement for professional makeup and hair stylists is rapidly increasing around the world with the advent of digital makeup. In the field of Beauty and Skincare, you can explore several career opportunities in bridal makeup, personal grooming, as well as in the fashion and entertainment industry. Studying the art of makeup can prove highly rewarding for those with a unique sense of aesthetics and colours. As one of the popular courses for housewives, Hairstyling and Makeup Artist courses will equip you with the practical skills that are essential in a plethora of fields related to Skincare such as Cosmetology, Nail Art, and Haircare thus preparing you to enter the thriving Beauty industry.

Yoga Instruction

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, Yoga is a great career choice as it is an ancient art and natural way of staying fit, young and healthy. It also helps in maintaining mental and physical health. There are various certification yoga courses that can be pursued for pursuing prospects in Yoga. After completing the course, you can either start your own yoga classes or start as a teacher.

Content Writing Courses

We are living in an era of ever-flowing information where any kind and any type of information is freely available with just one click. The field of content writing is a very in-demand arena nowadays as you can work full-time, part-time or freelance as a content writer. Hence people are in search of great content writers who can produce content on a specific theme, topics and so on. So if you think that you have a niche in writing content and have excellent writing skills then you can become a Content writer to kickstart your career again, being a housewife too. There are many certified content writing courses and diplomas that are easily available online which can be completed by housewives at their own convenience. Thus, content writing is another crucial addition in our list of top courses for housewives which you must explore!

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Web Designing Courses

Web designing is another key mention in our list of the most popular courses for housewives. If you are a tech geek and have a creative zeal for designing new websites, you can check out a wide range of online web designing courses that can help you build a successful career in web development and design. With every company building its own website to reach a larger audience, web designers are always in-demand and get high-paying packages whether for a full-time role or freelancers.

Cooking Courses

Thanks to the pandemic for making us all passionate about cooking at home. Believe it or not, those who don’t even have a knack for cooking were also enjoying the lockdown cooking sessions at home. So, if you wish to learn how to cook different cuisines, desserts, bakery items, and whatnot, then you can easily learn it via different cooking courses that are available online. After discovering your niche cuisine or dishes, you can start with your own cafe, or food delivery ventures from home. Some women even pursue and start their own tiffin services and earn a good handsome amount of money thus you must consider cooking courses for housewives as it can encourage you towards an entrepreneurial venture!

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Photography and Videography Courses

If you are like clicking photos and making creative videos, then photography and videography courses can be the right choice for you to pursue as a housewife. Now that everyone has their own social media pages for posting aesthetic photographs and videos, learning the intricacies of capturing the right composition to creating a clickbaity video can help you pursue a thrilling career! You can also work as a freelance photographer/videography for product companies, weddings, events, etc. or open your own boutique and utilise your innate entrepreneurial skills to pave your career in Photography!

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Child Psychology Courses

This is a highly recommended course for housewives who wish to pursue a career in Psychology. Child Psychology courses will familiarize you with the psychology and behaviour patterns of children of all ages from newborn children and toddlers to grown-up teens. The course will also help candidates to inculcate the necessary skills required to understand the physical and psychological needs of babies, toddlers, and teens as well as attend to their needs. In addition, they will equip you with the knowledge of creating a safe environment for children to grow and learn on their own. Thus, if you are a housewife and your compassion and love for children want you to enter this field of study, then it is one of the excellent job-oriented courses for housewives.

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Jewellery Designing Courses

Diamonds are truly considered as every woman’s best friend and our love for jewellery can be very well seen on special occasions, festivals, weddings etc. We are always in touch with the latest designs in the market, or the latest gemstones being discovered! But ever thought of designing jewellery on your own? If not, then yes you can! You can learn jewellery designing by enrolling yourself into a jewellery designing course available online and offline, both. You can start practising by making your own designs and then later after having a niche in the same, you can start your career as a freelancer or as a jewellery designer. 

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Social Media Manager

We are living in an era of social media. Not just people but brands too are very well aware of the importance it holds in today’s world. Every time you open a social media app, you will come across hundreds of posts screaming at your attention. Having said that, companies are always on the lookout for people having perfect and proper knowledge about different social media applications so that they can manage these accounts. Housewives can start a career as a social media manager if they love to be on social media. You can pursue social media management or social media marketing courses available online as well as offline and get advanced knowledge of how these apps work and then pursue a promising career in this field!

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Dance Courses

Whether you want to pursue a career in Classical or Western Dance or you are fascinated by aerobics and Zumba dance for fitness, dance courses are amongst the most popular among housewives. You can sign up for a dance class at a nearby institute or even watch online tutorials or videos and learn your favourite dance at home. Dance Therapy is also emerging as a popular specialisation in contemporary times because it has been found dance has the potential to combat certain human disorders such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, obesity and many more. So, kick your feet up and sign up for a dance course to master your favourite art form and don’t forget to have fun while learning!

Entrepreneurship Courses

Being a businesswoman feels like being a queen in today’s world. It is not an easy cakewalk to become an entrepreneur and start your own venture. If you have the right skills, knowledge, understanding about the market that you want to enter, and information regarding your competitors, you can easily kickstart your career by commencing your own business or becoming a partner or an investor in an existing business. Housewives can take entrepreneurship courses online and can easily upgrade their skills and knowledge. Hence entrepreneurship is also a perfect example of job-oriented courses for housewives. 

Art and Craft Courses

If art is your hobby and you want to explore and bring your inner artist into this world, then art and craft courses can help you to bring out that inner artist from you. Consider getting a diploma in art and craft courses or enrolling yourself in a certified course to be in this industry and kick-start your career. You can also opt for art therapy courses that can help you learn how arts can assist people in becoming more mindful and mentally fit in life!

Apart from the aforementioned ones, some other job-oriented courses for housewives you can explore are:

Professional Courses for Housewives

Here are the best professional courses for housewives:

  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW)
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA – Teaching Certificate Courses
  • Certified Payroll Specialist – HR Certification Courses
  • BAT Course– Business Accounting Taxation Course
  • Virtual Assistant Courses
  • Amazon FBA Course
  • Influencer Marketing Courses

Online Classes for Housewives

The top platforms for online courses for housewives are:

Free Online Courses for Housewives

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Certification Courses for Housewives

Here we list the best courses for housewives to help them have a thriving career:

  • Content Writing Courses
  • Digital Marketing
  • Interior Designing
  • GST Certificate Course
  • Web Designing
  • Jewellery Designing Course
  • Art and Craft Course
  • Cooking and Baking Class
  • Teacher’s Training Course
  • Foreign Language Course
  • Online HR course for Recruitment and Selection
  • Fashion Designing Course
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Graphic Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Stock Trading Courses

Learning and growing never stop, not even after marriage. There is so much that you can do to enhance your career. The above-mentioned courses for housewives are generally short-term programs and let you explore newer career fields. Leverage Edu’s AI Course Finder can take you through an array of diploma and certification programs that are specifically oriented to equip people with the knowledge of a specialised field and help them resume their career in a new light.

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