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TTC Course

Good teachers possess the magic of transforming people into the best version of themselves. The profession of Teaching is lucrative and highly rewarding. Teacher Training Course (TTC) is a prerequisite if you want to opt for teaching as a career option. TTC course is offered in different categories and trains students for teaching at primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. Through this blog, we will be exploring the varied range of TTC provided around the world and the career opportunities you can avail yourself after attaining a teaching certificate.

Explore Primary Teaching Courses

What are TTC Courses?

Certification gives validity to you as an educator. It is your license to teach in a school. Depending upon nature, level and the university offering it, It last around two years. Accredited institutions offer TTC courses that provide students with hands-on training in Teaching and help them become better educator. To get admission, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree.

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List of TTC Courses

Here are all the TTC Courses you can do:

  • Basic Training Certificate Course (BTC)
  • Nursery Training Course (NTC)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Primary Training Certificate Course (PTC)
  • Master of Education (MEd or Ed.M)

Description of TTC Courses

As the demand for quality education is gaining pace, it has become mandatory in many places for a teacher to have a master’s degree. Here are some TTC courses that you can consider.

TTC Course Description
Basic Training Certificate Course (BTC) A Basic Training Certificate course is a 2-year program for those planning to teach primary classes at public and private schools.
Nursery Training Course (NTC) For teaching nursery and kindergarten classes, you need to have an NTT certificate. A bachelor’s degree is required to get this certificate.
Bachelor of Education (BEd) B. Ed is a more professional and intensive degree that you might need if you are planning to teach at a secondary and senior secondary level.
Primary Training Certificate Course (PTC) This is another certificate you can obtain to teach primary classes anywhere. These days it is important for a teacher to have a master’s degree in order to apply for a PTC.
Master of Education (MEd or Ed.M) Offered as a 2-year programme, Master of Education is an ideal course for those planning to work in the research arena of the educational sector. Students can take up a specific specialisation to gain expertise in and get to study about several interdisciplinary areas in detail like, school psychology, curriculum and instruction, counselling, to name a few.

TTC Course: Special Programs 

While pursuing a TTC course, some of the candidates tend to opt for specialising in fields that are distinct from the common ones like English, Mathematics, etc. Listed below are some of the popular fields or special programs in which candidates can pursue a TTC course- 

  • Mass media and distance education 
  • Non-formal education 
  • Primary education 
  • Educational psychology 
  • Multigrade teaching
  • Value education among others 
  • Girls’ education
  • Education for backward classes 
  • Methods of teaching subjects at primary level such as value education 
  • Principles of education and school organisation 

Yoga TTC Course

A Yoga TTC Course is specifically designed for teachers who are working in government and private schools. It is designed to train them for yoga in the school. It is usually a one-month course and the calendar is fixed by the committee members from time to time. After the end of the month, there is a test taken for these teachers. Those who pass it receive a certification to teach yoga in their respective schools. Several institutes teach yoga TTC courses. Some of them are:

  • Yoga Alliance
  • Amritam Yoga Alliance
  • World Peace Yoga School
  • Yog Amritam
  • Sarvgun Yoga

TTC Course Admission Process

The TTC Course admission process includes filling a form of submission before the due date. You must read the eligibility criteria and terms before filling the application. You will need the following documents:

  • Marksheet of your previous class
  • Passport size photograph
  • ID proof

Qualification for TTC

The eligibility requirements for TTC courses vary as per the degree level or type of programme you are pursuing. Generally, the diplomas to bachelor’s level programmes require aspirants to have completed their 10+2 education from a recognized board with the minimum qualifying marks specified by their chosen university. For those planning to study teaching courses abroad, language proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, etc. will also be required along with an SOP and optional LORs for higher-level programmes. 

Duration of TTC Courses

The duration of TTC courses also differs and varies between 1-year diplomas and certificate courses to 3-year bachelor’s degree and 2-year master’s degree programmes.

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TTC Course Syllabus

The syllabus for a TTC course mainly comprises of varied disciplines revolving around learning and education, teaching methodologies, grading and assessment, curriculum design, amongst others. It will depend on the type of TTC course you are pursuing whether for elementary, primary or secondary level. Some of the commonly included subjects in a teacher training course are:

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TTC Course Fee 

When it comes to having an estimate of how much it will cost you in pursuing TTC course, candidates can take a sigh of relief as the majority of the TTC courses in India are pocket friendly.

Institute Fees
Government Schools INR 8-10K
Private Schools INR 20K

Top Universities For TTC Courses

There are numerous universities offering courses in Teaching around the world. According to the Times Higher Education Ranking, some of the best universities to study Teaching courses are:

University TTC Course
Stanford University Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)
[For Elementary and Secondary Education)
Harvard University Master of Education (Ed.M)
University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
University of Oxford MSc in Teacher Education
University of California Berkeley Undergraduate Minor in Education (UME)MA/PhD
The University of Queensland BEd (Primary)
George Washington University Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
University of Warwick BASc Education Studies and Global Sustainable Development
University of Delaware MEd in Literacy
University of Glasgow PGDE Education (Primary/Secondary)
The University of Sydney BEd Early Childhood
Technical University of Munich MEd Research on Teaching and Learning
University of Pennsylvania Education, Culture, and Society M.S.Ed.

Note: This is a general list. The course or university mentioned is in no way restricted. These universities also offer other types of TTC courses. 

Top Institutes & Colleges in India for TTC Courses

Along with the aforementioned global universities, there are many specialised institutes and colleges in India which offer TTC courses and some of these are:

  • Mahaveer Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh
  • Adarsh College of Education, Himachal Pradesh
  • Bhagwan Buddha Primary Teachers Education College, Bihar
  • District Institute for Education and Training, Uttarakhand
  • Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Kumaranasan Smaraka Teacher Training Institute, Kerala
  • Motilal Nehru Degree College, Uttar Pradesh
  • Swami Vivekanand College for Professional Studies, Rajasthan
  • Vivekanand College of Education, Maharashtra

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TTC Online Course

Several institutes offer TTC Online Course for distance education. There are different diploma and certificate courses offered on different platforms. Here are some of the online courses that you can apply for:

Course Fees Duration
Certificate in Pre and Primary
Teacher Training
INR 12,000 6 months
Montessori Teacher Training Course Certificate: INR 12000
Diploma: INR 18000
6 months
International Teaching Diploma INR 35,000 3 months/
6 months/
1 Year
Asian College of Teachers –
Online Teacher Training Courses
140 hours

To help you out with some reputable online TTC courses, below we have devised a list of the ones offered by Intesolindia- 

  • Certificate in Pre Primary and Primary Teacher Training 
  • Diploma in Pre Primary and Primary Teacher Training 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pre Primary and Primary Teacher Training 
  • School Administration and Management 
  • Classroom Learning Disabilities and Special Needs
  • Montessori Teacher Training Course
  • Nursery Teacher Training Course

TTC Course Udemy Classes

Here is a list of TTC Courses available on Udemy:

TTC Distance Education

Several institutes offer TTC Courses for distance learning. There are different diploma and certificate courses offered on different platforms. Here are some of the distance education courses that you can apply for:

Course Duration Application Link
Teacher Training Distance Education – ACT 140 hours Read Here
Distance Learning Early Childhood Education Course 1 year Read Here
IGNOU  6 months- 1.6 years Read More

After TTC Course

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”— Albert Einstien. Teaching is a responsibility that a person undertakes to mould and shape society. It is a teacher who produces intellectuals, leaders, and influencers. Teaching is considered to be one of the noblest professions in the world. A teacher plays a role in nation-building.

  • After finishing your TTC course, you can apply at any school for Teaching profiles.
  • But before applying, you need to check the eligibility criteria of the region you are applying for.
  • A TTC course pursued in one region may not hold validity in another region. Detailed research about the courses and validation can prove helpful.
  • Moreover, a teacher with a TTC course can earn 4-5 lakhs INR per year.

Teaching Opportunities Abroad

Teaching can be a challenging job but it is equally adventurous. Getting an opportunity to teach abroad is something that most of us dream about. There are dozens of countries with an immense number of teaching opportunities. Some of the countries that have the highest regard for teachers and pay a handsome salary include Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, etc. Many other countries like the US and UK are also great destinations for Teaching professionals. If you have attained certification after successfully completing a TTC course, you can start applying for teaching profiles abroad and avail the exciting opportunities in this career on an international level.

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Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with all the details you need to know about a TTC course. Selecting the right Teaching program can be a complicated task and that’s where Leverage Edu experts can guide you in choosing the right TTC course that fits your ambitions and interests and helps you delve deeper into the highly responsible profession of a Teacher.

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    1. Hi Hinal, the curriculum and teaching mode of TTC course classes varies as per the institute and program. You can check on the website of the university or college and if you are taking an online TTC course, then the classes will be mainly online.

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