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“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack.”- Coco Chanel. The makeup industry has taken a swift flight into becoming one of the best and most flourishing careers in the world. In earlier times, people weren’t really much aware of how even a single stroke of makeup could accentuate one’s appearance, thus drastically raising their bar of confidence and personality. The beauty industry is seeing phenomenal growth and there is no way the growth bar is going down any sooner. Do the strokes of blush and smoky eye-shadows excite you? Do you want to build a career as a Makeup Artist by pursuing professional Makeup Artist courses? Read on, to transform your creativity and passion into a rewarding career.

What is Taught in Makeup Artist Courses?

With professional education and training in any of the prominent Makeup Artist courses, the aspiring makeup artists learn to use prosthetics and cosmetics in a way to oomph up the appearance of the face or body to a new level.

Given below are some of the prominent concepts that are taught to students:

  • Identifying the skin colour and tones.
  • Techniques for using makeup.
  • Safety measures and procedure.
  • Corrective application techniques.
  • Using lighting and makeup techniques for Photography.
  • Selection and makeup brushed and tools.
  • The science behind the skin.
  • Analysis of facial characteristics.
  • Airbrushing, applying false eyelashes and shaping eyebrows.
  • Highlighting and contouring facial features.
  • Hygiene maintenance.
Makeup Artist Course

Skills Required to be a Makeup Artist

To become a makeup artist, in addition to pursuing a makeup artist course candidates must also possess a required skill set. Listed below are the skills necessary for becoming a makeup artist-

  1. Exceptional knowledge of beauty product
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Client management skills
  4. Perseverance
  5. Readiness to learn
  6. Proactiveness

Top Makeup Artist Courses

Emerging as a completely full-fledged career, more and more aspirants are flocking towards makeup-artist courses wherein they can gain all the theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of makeup and beauty. Helping the students figure out what they are really interested in, the following courses are some of the best and most sought-after Makeup Artist courses across the world. Let’s have a look below:

Bachelor of Arts in Body Art

The human body is one such big canvas for showcasing creativity through fascinating body art. The students a Bachelor of Arts in Body Arts will be equipped with a broad range of artistic skills in areas such as tattooing and the anthropological rationale of the human body. After graduating with these 3-year Makeup Artist courses, the graduates can find themselves with jobs in various fields such as tattoo parlors, hair and beauty salon, film, television, and media houses, etc. 

Makeup Artists Certificate

These certificate Makeup Artist courses provide the students with general foundational knowledge on various beauty treatments all in a duration ranging from 6 months to a year. The course covers details on makeup artistry that include areas such as scripting, character designing, special effects, studio makeup and so on.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Training the students to provide the clientele with a broad range of beauty treatments, therapeutic services and beauty advice, a diploma in beauty therapy is one of the most popular and sought-after Makeup Artist courses. The 1-year course equips the students with all the necessary knowledge pertaining to beauty therapy such as the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for various areas of the body or face, nails and makeup services, hair removal, lashes and brow treatments, etc.

Foundation Program in Makeup Artistry

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One of the favorites of the aspirants among all the Makeup Artist courses around the world, the foundation program in makeup artistry provides the students with all the abilities they need to be good makeup artists. Through this course, the students will develop and smoothen their practical skills and understand the minute techniques in makeup, hair styling, and other beauty therapeutic treatments.

Other top Makeup Artist courses that students may want to consider pursuing are:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Makeup and Hair Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics for Performance
  • Diploma or Certificate in Fashion Stylist and Communication
  • MA Fashion Styling, Photography and Film
  • MA Creative Direction for Fashion and Beauty

Makeup Artist Courses – India

To become a makeup artist in India, students can pursue makeup artist courses from the top colleges in India –

  1. Lakme Academy, Mumbai
  2. Lakme Academy, Kanpur
  3. Lakme Academy, New Delhi
  4. Lakme Academy, Ahmedabad
  5. Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, Mohali
  6. ISAS International Beauty School, Pune
  7. VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition
  8. LTA School of Beauty, Mumbai
  9. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

Career Scope

After pursuing a makeup artist course, students can opt for a career depending on their choice of interest.  Students can work with leading beauty brands. If they wish to, they can start their own beauty brand. Some may also partner with event management firms, or become personal groomer/ beauty consultants for celebrities. The salary depends on the year of experience and quality of services. As the years of experience increases, the salary scope also increases. 

What is the tenure of the makeup artist course?

The tenure of the course depends on the level of course pursued by a student. It varies for basic, advanced and Diploma Courses.

Do universities offer internships for  makeup artist courses?

Yes, most of the top ranked universities offer internship offers to students pursuing makeup artist courses.

What is the average fee for makeup artist courses?

The course fee varies depending on the duration and level of the courses. On an average, the fee ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs 50, 000 for a diploma or a one-year duration course

Just like makeup enhances the beauty of your face and body, a good career enhances the way you live and makes your life worth living. If you are struggling to choose the best Makeup Artist courses and want a good educational counselling to pave your way towards a successful life, Leverage Edu is right here for you. Through the guidance and support of our expert mentors, we help you make your dreams come true. Also, book your 30 minutes of free career counselling session with us and get the answers to all your questions.

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    1. I want to know that i m in class 10th so after that how can i go for professional makeup artist . And if i go for this i want to do my study also bachlar of arts so please answer..

  1. I am in 12th class and I wanted to become a professional makeup artist so please tell me how I can start my career

  2. I m doing CA and I’m now in the intermediate level but my passion gas always been makeup so my thoughts while I’m studying are always driven towards makeup only and now I want to take it seriously as my career

    1. Hey Shivangi,
      We hope that this article has helped release your dream and we wish you all the best in pursuing your passion to be a Makeup Artist.

    2. Well vaishnavi where are you from?
      I also want to become makeup artist after 11th pass.

    1. I want to know that i m in class 10th so after that how can i go for professional makeup artist . And if i go for this i want to do my study also bachlar of arts so please answer..