BEd in Special Education

BEd in Special Education

Teaching is known as a noble profession as one is given a significant responsibility to shape a child’s career as well as personality. While every child is considered to be unique, those with special needs require the utmost attention and care. That’s why there is always a continuous requirement of proficient teachers who have gained expertise in helping students with disabilities and disorders that a regular teacher might not be able to take care of. Amongst the prominent of special education courses, one can pursue a degree or diploma at any level to delve deeper into this field. Through this blog, we are bringing a comprehensive guide on BEd in Special Education, its structure, syllabus, top universities as well as career scope.

What is BEd Special Education?

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is a renowned degree program pursued by those who want to start a career in teaching. Focusing on a particular specialization, a B.Ed. in Special Education is usually offered as a 2-year course divided into 4 semesters. It aims to equip budding educators with the knowledge of teaching those with special needs. This degree program prepares future teachers to educate the students with-

  • Hearing or speech impairments
  • Mental disabilities or retardation like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia
  • Visual impairment or differently-abled students

Since differently-abled students need a uniquely modulated teaching experience, studying a BEd in Special education will provide you with the knowledge of the application of

  • Special instructional videos
  • Learning-Teaching aids
  • Proper one-on-one attention

Course Highlights

Course LevelGraduate
Duration2 Years
Curriculum TypeSemester
Job ProspectsEducational Institutes, NGOs, News and Media

Who should opt for a BEd in Special Education?

Since it is a specialised degree program that encompasses learning efficient ways to educate those with disabilities and special needs, a BEd in Special Education is an ideal program for those:

  • Individuals who are willing to gain some insights about different areas of disabilities that are faced children of every age in the country.
  • Individuals with a passion for helping the needy and disabled population and want to uplift the educational standards for the children who are differently-abled.

B.Ed. in Special Education: Subjects Covered

Now that you know what a BEd in Special Education course is and what it aims to cover, take a look at the following list of subjects included under this program:

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Inclusive Education
  • Teaching and Assessment
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Technology Advancements for Disabilities
  • Assessment and Identification of Needs and Care
  • Introduction to Neurological Disabilities
  • Locomotors and Other Disabilities
  • Basic Research and Basic Statistic
  • Drama and Art Inclusion in Education
  • Pedagogy of School Subjects
  • Auditory Advancements
  • Reading and Understanding Texts
  • Curriculum Designing
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Introduction to Sensory Disabilities

Note: The above-mentioned list is just for indicative purposes and course offerings might vary from one university to another.

Top Universities and Colleges Offering BEd in Special Education

A multitude of academic institutions offer bachelor’s programs in Special Education to students across the globe. The following table elucidates some of the major institutes and universities in India as well as abroad that offer BEd in Special Education or its related programs:

Top Institutes in IndiaTop Institutes Abroad
Sanskriti UniversityUniversity of Derby
Amity UniversitySuffolk University
Banaras Hindu UniversityUniversity of East London
Andhra UniversityAustralian Catholic University
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open UniversityFlinders University
Kalasalingam UniversityCardiff Metropolitan University
Netaji Subhash Open UniversityTorrens University
Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special EducationDublin City University

Eligibility Criteria

Though the specific requirements for this graduate program can vary as per the university you have chosen, here is the minimum eligibility criteria that you must fulfil before applying for a B.Ed. in Special Education:

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Courses like B.A., B.Sc, BCom, etc with a school subject at the graduation level are preferred.
  • A minimum of 50% in the graduation that is, in 10+2+3. 

Note: Most universities conduct entrance examinations for the B.Ed. in Special Education program so you are advised to check the eligibility criteria properly before applying for this course.

How can you Effectively Teach Children With Special Needs?

Be it physical ailments or growth-related issues, children with special needs require extra attention and a soft approach to proceed in life. And thus, handling pertinent issues with calm and patience is required. In order to teach such children with precision, here are some points which you must adhere with:

  • Use art and music therapy to teach.
  • Break down information into smaller fragments to make the learning process easier.
  • Use visual as well as audio teaching methods so that it benefits all types of special children.
  • Allow children to experiment and formulate their own activities.
  • Organise the classroom and keep distracting elements away.
  • Formulate a schedule well in advance.
  • Last but not least, be a good listener.

B.Ed. in Special Education: Career Prospects

The BEd. in Special Education degree holders will find a plethora of career opportunities especially in educational institutes, NGOs, private teaching institutes, news and media houses, government offices, hospitality and assistance, etc. Now, let’s take a look at the job positions that can be filled by individuals with a degree in BEd in Special Education:

Special Education Teachers 

Not only will you be focusing on teaching those with special needs, but you will also be required to assess students’ social behaviour and development. Further, you will also be required to assist families of the disabled kids to keep them updated about the child’s condition, especially those who suffer from ailments like ADHD.

Pre-Primary/Primary Teachers

For special children, Pre-Primary/Primary school teachers employe Art, as well as music therapy, in order to teach the children. You can pursue primary teaching courses with a specialization in this field to have better skills and knowledge.

Content Writer and Developer

Content writers are the professionals who write content for the internet as prescribed by the organisations or NGOs working in the domain of special education. The content is formulated keeping in mind the needs and requirements of children who face difficulty in speaking, listening, or both.

News and Media Interpreter

News stations hire interpreters to convey news using sign languages for people with hearing disabilities. This is also done for the students with ADHD who have a hard time reading stuff whether through the newspaper or broadcast mediums. This is one of the most opted career paths after BEd in Special Education!

Career Counsellor

Career counsellors analyze the person’s abilities, education level, personality, skills, and interests into account and then counsel them regarding the future careers they can opt for. And when it comes to children with special needs, you can provide career guidance to them/parents in selecting a particular field as per child’s inclination.

Personal Helpers or Assistant

Some families of differently-abled individuals hire a personal helper or trainer for them so that the helper can assist the individual throughout their academic quests. This is also a popular path which you can consider.

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you comprehend what a BEd in Special Education entails. If you are planning to pursue a program in the field of education but don’t know which one to opt for, sign up for a free 30-minute career counselling session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you find the best combination of a course and university that fit your interests, skills and aspirations and equips you with the right knowledge and training to follow the path of an educator.

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