Most Popular Online Free Courses with Certificate

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Online Free Courses with Certificate

Apart from the formal education that an individual receives, in today’s progressive age a zeal to acquire a new skill is an add-on to the existing knowledge and skill-set. This new learning can help in personal and professional growth. With the advancement of technology, learning has also become more accessible for everyone. There are numerous platform that offers online free courses with a certificate and a golden opportunity for any learner to hone their skills without the constraint of finances. In this blog, we will try to answer your question comprehensively so that you stop your search for these courses online. 

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Top Fields with Online Courses

Here is a list of top fields in which you can pursue online courses – 

  1. IT and Software 
  2. Data Science
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Digital Marketing 
  6. Chatgpt and Genrative AI 
  7. Management
  8. Cyber Security
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. IU/UX Design

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List of Online Free Courses with Certificate

Here is a list of online free courses with Certificate with their platform – 

No.Course NamePlatform
1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals Google Digital   
2.Introduction to Computer Science Harvard University via edX  
3.Financial Markets  Yale University via Coursera
4.Graphic Design Basics   Canva Design School     
5.Introduction to Project Management LinkedIn Learning 
6.Machine LearningStanford University via Coursera
7.Excel Skills for Business  Macquarie University via Coursera
8.AI For EveryoneDeepLearning.AI by Coursera
9.Fundamentals of Public Speaking University of Washington via Coursera
10.Introduction to Data Science IBM via Coursera  
11.Data Science with PythonUdemy
12.Photography Basics and BeyondMichigan State University via Coursera
13.Social Media Strategy  University of Pennsylvania via Coursera
14.Introduction to Cyber SecurityOpen University via FutureLearn 
15.Psychological First AidJohns Hopkins University via Coursera

These courses are taught by prestigious institutions and industry experts and offer a great opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills. Whether you are looking to enhance your professional skills or explore a new hobby, these courses provide valuable resources for continuous learning and development. They help in the development and learning process with an ease to study wherever you are!

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What are the free certification websites?

There are several online learning platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, Google, and Great Learning that offer a variety of free online courses with certificates. However, it is worth checking out other platforms like Alison and NPTEL as well. These platforms also provide a wide range of free online courses that can help you enhance your skills right away.

Does Coursera offer free certificates?

It’s true that Coursera used to offer free certificates in their early days. However, currently, you can’t get a free certificate for completing Coursera courses. But if you can’t afford the fee, you can apply for financial aid for most courses on Coursera.

Is Google free certificate worth it?

According to a recent survey of Google Career Certificate program graduates, 75% reported career advancement such as promotions, salary increases, new jobs, or career switches.

Is an online certificate valid for jobs?

Yes, you are eligible for government job recruitment if you have an online or a distance degree. Having an online or a distance degree is just as valid as having a traditional degree. You are eligible for government job recruitment if you hold an online or a distance degree, as long as the institution is accredited and recognized by the relevant authorities. So, pursuing an online course with certificate can definitely enhance your chances of landing a job or advancing in your career.

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