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Most students while applying for an undergraduate program or even a graduate program (in some cases) abroad are often stuck when they have to provide their academic scores. This mainly because they have to present their records in the GPA format that is widely recognized. There is always some confusion about how to convert percentage to GPA out of 10.

While the percentage format is widely accepted in India, most countries especially the UK and USA expect you to provide your GPA scores along with your application process.

It can seem extremely scary and intimidating trying to convert percentage to GPA out of 10, especially when you are applying to your dream college and wish to provide accurate information. Miscalculating your GPA can ruin your chances of pursuing a degree in a good college.

Worry not, you no longer have to look for digital conversion platforms that might not seem credible. We will provide you with all the information needed to convert percentage to GPA out of 10.

First and foremost, you must be wondering what exactly GPA is.

GPA or the Grade Point Average is an internationally recognized method for calculating your result, it is the aggregated or average score of grades cumulated during the duration of the course.

The GPA system allows you to read your personal results and analyze them in comparison to other’s results, it also helps the person assessing your applications to reflect on your academic potential. 

The USA education system rates its students either out of a 0-4.00 grade point or follow the 10-point GPA, even certain universities in Europe follow the 10-point GPA.

While different institutions might have different ways to convert percentage to GPA out of 10, the one most widely accepted is multiplying or dividing your scores 9.5 to convert it to a percentage or GPA respectively. 

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How to Convert Percentage to GPA Out of 10

When you convert percentage to GPA out of 10 you can multiply your percentage by 9.5.

Basically, GPA= Percentage/ 9.5

Say you secured 85% in your examinations, now while applying to a university in the US, your application form might ask you to provide your academic score in the form of GPA. So, when you convert percentage to GPA out of 10, the person assessing your application form is able to compare your score with that of the students who have graduated from schools in the USA or other parts of the world. Then assessor a better idea of your rank in comparison to your peers and a better understanding of your academic potential when you convert percentage to GPA out of 10 and then provide your academic scores.

To convert this percentage to a 10 GPA, you just need to divide your percentage that is 85% by 9.5, i.e. 85/9.5 = 8.9 

The GPA scale ranges from 0-10, where a 0 means failure in the examination and a 10 stands for academic excellence. The scale is explained below which will help you analyze your performance

  • 9 – 10: Excellent
  • 7.5 – 8.99: Good
  • 6 – 7.49: Average
  • 5 – 5.99: Needs Improvement
  • 0 – 4.99: Fail

Now that you have a better understanding of how to convert percentage to GPA out of 10, you can apply this simple formula without being hesitant and worried about losing your chances of being admitted to the college of your dreams.

From knowing how to convert percentage to GPA out of 10 to understand the visa process, we recognize that the process of admission can be extremely stressful and make you feel uncertain about everything. If you feel uncertain and wish to take guidance, you can contact Leverage Edu. The mentors and counselors at Leverage Edu have past experience with the admission process and will make sure you find your way into the campus of your dream college.

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