Diploma in Physiotherapy

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Diploma in Physiotherapy

Healthcare is one of the most significant sectors across the world with numerous career opportunities. There are immense possibilities to explore in the field of healthcare. One of the popular career options in healthcare is Physiotherapy. It is one of those branches in modern medicine that primarily focuses on curing injuries and dysfunctions in the body with the help of exercising techniques. The field of Physiotherapy is continuously growing every day with new techniques and development in every corner of the world. It is emerging as one of the fastest-growing professions with diverse career opportunities to explore globally. Diploma in Physiotherapy is a great course for those who are looking to pursue a career in healthcare without exploring common medical courses of longer duration. If you are someone who is looking to pursue a Diploma in Physiotherapy, here is an insightful article to walk you through different aspects of Physiotherapy and the amazing career prospects it offers.

CourseDiploma in Physiotherapy
Duration1-2 years
Requirements10+2 in Science stream
UniversitiesAvadh Institute of Medical Technologies, Lucknow
Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad
Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
Jyoti College of Management Science and Technology, Bareilly
Fees10,000 INR to 500,000 in India
Salary3 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs p.a.
JobsAssistant Physiotherapist
Private Physiotherapist
Sports Physio Rehabilitator
Therapy Manager

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Overview of Diploma in Physiotherapy

Diploma in Physiotherapy is a professional 2-year full-time medical nursing program. It comprises of health science knowledge and ability to manage and preventing health problems affecting the physical functioning of the human body. It is an intensive combination of art and science with an emphasis on enhancing hands-on skills. The course teaches students to maximise the performance of human movements. It involves functions and movements with efficient techniques to manage and improve human disorders for people of all age groups. Diploma in Physiotherapy provides techniques of healing which consists of physical prescription and restoration, exercising activities to redress distortion in human body. Students are provided with high-quality client handling techniques to take care of patients with various physical difficulties such as illness, injuries, disabilities or aging.


This diploma course imparts specialisation in various fields such as:

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of the human body. It’s the study of observing injuries in human bodies with the help of different scientific methods and technologies. Structures of bodies are studied by cutting them apart in order to examine the physical attributes and relationships. Human Anatomy is itself is a wide subject which provides detailed knowledge regarding each organ and its function. Diploma in Physiotherapy provides students with the basic knowledge of human anatomy to observe body dysfunctionality and disorders and provide suitable treatments.

Human Physiology

Human Physiology is the scientific study which combines chemistry and physics to read the structures of the human body and the ways in which the body works to support the functioning of life. Physiology is the study of reading steady internal conditions along with the living things. The study is carried out with the help of observational methods and scientific techniques such as microscopic exercise to examine the internal parts of the body. Diploma in Physiotherapy involves various laboratory experiments to understand the functioning of the body and analysing the chemical compounds that help in strengthening the human body.


Pathology is one of the most important aspects of a Diploma in Physiotherapy. It deals with medical speciality to study the cause of a disease. It comprises of diagnosis and management to study diseases that affect the physical structure of the human body. It involves various laboratory-based analysis of bodily fluids such as blood flow in the body, urine, tissue enhancement, organ functioning, etc. The course comprises of clinical microbiology to understand microorganisms better. Diploma in Physiotherapy provides students with various aspects of Microscopic Pathology that could help them practice on body structures better.

List of Diploma & Certificate Courses in Physiotherapy

There are numerous short-term courses offered in Physiotherapy ranging from a diploma, certificate to graduate diploma and certificates. Here are the most prominent courses you must explore for pursuing a diploma in Physiotherapy:

Diploma/Certificate in PhysiotherapyUniversity
Certificate in Physiotherapy & SportHanze University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Short Course in Orthopedic BioengineeringStanford University, USA
Short Course in Sports PhysiotherapyUCAM- Catholic University of Murcia, Spain
Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy
Graduate Diploma in Sport & Exercise Physiology
Bangor University
Graduate Certificate  in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics)The University of Melbourne, Australia
Graduate Certificate in Clinical PhysiotherapyCurtin University, Australia
Graduate Diploma in PhysiotherapyUniversity of Brighton, Canada
Graduate Diploma in PhysiotherapyKeele University, UK

Eligibility Criteria

There are certain prerequisites that you need to qualify in order to apply for a diploma in Physiotherapy. Though the actual course criteria might vary as per the program and university, here are some of the general requirements you must know about before applying for this course:

  • For a diploma in Physiotherapy, the applicant must have completed 10+2 with Science stream (preferable medical) and with the minimum marks prescribed by their chosen university.
  • If you are planning to pursue this diploma or certificate course abroad, then you will be required to submit language proficiency test scores of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE, etc. along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and optional Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

Diploma in Physiotherapy in India

Here are the top colleges to study diploma in Physiotherapy in India:

  • Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies, Lucknow
  • Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad
  • Hind Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
  • Jyoti College of Management Science and Technology, Bareilly
  • NIHER- National Institute of Health Education and Research, Patna
  • Bareilly Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Bareilly
  • Aligarh Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Aligarh
  • Hardikar College of Physiology Department of Health Sciences, Pune

Top Physiotherapy Universities Abroad

Physiotherapy courses are offered at various universities across the globe. Here is a list of the popular colleges and universities well known for Physiotherapy:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
Leeds Beckett University 1001-1200
The University of Queensland 50
La Trobe University 316
Centennial College
The University of Sydney 41
University of Wollongong 185
University College Dublin 181
University of Gloucestershire
Auckland University of Technology 486
Flinders University 425

Diploma in Physiotherapy Distance Education

There are several online courses in Physiotherapy offered in the distance learning as well as online mode. Here are the top universities to pursue a Diploma in Physiotherapy through distance education:

  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Derby
  • Full Sail University
  • University of Canberra
  • University of South Wales
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University of Bath

The following are the popular physiotherapy specialisations:

  • Orthopedic Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Geriatrics Physiotherapy

Career Prospects

Physiotherapy is becoming a popular course as it offers plenty of career opportunities in various areas including hospitals, public health units, private clinics, acute care facilities, recreation centres, home care programs, rehabilitation centres , sports clinics and facilities and child development centres


What can I do after Diploma in Physiotherapy?

After completing a Diploma in Physiotherapy, you can work at community health centres, mental health centres, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes/private care centres, fitness centres, government hospitals and sports clinics.

How many years is a physiotherapy course?

The duration of the course varies as per the academic level, a UG course is 4 years long in duration a PG course is 2 years long in duration and Diploma in Physiotherapy can be 1-2 year long depending upon the chosen university. 

What qualifications do you need to study physiotherapy?

To make a career in the field of Physiotherapy, one must belong to the Science stream with Biology as a part of the academic curriculum.

Which is better physiotherapy or pharmacy?

Both Pharmacy and Physiotherapy belong to the category of paramedical sciences. Both the courses require candidates to have a sound knowledge of Biology and offer lucrative careers. Selecting a better course amongst the two can be subjective and differs as per the choice of the student.

Pursuing Diploma in Physiotherapy can help you find career opportunities in both the public and private sectors globally. We hope that this article on Diploma in Physiotherapy helped you in knowing the essential details about this field. If you’re planning to pursue courses in physiotherapy, our experts at Leverage Edu can help you explore the various programs in Physiotherapy offered around the world and assist you to find a suitable one as per your interests.

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