Career in Art and Drama

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Career in Art and Drama

If you are someone who has immense love for stage performances, then a career in Art and Drama is right for you. Opening up a plethora of options to build a career on, both the fields offer a great variety of roles. Combining creative talent with the practical aspects of self-promotion, the fields are an ideal choice for those who want to explore their innate talents in various performing arts. By taking up courses best Drama schools in the world, you can take your talent to the next level. From Films to Dance to Music, a great range of fields is there to specialize in. Let’s have a look at some of the fascinating roles in Art and Drama. 


One of the most admired professions in the domain of Performing Arts is that of an Actor. Using dialogues and body language, Actors on screen communicate to the audience. The actor plays the role of a character that is the creation of the writer’s imagination under the instructions of a director. The fame and luxury that is associated with the profession are unmatched. Those who have the knack for acting can give their skills a flight by joining top Acting colleges in the world known for giving legendary actors to the world. Prestigious Acting schools cherrypick enthusiastic candidates for the limited seats to ensure that each candidate is given special attention to polish their skills. Combining Art and Drama, Acting is a very competitive profession. To start a career in the field, Actors need to build up a showreel of experience which is followed by getting a break in the industry. 


Equally enthralling profession, Dancing is a career of choice for many who are fascinated it. One of the powerful forms of Performing Arts, Dancing taught at various academies and Dance schools around the world. Offering a range of specializations in various dance forms, the courses in this field are widely pursued-after. Under the guidance of a choreographer, students are made to go through rigorous training while the coursework also involves studying in-depth philosophy and messages associated with the various forms of dancing which includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Highland Dancing, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Line Dancing and Irish Dancing. A career in Dancing is for strongwilled and enthusiastic who are not deterred by social stereotypes. 


Those who are intrigued by beats and find solace in tunes, a career in music is for them. A dream career for some and an act of catharsis for others, Music has been an important element of Art and Drama. From acoustics to electric, music has gone through a transformation. The top music schools around the world offer comprehensive programs and Diploma in Music to stimulate unleash a Musician inside you. The creative art form allows you to choose from a range of options which includes Songwriter, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, Music therapist and Composer. The high demand for professionals in various fields like films and gaming has led to Music emerging as a popular choice for many. 


Those who have a great imagination to write engrossing sequences for films and theatres can take up screenwriting as a career option. Behind every scene we see on TV or being performed on stage is primarily written by a screenwriter. The script is then put into life by the efforts of artists under the guidance of a director. Screenwriting comes under the domain of Creative Writing which forms the backbone of Art and Drama. Top film schools around the world specializing in Film Studies offer screenwriting as part of their curriculum. 

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Arts Administrator

The role of an Arts Administrator is versatile. Dealing with organizing the activities and services, the professional is behind the success of events in theatres and museums. Those who have a great love for organizing and managing things and an eye for aesthetics, the career as  Arts Administrator is right for them. The job of an Arts administrator involves facilitating artists and supplementing activities related to Art and Drama. Combining skills in Museology and Performing Arts, the professionals have wider employment areas to work in. 

Artists through their work tend to change society and leave an indelible legacy that inspires others to follow their passion. Art and Drama encompasses a variety of art forms with each having an array of specializations to build a career on. If you are planning to pursue a line of a career that is unconventional and satisfying, then Leverage Edu can help you find one for you. By taking your Psychometric Test, our experts will help you explore your innate talent and will find a place to nurture it. 

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