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Once you reach a certain point in your career, you are deemed to address an audience, be it large or small. Even the best managers need to have quality public speaking skills. While some of us are born orators, some of us aren’t. If you lie at the latter end of it, don’t worry as it is a skill that can be learned with practice. There are several public speaking courses that can ensure that you get a great command of your communication skills. So, let’s check them out!

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Why Should You Do Public Speaking Courses?

Many renowned institutions provide public speaking courses in India and abroad. There are different types of courses from short-term certificates to diploma courses for public speaking. The fees and duration also vary from university to university at different geographical locations. You can work as motivational speakers, speechwriters, professors with handsome salaries. Let us take a quick look at the public speaking courses and the universities offering them.

Top Public Speaking Courses

Public speaking courses are available in both online and offline modes. They are available to graduates, postgraduates, and diploma level students. There are certain certification courses available on Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube channels as well.

These courses are designed specifically to enhance your speaking skills as a beginner. You develop an understanding of public speaking and take steps towards a career. The duration of these courses can vary between 1 to 4 years depending on the type of course pursued by the student. 

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Types of Public Speaking Courses

Certificate programmes are usually shorter compared to the graduate-level course that is usually longer. Public speaking certifications are very common these days and growing rapidly. It is less time taking and ranges between a few hours to months. Students can also go for diploma courses, full-time undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. Some platforms are available to provide absolutely free courses for an unlimited time period. There are different types of public speaking courses available in the universities. 

Certification Courses

  • Certification programmes in public speaking are customised to deliver the best result in less time
  • Ideal choice for working professionals who wish to enhance their speaking skills in a short time
  • Courses are designed according to the comfort of the student
  • Can be completed in a few hours or weeks
  • Students after high school with 55% score are eligible to pursue a certification course

Diploma in Public Speaking Courses

  • This course is designed to save the time and money of aspiring candidates
  • This course can be of one or two years duration
  • Students with 55% marks in 10+2 are eligible
  • Students who have graduated or post graduated can take this course

Undergraduate Courses

  • These courses are completed in 3 to 4 years
  • The eligibility is 55% score in 10+2
  • Provides the proper foundation for learning
  • Presently, there are no colleges that provide a degree in public speaking specifically
  • BA course and Mass communication course fulfil the public speaking requirements

Post graduate Courses

  • These courses are completed in two years duration
  • The eligibility is 55% score in 10+2
  • At least a bachelors for undergraduate degree with 60% score
  • It enhances the student skills to proficiency level
  • MA courses in communication and public relations are the source for enhancing public speaking skills
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Universities Abroad

Public speaking courses are gaining popularity abroad. They provide certificate courses in Public Speaking. Some of the universities are mentioned below:

Universities in India

Universities in India particularly do not offer public speaking courses, but other programs enable them to improve public speaking skills. Some of the universities are mentioned below;

  • Madras University offers Certificate in functional English and Public speaking, certificate course
  • Indian Academy of public speaking offers public speaking certification course, certificate course
  • Indian Institute of Mass communication at Lady Shri Ram College for women, Christ University offers BA public relations, undergraduate course
  • Amrita University, Madras Christian College, University of Hyderabad offer MA in communication, postgraduate course
  • Amity University, Sharda University offer MA in public relation, postgraduate course

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Online Platforms

The online public speaking course certificate providers are

These platforms can provide high-quality education at a very nominal price. Since these are virtual, the students can enjoy the ease of staying at home and taking lessons comfortably. These are very short duration courses and the certificates are valid to pursue a career. You can even add your certificate to the LinkedIn profile for future purposes.

What Do You Learn?

  • The public speaking courses enable you to grasp the following domains
  • It substantially increases the confidence of speaker and enhances speaking skills
  • Improvement in speech delivery techniques, voice modulation, hand gestures, body language, and audience engagement
  • Better writing at spaces for different purposes such as special events, seminars, presentations, parties and family functions
  • Betterment at writing different write ups such as storytelling, argument, topic framing, and discussing

Career Scope 

After obtaining a degree in public speaking, learners can apply for suitable job profiles such as the following:

Motivational Speaker

If you are ready and fully confident then the job of a motivational speaker is certainly for you. Your speeches can pull huge crowds and inspire them with informative details. You can discuss financial achievements, personal life, healthier lifestyle, success and failure and so on.

Speech Writer

The degree can also enable you to write, construct, and edit effective and powerful speeches. You can be hired as a freelancer to work with different organisations such as business and government industries. This job is really entertaining since you put up your own ideas into someone else’s mouth.

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A professor with effective speaking abilities can truly inspire students. Becoming a communication professor can help you enhance your skills and also prepare students for public relations, broadcasting, journalism, presentations, public speaking, and similar other fields. 

Social Media Influencer

With the right skill set of writing and speaking, you can choose a career as a Social Media Influencer. You can create and write content according to your audience’s demand. There is no limit to earning as a social media influencer. The more the audience, the more is the source to earn.

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