How to Become a Food Analyst in India?

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How appropriate are the ingredients of the food you intake on a regular basis? Do the components of the food qualify for human consumption? What are the sources of the several food elements, and is there a possibility of growing bacteria in the same? The job of analyzing samples of food and analysing the aforementioned questions is of a Food Analyst. They do so in laboratories, participating in research and producing reports. Along with examining the chemical and biological elements of food, they also conduct qualitative and quantitative tests on beverage products. 

If this is something that interests you, then the question of how to become a food analyst in India must have crossed your mind. Read on to know more about the same!

Food Analyst: Roles and Responsibilities

To begin things with, let’s first understand what the core roles and responsibilities of a food analyst are. Listed below is an insight into the same. 

  1. They are to provide assistance and support to food scientists in examining the samples of food and beverages, along with other major duties. 
  2. They are responsible for quality research, control, and production. 
  3. Food analysts are also responsible for recording test results and compiling the same, via documentation, etc. 
  4. Further, food analysts prepare graphs, charts, and reports, related to laboratory testing of samples. 
  5. They are also required to prepare slides used in the laboratory, where they incubate the same with cell cultures. 
  6. Moreover, they mix, blend and cultivate ingredients to make reagents. 
  7. If that’s not all, they are also responsible for taking care of the laboratory and the equipment within. 
  8. Taking care of the stock inventory while maintaining the same is another facet of their job description. 

Food Analyst: Educational Qualifications 

For one to be a food analyst, one must undertake the required educational steps in the form of advanced study of the field – that are undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We have tabulated the same below to provide you with a better idea.

Popular Food Analyst Courses 

The students can decide to major in the following courses. 

Undergraduate Postgraduate 
Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology
Associate’s degree in applied science
Bachelor’s in Biology 
Bachelor’s in Chemistry 
Bachelor’s in Forensic Science 
Bachelor in Biochemistry 
Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology 
MSc in Food Technology
Master in Food Sciences
MSc in Biotechnology and Food Engineering
Master of Technology in Food Engineering and Technology
PhD Food Technology

Online Courses and Certifications

As an additional course of study in the pursuit of becoming a food analyst, students can choose to go for the below online courses and certifications. 

Name of the Course Platform 
How Food is Made. Understanding Food Processing TechnologiesFutureLearn
Introduction to Food ScienceFutureLearn
Rebuilding Our Relationship with FoodCoursera
Unravelling solutions for Future Food problemsCoursera
Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)Alison 

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Food Analyst: Eligibility Criteria 

The basic eligibility criteria for one to be able to apply to become a food analyst are mentioned below. 

  1. The candidates should have completed an undergraduate degree to the aforementioned, for which they must complete education at 10 + 2 level with science subjects. 
  2. English should be a compulsory subject. 
  3. A master’s program that furthers the study of the field is preferred while applying for the job of a food analyst.
  4. Work experience in the field, through internships, etc, only adds to the chances of the candidates to land a job as a food analyst. 

Top Colleges in India for Food Science and Technology 

Some of the best colleges in the field of food science and technology are mentioned below. 

Name of College Location
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Kharagpur
National Institute of Technology (NIT)Rourkela
Christ UniversityBangalore 
Karunya Institute of Technology and SciencesCoimbatore
SRM Institute of Science and TechnologyChennai
Birla Institute of TechnologyMesra
National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Management Sonipat, Haryana 
School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics -DY Patil University Mumbai 
ICAR – Indian Agricultural Research InstituteDelhi 

Food Analyst Examination (FAE)

From Food Safety and Standards Authority of India comes a Food Analyst Examination (FAE) that they organise to indulge in increasing the pool of qualified candidates for the role of a Food Analyst.

Year. Number of candidates declared qualified as Food Analyst by the Board.
2012 12
January 201873

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Food Analyst: Skills Required 

Some of the main skills required to become a food analyst are listed below. 

  1. Quality control analysis
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Reading comprehension
  4. Science competency
  5. Communication Skills 
  6. Reasoning skills 
  7. Analytical skills 
  8. Statistical skills 

Food Analyst: Career Scope and Salary Prospects 

The career path of a food analyst can take the form of the following jobs. 

  • Food safety inspector
  • Food regulatory advisor
  • Food technician
  • Food production engineer
  • Food production planner
  • Dairy processing technician
  • Botanicals specialist
  • Food and beverage packaging technologist
  • Food technologist

The average salary of a food analyst in India is mentioned below. 

Average Salary INR 2.4 lakh.

Food Analyst: Recruiters 

Some of the recruiters are mentioned below. 

  1. Reliable Analytical Laboratories
  2. FICCI Research & Analysis Centre
  3. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
  4. Fare Labs
  5. Arbro Pharmaceuticals

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Q1. What does a food analyst do?

Ans. A food analyst determines the physical, chemical, as well as microbiological elements of food and beverages for human consumption.

Q2. Which officer appoints a food analyst?

Ans. The Commissioner of Food Safety is someone who can appoint food analyst in India.

Q3. Is FSSAI a govt job?

Ans. Yes, FSSAI provides government jobs.

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