CBSE Subjects for Class 11

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CBSE Subjects for Class 11

Most of your career choices are visioned on your childhood dreams. However vague or unrealistic it may sound to our parents at that time, we used to be firm about our choices. But, as we grow up, the world transforms and so do our choices. Your career choices need to be attainable and distinct to create a better opportunity for you. The very first step for building a good career is choosing the right stream. Often students are seen getting confused among the various CBSE subjects for class 11. Peer pressure and misconceptions about stream selection are the two common factors resulting in wrong decision-making. Here’s a comprehensive blog for young students to understand the different streams available after class 10th and their corresponding subjects.

What are the Stream Available in Class 11th?

The students aim to choose a career, they’ll be happy in for the rest of their lives. And to help them lay the foundation for their academic career, CBSE offers 3 stream options that determine the subjects you will study in your class on the 11th and 12th.

Let’s take a look at the 3 main streams available for students in class 11th:

CBSE Subjects for Class 11
CBSE Streams for Class 11

Detailed Study of CBSE Subjects for Class 11

It is important to decide your future path at this stage itself and choose the relevant subjects accordingly.


Students who have been constantly scoring decent grades often hear the suggestion of choosing Science as their major stream in class 11th, which would help them build a professional career in Medical, Engineering, and other interdisciplinary careers after 12th. But what exactly is ‘Science’? Often known as a study of the physical and the natural world, it includes several scientific principles and their practical application in the real world.

The 4 primary subjects in the Science stream are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Among other subjects, English is mandatory while other language subjects like Hindi are left for choice. Various other optional subjects include Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Economics, Psychology, Biotechnology, Home Science, Fine Arts, Engineering Drawing, and Physical Education, to name a few. Moreover, are practical labs along with theory, which calls for a lot of hard work to gain subject-specific knowledge.

The science stream has the following 2 branches offering major CBSE subjects for Class 11

Non-MedicalPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and other optional subjects.
MedicalPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, English, and other optional subjects.
*sometimes students opt for choosing to study Mathematics in place of the optional subject (PCBM)

Students opting for Science CBSE subjects for class 11 can build a career in diverse fields such as Medicine, Bioinformatics, Metallurgy, Computer Science, Genetics, Space Exploration, Forensic Science, Dental Science, Biochemistry, Metallurgy, Biotechnology, and the list is endless.

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Commerce Stream has its fight against the myth that only average students opt for this Stream, although it has been shown to be ahead of this thinking. On a broader scale, Commerce is a field that relates to a deep study of trade, business, and finance. The stream equips the students with the knowledge of goods and services, financial transactions, business operations, and the economic working of the country. Students with strong mathematics and analytical abilities can opt for Commerce as their mainstream after 10th.

The main subjects in Commerce stream are Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and English while Mathematics is an optional subject. Other elective subjects include Informatics Practices, Physical Educational, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Legal Studies, Multimedia, Web Technology and Fine Arts.

Here’s a table to understand the following Commerce subjects for Class 11 in detail:

AccountancyIt covers topics related to transactions, cash books, trial balance, expenditure, trading, profit, etc. Students will study ways to manage the income and finance of an individual or a business. Also, you will learn how to make a balance sheet.
Business StudiesThis subject studies the different types of businesses and organizations; business models; business finance and international trade; private and public sector companies, etc.
EconomicsEconomics teaches you about economic development, demand, and supply, statistical tools, government budget, economy, etc.

With a natural inclination towards mathematics and analytics, you can build a highly lucrative and financially rewarding career in the field of Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Management, Economics, Actuarial Science, Bank PO, Finance, Investment Banking, Stockbroking, Law, Entrepreneurship, Hotel Management, etc.

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Humanities or Arts

In the past few decades, the humanities stream has been misunderstood by people who consider it to be the stream for those with poor academic performance. Overcoming the false misconception, Arts have now grown to be a popular choice among students.

While the core Arts CBSE subjects for Class 11 include History, Geography, Political Science, and English, you can choose your elective subject from a range of Arts subjects in Class 11 Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Literature Subjects, Home Science, Physical Education, etc.

You can also choose to study other language subjects like Hindi, Sanskrit, and French, as an elective subject.

The scope of a career in the Humanities stream can range anything from civil services or IAS officer to more subject-oriented graduation. There are other technical courses like B.Arch./BCA and courses in law and management, for you to explore.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 11

Whether you opt for Science, Commerce, or Arts in class 11, the syllabus is an essential part of the curriculum. Check out the following blogs that cover the syllabus for different subjects taught in class XIth: 

Psychology Class 11Computer Science Class 11
Biology Project for Class 11Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus
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Economics Class 11Class 11 Political Science

Competitive Exams for Class 11th

Here are some common competitive exams that you can prepare for in class 11th:

  • Olympiads: The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organises various Olympiads, including the IMO, NCO, NSO, and IEO. These Olympiads are organised on an annual basis and are regarded as extremely difficult for pupils.
  • KVPY: The KVPY scholarship programme is funded by the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology and is hosted to encourage and motivate students across the country to pursue basic science education and a career in research.

Engineering Entrance Exams

Here is a list of engineering entrance exams that you can prepare for:

Medical Entrance Exams

Here is a list of medical entrance exams that you can prepare for:

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Other Entrance Exams

Apart from medical and engineering exams, here are some other entrance exams you can prepare for:

Tips to Choose CBSE Subjects for Class 11

1. Self-assessment: Till the time students are in class 10th, they should have a list of their field of interests keeping in mind their strengths and weaknesses. Self-assessment is a great weapon for self-realization. Before you select your CBSE subjects for class 11, is it important for you to research the different subjects and how will they contribute to shaping your career.

2. Explore New Subjects: Emerging at a higher level brings new concepts with increasing difficulty levels, even though we are taught the basics and few elements of all these subjects. All you need to do is, be mentally prepared to face new challenges, at the same remain excited to explore your chosen stream.

3. Keep in Mind Your Long-term Career Goals: This might be a little difficult for you to think of, at this point, but planning your career is very important while choosing your stream. To decide your career path you should find out the answer to the questions like – Do you prefer to work in a routine or are you someone looking for flexibility? Are you a person who likes working in teams or independently? Are you willing to grow in a research-oriented field or join as a manager in some top MNC. Sit back and answer these to analyze your aspirations.

4. Seek Career Advice: Depending upon your behavioural skills, interests, and difficulties you can share insight into your personality and can get an output in your struggle of choosing CBSE Subjects after class 11th.

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Preparation Tips for Class 11

  • English: Practice your reading, speaking, and writing skills. Try to internalize the knowledge you learn by exposing yourself to English-speaking scenarios. Read novels, newspapers, books, and other materials to improve your reading skills. The greatest method to enhance your writing skills is to try to think in the language you’re writing in. If not, it will be a question of translation. It also helps to listen to audio versions of prose and poetry.
  • Physics and Chemistry: Understanding fundamental principles and concepts will aid you in passing both the board and engineering qualification tests. You should practise problem-solving with the goal of understanding the concept. It is possible to memorize laws and theorems. Pay attention in class since that’s where you’ll learn how to handle scientific equipment.
  • Biology: Because concepts are essential information, this topic puts a strain on memory. You can approach Biology by visualizing the roles of the presented occurrences and comparing them to analogies that you are familiar with. Pay great attention to the various biological terms’ names and spellings.
  • Math: Math is a subject that is useful in everyday life. Practising issues is the greatest method to learning them. Make sure you only practise problem-solving when you’ve built up a solid level of confidence.
  • Computer Science: Another practical subject with a lot of history and reasoning is this one. The key to understanding this subject is to understand computer logic. Practice is required for all programmes. Like Math, only practice will show you how to approach and solve an issue, no matter how well you comprehend reasoning or principles.

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Q1. How many subjects are there in class 11 CBSE?

Ans. According to the CBSE’s most recent rules, a student in class 11th will be required to study 6 subjects.

Q2. Does class 11 have 6 subjects?

Ans. It is not required to take a sixth subject. Your percentage must be computed using five major subjects. So, whether you choose an optional subject in class 11th CBSE or not, you are required to sit for board exams.

Q3. What are the 5 subjects in PCB class 11?

Ans. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and one optional subject.

You need to always remember that, choosing the right stream and corresponding CBSE subjects for class 11 is crucial for every student. There has been a tremendous change in our society when only engineering and medicine were considered to be bright career options for the youth. Today, you have endless fields to explore, each providing ample career opportunities. When you’re choosing your stream, you need to ensure that you keep your aspirations and interests intact while making a rational decision. For a piece of hassle-free advice regarding your career call us at Leverage Edu, our experts will help you to carve the best possible career for you depending upon your choices and interests.

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