Diploma in Elementary Education

Diploma in Elementary Education

Keeping aside the general rewards and typical benefits offered in the lucrative career path of teaching, it is actually deemed as a highly responsible profession that holds the obligation of shaping a child’s perspective of life and the world. As often expressed by the teachers around us, it is a satisfying and fulfilling feeling of seeing your students excel and shine in their life which makes you realize the far-reaching impact of this noble profession. Teachers are considered closer to God and possess the potential of transforming lives. Elementary education happens at the beginning stage of a child’s life when they are still learning about the world around them. Pursuing a diploma in Elementary Education, you will get to know about the importance of building the right foundation for a child’s education and you will be equipped with the suitable knowledge and skills required to help a toddler enter the vast realms of knowledge through simple baby steps. Through this blog, we aim to provide you with a complete guide on what a Diploma in Elementary Education entails as well as its several variants and universities you can choose from.  

What is Education?

The meaning of education seems very simple and straightforward but actually is quite intricate. Education is a process which refers to the transmission of knowledge either through communication or some other practical procedure. To achieve certain goals, education brings essential and abiding changes in a person’s capabilities. It enables us to interrogate our own thoughts and express them through various ways. 

Education is the fundamental learning of skills and ideas that surround our world. Another aspect of education that cannot be ignored is helping or guiding people to learn new things and motivate them to contemplate about what they have learned which ultimately leads to a transformation of the lives of people.

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Overview of Diploma in Elementary Education

Diploma in Elementary Education is generally a 2-year course which is divided into different subject disciplines as well as some general educational concepts. These disciplines vary from Fine Arts to Language Studies while the generic concepts include Pedagogy Studies, Contemporary Society, amongst others. Here is a list of the different subjects that are generally added to the course curriculum of a diploma in Elementary Education:

  • Diversity and Education
  • Cognition, Sociocultural Context
  • Teacher Identity and Social Culture
  • School Health and Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
  • Education and Society

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Diploma in Elementary Education: Variants & Universities

Diploma in Elementary Education is offered by numerous universities all over the world. However, there are copious variants of this course that can differ in duration as well as the branches of Elementary Education. To assist you further in your research, here is a comprehensive table listing down the various diploma programs in Elementary Education and the universities offering them:  

Name of the CourseCollege/UniversityDuration 
Primary EducationUniversity of Dundee, Scotland9 months 
National Certificate in
Teaching English for
Academic Purposes
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China2 weeks
TESOL Certificate Program The University of California, Riverside3 months
Secondary education
(Dual Qualification)
University of Dundee, Scotland2 years
Diploma in Early
Childhood Education
Centennial College, Canada2 years
Diploma in Educational
Australian Catholic University,
1 year
Certificate in Education University of Boston, United States1 year
Primary Education and
Teaching Studies 
Coventry University, England1 year
University Teaching & LearningUniversity College of Dublin, Ireland1 year
Introduction to
Elementary Teaching 
University of South Wales, UK1 year
Certificate of Education 
Tameside College, England1 year
Certificate of Education
RNN Group, England1 year
Certificate in Education DN Colleges Group, England1 year
Diploma in Education
and Training (QCF)
College of Haringey,
Enfield and North East London,
1 year
Diploma of Education StudiesVictoria University, Australia1 year
Diploma of Teacher
Education Preparation
Victoria University, Australia1 year
Diploma in Arts
Extended- Pathways to
Teaching Primary
University of Western Syndey, Australia1.5 years
Professional certificate in
Education (CLIL)
The University of Melbourne, Australia1 year
Diploma of Teacher
Education Preparation 
Swinburne University of
Technology, Australia
1 year

Thus, elementary education is considered as the foundation of a child’s learning journey. That’s why the individuals sowing the seed of this foundation need to be wholly trained and made aware of the responsibility they hold. We hope that this blog provided you with the key essentials of a diploma in Elementary Education as well as the institutions you can choose from for studying this course. If you are planning to pursue a program in Education and don’t know where to start, take the help of our Leverage Edu‘s AI tool to browse through an array of courses and universities and find the right combination of a program and university that aligns with your interests and career aspirations.

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