Types of International Student Accommodation

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Types of International Student Accommodation

Studying abroad opens a vast variety of experiences, from living in a foreign country to experiencing a diverse lifestyle. A prominent aspect of studying abroad is living abroad; living on-campus is every international student’s dream. From dormitories to renting apartments in the neighbourhood, students can find different types of international student accommodation to choose from. Each type has a unique benefit associated with it for students to avail themselves and enjoy! Keep reading to know more about the different types of accommodations and which one you should opt for.

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Types of International Student Accommodation

Every country has a management to take care of the housing needs of the international students. Some universities have campus accommodation while some have limited hostels in their universities and therefore, offer students help with finding apartments or hosting families where they can live. There are a variety of options when it comes to international student accommodations that the students can look into. Such as dormitories, shared apartments or single apartments, and living with local families. Students can choose the best option based on their personal needs, budget, and choices. Let’s look at the different types of accommodation students can find in a foreign country.

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On-Campus Accommodation

The international students are offered the choice to stay on campus. This is certainly the most advantageous option due to several benefits. The primary reason to live on campus is the closeness to the university buildings. You are often on time for your classes. It also ensures a safe environment for the students. Other benefits include the easy access classes, cafes and library and to other students and local citizens. The ability to live among everyone and interact leads to good social interactions. Students on campus can participate in a wide range of social activities, events, cook with friends in the kitchen dorms, or hang out in campus spaces helps in building relations with colleagues. It is also the cheapest type of accommodation for international students.

Diverse college dorms are training grounds for political civility
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However, the flip side of the coin might have some disadvantages such as the size of the rooms and the quality of people sharing the room with you. The limited access to outside facilities and strictness are some of the topics of concern.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Rarely, campus accommodation is not provided to international students but when this happens the students need to look outside the university. Universities often assist students in finding safe and comfortable accommodation. Private accommodation is the perfect choice for international students. Students can bunk with friends or connect with like-minded people at the same university.

Why You Need a Student Apartment When Studying Abroad | Tellanto
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Students live together in a community outside the universities which is a different experience altogether. The costs of private accommodation can be a little higher. Though it benefits the different aspects of your social life. It gives you a chance to explore the city with your friends, students do not have to worry about dorm hours and are free to cook and clean at their own pace. Another benefit of private accommodation is personal space, students can get their own room in a shared apartment or rent an entire apartment for themselves depending on their personal expenses.

Accommodation with Local Families

Homestay Families | The University of Auckland English Language Academy
Source: University of Auckland English Language Academy

This is also a popular choice in many countries where international students live with the local family. This is certainly a great experience which helps the students in being “less homesick”. It is a feeling of being at home. The food prices are also included in the accommodation rent. Universities set up international students with suitable families for accommodation. Many students and their parents opt for this type of international student accommodation because of the familiarises and students get home-cooked meals, the comfort of living with a family, and a sense of safety.

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How to Find the Best Accommodation?

Here are a few points that you must consider before shifting into any type of accommodation

  • Basic living standards such as furnishings are provided or not?
  • Study desks for laptops or computers available or not?
  • Is there a kitchen equipped with the basic utensils and cooking items?
  • Are the bed sheets clean and hygienic and if the laundry facilities are available?
  • Are there any additional costs for certain services?
  • Is there internet access on your phone or if you have to pay extra to avail those services?
  • What are the accommodation charges and documents required for the contract?
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What types of accommodations are available for international students?

There are typically three types of student accommodation available for international students: Homestay, apartment living, and student dorms.

Do international students get accommodation from the university’s end?

Some universities offer guaranteed accommodation for first-year international students. However, students are required to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for on-campus accommodation.

How to find accommodation in a foreign country?

Many universities provide assistance to international students in finding suitable accommodations for them. It is always a good idea to do a little bit of research prior to starting your study abroad journey.

Finding an appropriate accommodation can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack! Hopefully, this blog on different types of international student accommodation will help you decide the best-suited accommodation for you. This is crucial to choose the right place since the upcoming years are to be spent there. If you need some help with the process, contact our experts at Leverage Edu on 1800572000 today for a free session!

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