Polytechnic Courses

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Polytechnic Courses

The demand for polytechnic courses has exponentially increased because they are short-term, career-oriented and provide students with maximum exposure into their field of interest. These programs aim to equip students with the requisite set of practical skills needed for a job in that particular sector that they are aiming for. The most crucial thing that has led to the initiation of these programs is the community-responsive actions of various employers in need of candidates with expertise in specific fields. Moreover, the essential focus of these programs is rooted in the approach of introducing theoretical learning and then practical applications of the gained knowledge in order to prepare industry-ready graduates. Through this blog, we will take a look at the varied range of polytechnic courses offered around the world and the specialised knowledge they provide to assist students gain immense exposure into the discipline of their choice.

Following is a list of a few of the polytechnic courses availed by different universities and institutes around the world. In the list, we covered a varied range of courses that have gained popularity amongst those wanting to opt for short-term educational programs.

Diploma in Computer Programming

This two-year diploma program focuses on several computer programming languages that are integral to the smooth functioning of the operating system and applications in a computational device. The course imparts students with the knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#, .NET, Oracle and SQL with special emphasis on the recent technological advancements in mobile and computer devices.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management

It is a one-year graduate certificate program designed for students wanting to the delve deeper into the vast world of marketing. It aims to orient students with an expertise in digital marketing which has become an essential requirement for every business today. The program also provides an insight into the tools and techniques of SEO, marketing analytics and social media marketing. 

Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

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This is a two-year undergraduate diploma program designed for those aspiring for a career in the petroleum industry. Studying this course, you will get to about various well dripping techniques, oil, and gas production optimization, environmental protection and safety. One of the specialised polytechnic courses in Petroleum Engineering, it also incorporates industry training programs like internships and apprenticeships to help students understand the real-world aspects of this field.

Diploma in Business Administration

Amongst the top polytechnic courses for those wanting to study the emerging field of entrepreneurship, this two-year Diploma Program that aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of business dynamics. You will get to know about the business world with the perspective of an entrepreneur and the program will equip you with the requisite skills needed to turn your start-up idea into a blockbuster.

Diploma in Estate Management

If you are looking for specialised polytechnic courses in Management, you should definitely consider this three-year diploma program offered in Estate Management. The course combines legal, financial, managerial and technical knowledge of the real estate industry. If you find yourself getting inclined towards the field of Real Estate after completing this program, you will be qualified to go enter the second year of a bachelor’s degree in real-estate management. 

Diploma in Animation Art and Design

For those passionate about the world of animation and graphics, there are plentiful polytechnic courses available in this specialised field of Visual Arts. Diploma in Animation Art and Design is one such program encompassing over 7 quarters. The course is designed to teach students about graphic design, digital arts, and imaging, 2D and 3D Animation, Vector Animation. This course prepares individuals to work in a plethora of career fields like gaming, films, graphic designing, advertising, etc. 

Diploma of Hospitality Management

This is an eighteen-month course which aims to impart students with the essential skills required for pursuing managerial careers in the hospitality industry. From providing students with an insight into the general aspects of hotel management to equipping them with the knowledge of tackling budget expenditures and handling customers, this course covers the versatile characteristics of hospitality management. After the completion of this course, you can apply for managerial positions at restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Diploma of Accounting

Being one of the most sought-after polytechnic courses, Diploma in Accounting is a six-month course that focuses on the study of book-keeping and record-keeping. This program offers an insight into the analysis, monitoring and reporting of financial accounts and on successfully completing the diploma, you can apply for an assistant accountant’s profile in firms and organisations.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

This 18-month diploma equips students with an array of skills related to planning and operating educational programs in elementary and primary schools. The curriculum of this course generally follows an ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ which is designed to provide budding teachers with the knowledge of effective elementary teaching and create advanced practical methods to make learning a fun experience for them.

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We hope that our blog helped you situate the scope of various polytechnic courses. Over the past few years, polytechnic courses have gained momentum because of the skill-oriented approach of these along with the reduction in the number of years of education that one needs to invest if they are following the conventional path of graduation followed by post-graduation and then sitting for placements. For further assistance, you can contact our team of experts at Leverage Edu who can enlighten you regarding the right polytechnic course available in your field of interest.

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