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Film Direction Course

“The Director is the only person who knows what the film is about” -Satyajit Ray. A film director is the person who helms the gigantic ship that is film making. He is responsible for breathing life into the screenplay for the audience. His creative foresight and technical abilities are what brings the efforts of the cast and crew come alive on the big screen. A film director has duties in every stage of bringing together a film including planning, filming, and editing stages. Right from the selection of the script to the final and extra director’s cut, every development on the way involves the film’s director. It is assumed that any individual with a keen interest in movies is capable of taking up this enormous responsibility, but that notion is far from the truth. Read on to find, why film direction course is a must to make a mark in the world of movies

What Does a Film Director Do and How Can a Film Direction Course Help Them Do It Better?

It is a little trying to specify the exact duties of a film director, but we can try and present a general purview. Since the film director has to oversee all aspects of a film, he is the one who chooses a script that matches his own creativity and abilities. Choosing the right storyline is the most essential and elementary part of directing a film. With an intelligent audience out there, it is necessary to make sure that the script was chosen gels well with the audience or if it is something offbeat, it should have the appeal-to-the-audience factor to it. After this initial stage, comes the next step of arranging the monetary help to finance the film. Usually, this is the stage where good networking skills come handy. Then comes the part of the selection of actors and actress for the roles written. This requires understanding the demands of the character to be played and selecting an artist who will justify the nuances of the character well. This is followed by the selection of a location and/or set that fits the background of the story and setting up the shooting schedule.

After the above-mentioned pre-production stage, comes the production part which begins with rehearsal to perfect scenes and make it look as authentic as possible. It would help to instruct actors, the emotion that you want to be portrayed on screen. Once shooting begins, explore all camera angles to take the perfect shot. After every take, assessing it helps to make it flawless.

Then comes the stage of post-production that involves supervising the editing and helping add the final touches to the film. Making sure that the editor retains the relevant parts without stretching the duration of the film. Overseeing the addition of apt background score and help the selection of good songs for the film is sure to make the film a big success.

A Film Direction course allows the students to learn the various aspects of film direction and build the skills to be able to implement the theoretical knowledge gained during the Film Direction course.

Colleges to Pursue a Film Direction Course:

Film direction is not an easy task, but with proper training, the student can be prepared to take on the responsibility. While there are numerous colleges offering various Film Direction courses, it is imperative to choose the college that covers all the elements needed to become a film director. Here are various colleges to consider when planning to pursue a Film Direction course:

§  California Institute of the Arts: Situated in Hollywood Town, Los Angeles, it offers various degrees in different areas of the film business.

§  American Film Institute: Located in Los Angeles, this college offers the opportunity of producing four individual short films during the student’s tenure.

§  Kanbar Institute of Film and television: Situated in New York, this college boasts of six members of its alumni society being nominated for Oscars, making it a choice you can’t miss when planning to pursue a Film Direction course.

§  Los Angeles Film School: as the name says it, it is situated in Los Angeles. Offering various associate and bachelors degrees in film making. Los Angeles Film School also has online programs to assist more students.

§ Toronto Film School: One of the best colleges in this industry, this college, located in Canada. Promising to give more practical knowledge of their wide curriculum, Toronto Film School is another good option for a Film Direction course.

§  London Film School: Offering degrees for post-graduation candidates, this college is located in London and offers a very distinctive curriculum.

§  Academy of Performing Arts, Films and TV School: It is one of the oldest schools situated in Prague, Czech Republic, attracting students from every corner of the world.

§  Beijing Film Academy: Located in China, it has both graduate and post-graduate program, it happens to be the biggest college in all of Asia.

§ Australian Film Television and Radio School: This prestigious college in Australia claims to have advanced curriculum and methods to prepare the students with the changing times, making it a must-consider choice for a Film Direction course.

As Abbas Kiarostami says, “Good cinema is what we can believe and bad cinema is what we cannot believe” , it all falls on you, how you envision the story in your mind, how you are able to convince the audience and what is you are able to put up on the big screen. It’s your imagination and abilities that will bring sheer magic on to the big screen.  

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