Skill Development Training Workshops and Programs

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Skill Development Training and Programs

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in any country. They have become even more important given the increasing pace of globalization and technological changes. Skill development is also essential to keep up with the dynamic environment of the different industries. There are various institutions that offer multiple skill development training programs that have been proved extremely advantageous. In this blog, we will cover the different skill development training, workshops and programs. 

What Is Skill Development Training?

Skill development training courses through which students get an opportunity to acquire new skills or enhance the existing skills. Various institutions all across India have been set up to offer the opportunity for the same. Students get skill development training in academic and Indian industrial areas with numerous ways provided to promote training that can increase productivity. Skill development training ensures that you don’t lag behind due to the constant advancements in all sectors. Training is provided through various means, such as workshops, online training, vocational training and many more. 

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List of Top Skill Development Training Programs

  • ISRO Sponsored Training and Workshops
  • Training and Research at IGMPI
  • workshops
  • AIIMS New Delhi workshop series
  • Employability Vocational Training And Upgradation
  • Collaborative Research Workshop of IIM Ahmedabad
  • NAFARI Training ProgramsSkill Development Institute by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Odisha)

Skill development Institute by Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Skill development institute by Indian Oil Corporation Limited is situated in Bhubaneswar and promoted by Indian Oil Corporation Limited. It has been set up to accomplish the vision of the Skill India Mission set by the Government of India. It was started with the mission of providing skills development training to the underprivileged and unemployed young people of Odisha. Each batch of this institution includes around 240 students with 8 courses having a duration of 3-6 months. It is one of the best examples of skill development and industrial training for the students and other unemployed students. The Skill development institute of Bhubaneswar provides the following skill development training:

  • Industrial Electricians
  • Welders
  • Fitter Fabrication 
  • LPG Mechanic
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Computer Data Application (only for girls)
  • Solar PV Installation

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Training and Workshops Sponsored By ISRO

ISRO is the Indian Space Research Organisation, which also offers the perfect opportunity for skills developments programs. They provide the programs to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The different ways adopted for the skill development programs are internships, training and workshops. Various institutions take help from the ISRO sponsorships to offer students the best development training while studying. The various areas covered under this training program are: 

  • Vocational training for employment
  • Electronics, electric, civil, mechanical engineering
  • Natural Resources and Disaster Management 

Employability Vocational Training And Upgradation

Japan-India Institutes for Manufacturing (JIM) has been established by Maruti Suzuki in India with the collaboration of the Governments of India and Japan. Currently, there are two JIM in India: one in Gujarat and another in Haryana. The skill development training offered by JIM includes the automobile sector, which is approved by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT). They aim to enhance and develop the soft skills required for the automobile industry. This is a perfect example of developing and training skills in India with the help of Japanese manufacturing practices. After taking the development programs from JIM, students get ready to showcase their outstanding skills in the major industries. The main features of their skill development are:

  • Virtual welding simulators 
  • Mini vehicle assembly line, 
  • Safety lab, 
  • Engine assembly line, 
  • Spot-welding equipment with hands-on training   

Collaborative Research Workshop of IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad is a well-renowned institution in India. Every year, it comes with a series of workshops in different states to offer the best platform for learning and developing major skills required in today’s world. The main objective of this workshop is to research and supervise the students of various institutions of India. They offer mini-events, which last for 2-3 days while offering the best workshop they could. Every year, they come up with new skills to meet the changes in the industry and enlighten students with the recent and latest ongoing ideas and opportunities. 

Their events help the students in taking an active part in the discussion and experience the elements required for their field. They provide immediate solutions to any query or problem that students might put forward to them. Being an IIM institution, they provide one of the best management skill training to the students.

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NAFARI Training Programs

It is also another platform that offers skill development training courses for the students. It is the best option for those who want to build a career in agriculture. NAFARI, the National Agriculture and Food Analysis and Research Institute, offers various skill development and training programs. They provide specialized training programs, such as R&D, handling automation, and entrepreneurship etc. Since its inception in 2009, it has trained over 1300 trainees. Moreover, it also provides other services, such as support services and consultancy in different units of fruits and vegetables. Its major themes cover the following topics:

  • Analysis of food
  • Kaizen
  • Evaluating food through a sensory medium
  • Analysis with the microbe, chemical and instrument of food and water 

These were some of the top institutions providing skill development training, workshops and courses for the students. Our experts at Leverage Edu can guide you in choosing the best-suited career and making sure you are industry-prepared.

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