Biology Project for Class 11

Biology Project for Class 11

The subject that studies life and processes associated with it. Covering both the study of animals in Zoology and of the plants in Botany, the subject forms the foundation for MBBS and BSc courses. Like theory, the project work plays a significant role in Senior Secondary Education and that reflects on your report card. If you are looking for an innovative idea for Biology project for class 11, then you must know that the subject offers great scope for experiments that you can base your project on.

Biology is a vast subject and has a vast range of concepts when it comes to making projects. Almost all branches of Biology are equipped with learning and experiment. Discussed below are some of the popular Biology project for class 11th with required materials.


Vermicomposting is a biological process of making use of biodegradable waste to make manure which is seen as a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. The process involves earthworms and microbes that decompose plant waste into manure when conducted under the suitable environment. It can be easy and interesting Biology project for class 11th. There are two methods of vermicomposting—Bed Method and Pit Method. Bed method is more advanced and is widely used while the pit method is lesser used due to poor aeration and waterlogging. As such, there are no specific materials that you need, a large bin or a tank is required to store the waste and earthworms are to be put in. The temperature is to be maintained for which the tank can be covered with polythene or dry grass. 

Blood Groups

Blood is connective tissue and is crucial in the transportation of oxygen to the cells. As per the ABO blood grouping system invented by Karl Landsteiner, there are four types of blood groups which include A, B, AB and O. All these blood groups are determined by their antigens and antibodies. It is important that the blood group of both the donor and receiver should match during the transfusion to avoid a life-threatening situation. The aim of the project would be to understand the basics of blood grouping system. This can be a very exciting Biology project for Class 11 as it requires a good amount of lab work and handling lab equipment.

Materials Required: Toothpicks; Blood Lancet; Alcohol Swabs; Biohazard Disposal Container; Blood Sample; Clean Glass Slide; Sterile Cotton Balls.

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List of Biology Project for Class 11

Apart from the above topics, there is a spectrum of ideas in Biology that you can make your project on. Given below is the list of topics that you can choose for your Biology project for class 11th:

S.NoProject Name 
1.To Study of Drug Resistance In Bacteria Using Antibiotics
2.Blood Circulation
3.How Does Light Affect Yeast
4.Study on Probiotics and their Preparation
5.Mitosis in Onion Root Tip Cells
7.DNA Fingerprinting
8.Alzheimer’s And Dementia
9.Microbes in Human Welfare
10.Study On Gene Therapy
11.Effect of Antibiotics on Microorganisms
12.Effects of Fertilisers on the Rate of Elongation of the Hypocotyl
14.Study on Enzymes
15.Drug Addiction
16.Possible Effects of Maternal Behaviour on Foetal Development
18.Detailed Study on Infertility its Causes and Treatment
19.Eye Diseases
20.Growing Yeast: Sugar Fermentation
21.Effects of Diet on Blood Glucose
22.Effect of Pupil Dilation on Peripheral Vision
23.Ethyl Alcohol vs. E. coli
24.Bacteria Affected by Ultra-Violet Light
25.Vitamins or Sources of Vitamins
26.Effects of Diet on Blood Glucose
27.Sources of Energy
28.Transpiration of Plants
29.Phylum Porifera
30.Biomagnifications or Bioconcentration
31.Organic Farming or Organic Agriculture
33.Study of Bacterial Growth in Acidic Environments
34.Useful Plants and Animals 
36.Diabetes and Exercise
37.Human Glands
38.Role of Recombinant DNA Technology in Modern Medicine
39.Types of Soil
41.Non-Conventional Sources of Energy
42.Components of Food
44.Human Genome Project
46.Sickle Cell Anemia and its Prevention
47.India’s Monsoon
48.Manures and Chemical Fertilizers
49.Importance of Trees
50.Green House Effect


Is Biology class 11 hard?
Class 11 is much advanced and complex in comparison with class 10th. And so is the syllabus for class 11 Biology. However, if you aim to make a career in Medical Science or Paramedics, then you would rather find Class 11 Biology interesting. 

What are the project topics in Biology?
One can choose any topic that fits well in class 11 Biology. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

– To Study of Drug Resistance In Bacteria Using Antibiotics
– Mitosis in Onion Root Tip Cells. Cellulitis
– To Study the Coaguable And Non-Coaguable Milk Proteins

What is the best topic for a Biology project?
You can choose any topic from the Biology syllabus class 11. Here are some of the popular ones: 

– Effects of Different External Factors in Changing the Effectiveness of Various Antibiotics
– Can I Eat That
– Demolishing Dental Bacteria
– Staph Aureus

What are the chapters in 11th Biology?
Class 11 Biology has 5 Units that are as follows: 

– Diversity of Living Organisms
– Structural Organisation in Plants & Animal
– Cell: Structure and Function|
– Plant Physiology – Human Physiology

Biology project for Class 11th is mandatory and carries marks. To score well in your CBSE board exams, you should give ample time to prepare your project. Your project can also act as a portfolio to demonstrate your interest in the subject when you go for higher studies. While you excel in your exams, you should have a study plan for the future. To receive best career guidance from our experts at Leverage Edu, book your 30-minutes free counselling session with us now!

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