C Programming Online: Definition, Top Online Courses

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Every interactive website, app, and piece of software has a team of programmers working constantly to keep it updated and functioning properly. Due to the advancement of information and technology, the programming field has experienced significant expansion. Because of the flexibility in the workplace and the high wages, many students are choosing it as a career. However, the best part, is that programming can be learned online from the comfort of your home. 

We’ll go through some of the most important C programming courses online and other relevant information in the blog article below! 

C Programming Online Meaning 

Dennis Ritchie developed the general-purpose computer language C at Bell Laboratories in 1972. Despite being an ancient language, it is extremely popular. Its widespread use is primarily due to the fact that it is a foundational language in the study of computers. 

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C Programming Online Benefits

A few benefits of learning and exploring C Programming Online are mentioned in the following pointers for your reference:

  • It is among the most widely used programming languages worldwide.
  • Knowing C will make it easy for you to learn other popular programming languages like Java, Python, C++, C#, etc. because of how similar their syntax is.
  • Compared to other programming languages like Java and Python, C is very quick.
  • It is possible to use C in both applications and technologies, making it incredibly adaptable.

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C Programming Online Courses

As we’ve already covered, C is a strong, all-purpose programming language that’s also a terrific place to start if you’re new to programming. It provides you with a great deal of control over how your application uses memory, which is challenging but crucial if you want to improve as a programmer. Let’s give you the names of some of the top C Programming Online courses you can opt for! 

C Programming For Beginners [Udemy]

Another course is this one. Learn C on Udemy in simple steps. Huw Collingbourne, the author of The Little Book Of C, The Little Book Of Pointers, and The Little Book Of Recursion from Bitwise Books, is the creator of this course.

Master the C Language [Udemy]

To all novices, this is the most effective and advised course for learning C. You will learn how to program with C, one of the original and most powerful general-purpose programming languages, in this extremely well-structured course.

Introduction to Programming in C Specialization [Coursera]

You might not be aware that Coursera also offers a top-notch C programming speciality. This specialization can be quite beneficial to you if C is the first programming language that you are studying. Duke University offers this expertise. It aids in the development of solid programming principles for students who wish to address complex problems through the creation of computer programs; as a result, you will learn C and programming.

C Programming Language Fundamentals By Kenny Kerr [Pluralsight]

This amazing C course on Pluralsight is made to teach you all you need to know to become a successful C programmer. This course will provide you with a strong basis and demonstrate that C is not that difficult, whether you are learning C programming to serve as a foundation for C++ or Java or simply to get ready for embedded programming.

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Why Learn C Programming Online? 

C serves as a stepping stone for people who want to pursue programming as a career. The C programming language is essential to understanding other programming languages because it shares similar concepts with them, like data types, operators, control expressions, etc. Being a structured programming language, C’s programs are broken up into different modules, each of which may be written separately and combined to create more complicated or basic routines. The framework makes testing and maintaining it simple. The language is extremely portable, which enables it to be used on any computer, wherever it may be, and regardless of its source. 

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What is C programming?

C is a general-purpose programming language developed in the early 1970s. It is widely used for system programming, embedded systems, and application development.

Where can students learn C programming online? 

Students can learn C programming on websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight etc. 

What is the difference between C and C++?

C is a procedural programming language, while C++ is an extension of C that supports both procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms. C++ adds features like classes and objects to C.

We hope this blog was successful in providing you with the top C programming online courses for computer languages to learn in order to master data science and programming! To read more informative articles like this one, keep following Leverage Edu.

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