How Creative Thinking Can Help You In Interviews?

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creative thinking

We often choose a leader who has exceptional management and leadership qualities and has the ability to come up with new and intriguing ideas in various situations. Often referred to as a soft skill, creativity finds its presence in almost every area of our lives. It gives wings of our imagination and without creativity, life would indeed be boring and monotonous. Most of the time we relate creativity with writers, painters, filmmakers, and other artists but the term embodies a vast range of practices and ideas that we use in our day to day life regardless of the profession we are pursuing. Even for something like an interview, your inventive and out-of-the-box ideas can help you create a great impression. Through this blog, we will try to understand how creative thinking can help you in interviews. 

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Why Creative Thinking Is Important?

creative thinking

In an era where competitiveness drives the market and employers are becoming selective in the process of hiring new talent, it is important to have something different to offer to set yourself apart. Securing the desired place has never been so painstaking than it is now. Despite the growth of corporates, tech companies, and service-based marketplaces, it is quite hard to get into a high paying job position unless you prove yourself exceptionally important to the organization. Thus, in such times, knowing how to crack an interview is not suffice. Employers use sophisticated interviewing techniques to examine the critical thinking ability of a candidate. Using creative thinking to formulate a way out in such situations is a characteristic that can set you apart from the pool of candidates. To develop an attitude of thinking process that brings out unconventional and novel solutions to an array of problems is beneficial for both the company and for you as an individual as well. 

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How to Develop Creative Thinking?

While most people believe creativity is something that is innate, it is true for only a few. Though there is no specific way of going about it and different things can work for different people, there are certain ways that are fundamental to develop a creative approach to thinking. Some of the techniques which can help stimulate your creative mind and thoughts so as to bring mind-boggling ideas have been listed below: 

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  • Messi on the field, Messy on the table!

Scientific studies have proven that in some cases, an unorganized work table can lead to brilliant ideas. The study also proved that those who work in untidy rooms or tables choose their ideas to be labeled as new. 

  • Push your Limits

Creativity demands hard work on focused goals to attain the attitude of thinking ‘out of the box’. It has been proven that the best way to stimulate creativity is to get out of your comfort zone. There certainly is nothing that a person cannot do but it is important not to jump in two boats simultaneously. Many people are not clear about their goals and tend to direct their hard work on achieving undefined objectives which may lead to failure. Thus, it is imperative to stay clear about your aspirations and work incessantly towards achieving them. Try doing things that prompt you to use your optimum thinking power and give a challenge to your intellect. This involves indulging in adventurous activities and being a part of educational programs. 

  • Daydream

At times, it is important to let your mind drift into a different direction so as to ponder over things that can be work-related or even anything irrelevant. It helps us to be sub-consciously unconscious about the stressful situations that can leave a negative impact on our minds. This is the ideal way to cook innovative ideas that have the ingredients to boost your creative thinking!

creative thinking
  • Balanced Approach Towards Life

The similarity that we see amongst the great personalities is work-life discipline. While it is important to follow a routine, taking out time for activities that can unleash your creativity is pivotal for growth. Focusing on formulating a mind map, getting rid of negative thoughts, and sparing time for recreational activities is very likely to yield positive results. Reading books and creative content, watching movies, engaging in debates and discussions, attending camps or trecks are some of the many ways to lead a healthy work-life balance, develop creative thinking, and to get optimum benefits. 

  • Make room for creativity

Blue-sky thinking brings out a multitude of unorthodox ideas that have the power to bring a constructive change. This is why getting involved in creative learning is fundamental and should be made a part of your routine. No matter how hard you try, not practicing techniques that can invoke your creative potential would fail to yield any significant results. Taking up challenging projects, building a strong personal and professional network, and jotting down ideas are some of the ways to foment out-of-the-box thinking in you. Further, you can also think of offering services that would require using your faculty of innovation. Doing so would induce professionalism in the process and help to boost your confidence and dedication. 

Creative thinking in modern times should not be taken as a skill but an inseparable part of a person’s identity. In the crowd of billions, machines have taken over most of the jobs but there is something that guarantees a person an uncontestable position and that is creativity. We at Leverage Edu make sure that a student gets an environment for creative learning with scope for critical thinking. If you are planning to pursue creative programs like BSc Fashion Designing, Dress Designing courses, Music Production courses, etc then our experts will help you cherrypick a suitable institution from thousands of universities around the globe to meet your needs for creative learning. 

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