Six Sigma

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Six Sigma

With the traditional career fields like MBA and Engineering reaching saturation and scores of other new and unique subjects emerging, individuals are now exploring career opportunities in fields that are new and have a vast career scope. Thus giving an opportunity to create a benchmark instead of getting overshadowed by the bulk. One advantageous and trending field these days is Six Sigma. Over a short span of time, Six Sigma has planted its roots in almost every leading organization. Hence, it has now become the choicest career option amongst the youth. Read through the blog and get to know about how to start your career in this field. 

What is Six Sigma?

Derived from the Greek symbol Sigma (𝜎), Six Sigma is a quality control methodology based on the principles of management, which is designed to enhance the business and reduce defects and errors. It is a data-driven technique which uses statistical strategies to remove various types of errors. In the last few years, Six Sigma has presented a philosophical business model which emphasizes on fulfilling the customer requirements, enhancing customer retention, and upgrading the existing products and services. Being a beneficial model of business, it is now implemented across companies like 3M, Amazon, EMC Corporation, McKesson Corporation, etc. 

Belts and Qualifications

Just like Martial Arts, Six Sigma also offers ‘belts’ which are certification levels. Let us have a look at the belts available in this field:

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Courses 

Six Sigma is a relatively new field of study and hence, a multitude of programs are now being offered by a variety of institutions. The field is open to students from varied backgrounds and aims to transform them into trained professionals who are adept at minimizing risks in businesses. Candidates can opt for diploma, certificate, and masters level programs. Tabulated below are popular course in this field:

Certificate/ Diploma  Certificate in Project Management with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt;
Certified Lean Six Sigma Certificate;
Certificate in Lean Sigma
Graduate Certificate/ Diploma Graduate Certificate in Six Sigma Statistical Practioner;
Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt;
Graduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma;
Graduate Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate 
Postgraduate CourseMSc Six Sigma for Operation Excellence 

Top Universities for Pursuing Six Sigma Courses 

To seek quality education in this subject, it is essential to shortlist an institution which offers a comprehensive curriculum, top-notch faculty, and opportunities to gain hands-on experience. There are a number of top universities in the world that offer a course on Six Sigma, some of them have been listed below:

Career Scope 

Since you will be equipped in boosting the business by identifying and minimizing the errors upon completion of the course, you will be considered as a suitable candidate for various organisations. Depending upon the level of the certification gained in Six Sigma, you can work under the following work profiles:

Belts/ Certifications Job Profiles 
Yellow BeltBusiness Optimization Specialist
Process Excellence
Green BeltProject Quality Leader
Assistant Manager Quality
Workforce Management Specialist
Black BeltQuality Compliance Analyst
Quality Manager
Business Process Improvement Manager 
Lean Sigma Certification Lean Specialist
Project and Process Improvement Manager
Senior Consultant

Hence, pursuing Six Sigma is a golden opportunity for you to enhance your skills and become competent in handling various issues. Being a trending field with a lot of career opportunities, choosing the right university becomes essential. Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu who will not only help you in selecting the most suitable academic institute but will also assist in completing admission formalities!

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