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Accounting Courses

Financial Year, Assets, Liabilities, Revenues, Expenses, Ledger – Are you passionate about understanding these terminologies in-depth? Is working as an Accountant tops your occupational pathway list?  Then making a career in the field of Accounting is going to be the best career option for you! In this blog, we are going to throw light on Accounting courses that will help you shape an excellent career. 

Understanding Accounting as a Career

Accounting courses train individuals with the latest trends and techniques pertaining to the handlings of an organizations account. Curriculums are designed by keeping in mind the critical hurdles and demands of IT industries. The major work of the personnel of this field is to comprehend the revenue, cost of production, legal financial transactions, financial data and predict the expansion of a particular organisation. 

Benefits of Accounting Courses

Given below are some advantages & career involvements of Accounting courses:

  • Accounting is ubiquitous
  • The rise in demand for mathematics and statistics knowledge 
  • The workload for only one quarter of the year 
  • Program designation added to your name at a fast pace 
  • Develop business knowledge
  • Become more passionate about Finance
  • Be a part of the Corporate Environment
  • Learn about the legal requirements regarding taxation and monetary policy
  • Acquire knowledge of different financial transactions.
  • Learn about business structure

Skills Required

Accounting Career requires few prerequisites although these parameters can be developed while being a part of the learning process of an accounting career as well : 

  • Intense knowledge for Mathematics and Business 
  • Interest in Law and Economics
  • Willingness to read and analyse in-depth 

Subjects Covered 

An Accounting course encompasses various subjects that may vary according to the level of degree one plans to go for. Given below are some of the essential subjects of this particular program:  

  • Financial Accounting: It involves preparing reports & statements via recording & analysing information related to Finance.
  • Management Accounting: This subject processes involved within an organisation i.e. confidential information which helps in making well-informed decisions for the further development of business.
  • Auditing: It deals with a detailed assessment of financial statements and examination of records and data.
  • Taxation: Definite application of tax laws and other taxation policies.

Types of Accounting Courses 

Students can study Accounting courses right after completing their 12th as well as after passing out with a master’s degree. Depending upon one’s academic background and personal interests, a candidate can pick a program that suits them well. Here are some popular Accounting courses offered by universities abroad: 

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Where to Study Accounting?

Deciding where to study a course of choice is one of the most difficult yet life-changing decisions made by a student. Considering the importance of this step in one’s life, we are creating a list of important factors that are to be considered while deciding on where to study an Accounting course. 

  • Evaluate the corse curriculum of each university in order to know what are you signing up for. Make a well-researched decision as study abroad comes with a huge financial commitment. 
  • Finances: Be sure about the finances before submitting an application to your university of choice. Take advice from counsellors in order to know about scholarships & other financial aids. 
  • Location of the university: College years are a turning point in a student’s life. Education abroad will enable you to meet new people, witness new cultures, etc, so you need to choose wisely. In this process Leverage Edu can provide you with an effective solution. 

Top Universities for Accounting Courses

Pursuing a course that lines up with your career choice from one of the top universities can be a reason for a strong foundation not only in an academic context but also in the wholesome development of your personality. Here is a list of a few universities which will do justice to your desire of opting for accounting courses : 

Top Accounting Job Roles

Here are some of the top jobs you can pursue after completing an accounting course

  • Auditor
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Information and Technology Accountant
  • Managerial Accountant
  • Controller
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


How long is an accounting course?

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy also known as the BSA program is a five-year program that focuses on subjects in finance, managerial accounting, auditing, administration, business laws, and taxation.

Which country needs accountants?

These are some of the countries where more accountants are required. By going to these countries the students can make an international accountancy career. Some of these countries are
The United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong

Are you wanting to pursue an Accounting course from one of the leading universities? Get in touch with Leverage Edu counsellors, who will, in turn, help you in selecting a university that suits you the best!

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  1. I am commerce student and I fell such a good idea’s and concepts for Basic Account…. I am very satisfied for concept ..very nice

  1. I am commerce student and I fell such a good idea’s and concepts for Basic Account…. I am very satisfied for concept ..very nice