TTC Course

TTC Course

Good teachers possess the magic of transforming people into the best version of themselves. The profession of Teaching is lucrative and highly rewarding. Teachers Certification Course (TTC) is a prerequisite if you want to opt for teaching as a career option. TTC course is offered in different categories and trains students for teaching at primary, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. Through this blog, we will be exploring the varied range of TTC provided around the world and the career opportunities you can avail after attaining a teaching certificate.

Overview of TTC Courses

Certification gives validity to you as an educator. A TTC course is your license to teach in a school. Depending upon the nature and level of the course, its duration can vary from one university to another. But generally, the course lasts around two years. Accredited institutions offer TTC courses that provide students with hands-on training in Teaching and help them become a better educator. To get admission in a TTC course, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree. As the demand for quality education is gaining pace, it has become mandatory in many places for a teacher to have a master’s degree. Here are some courses that fall under the category of TTC:

  • Basic Training Certificate Course (BTC): A Basic Training Certificate course is a 2-year program for those planning to teach primary classes at public and private schools.
  • Nursery Training Course (NTC): For teaching nursery and kindergarten classes, you need to have an NTT certificate. A bachelor’s degree is required to get this certificate.
  • Primary Training Certificate Course (PTC): This is another certificate you can obtain to teach primary classes anywhere. These days it is important for a teacher to have a master’s degree in order to apply for a PTC.
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): B.Ed is a more professional and intensive degree that you might need if you are planning to teach at a secondary and senior secondary level.

Top Universities For TTC Courses

There are numerous universities offering courses in Teaching around the world. According to the Times Higher Education Ranking, some of the best universities to study Teaching courses are:

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Career In Teaching

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”— Albert Einstien. Teaching is a responsibility that a person undertakes to mould and shape society. It is a teacher who produces intellectuals, leaders and influencers. Teaching is considered to be one of the noblest professions in the world. A teacher plays a role in nation-building. After finishing your TTC course, you can apply at any school for Teaching profiles. But before applying, you need to check the eligibility criteria of the region you are applying for. A TTC course pursued in one region may not hold validity in another region. Detailed research about the courses and validation can prove helpful. Moreover, a teacher with TTC course can earn 4-5 lakhs INR per year.

Teaching Opportunities Abroad

Teaching can be a challenging job but it is equally adventurous. Getting an opportunity to teach abroad is something that most of us dream about. There are dozens of countries with an immense number of teaching opportunities. Some of the countries that have the highest regard for teachers and pay a handsome salary include Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland etc. Many other countries like the US and UK are also great destinations for Teaching professionals. If you have attained certification after successfully completing a TTC course, you can start applying for teaching profiles abroad and avail the exciting opportunities in this career on an international level.

Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with all the details you need to know about a TTC course. Selecting the right Teaching program can be a complicated task and that’s where Leverage Edu experts can guide you in choosing the right TTC course that fits your ambitions and interests and helps you delve deeper into the highly responsible profession of a Teacher.

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