Human Rights Courses

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Human Rights Courses

Defenders of human rights have the courage to stand up against injustice. A career in human rights is both rewarding and competitive covering issues related to the ‘basic freedoms and rights of individuals’. It involves risks yet you have the potential of bringing a revolution and protecting underprivileged people and communities. Do you feel the zeal to bring a change in the lives of those deprived of their rights? A career in Human Rights demands individuals with a passion to fight for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Here is a detailed blog elaborating this integrated field of Law and Sociology as well as the wide range of Human Rights courses you can choose from.

Understanding Human Rights

Human rights are ethical norms and moral principles which define the standards of human behaviour that are protected as legal and natural rights by law. These are considered to be your fundamental rights inherited simply because you are a human being regardless of your location, nation, language, religion, ethnic origin or any other status. Various Human Rights courses analyse human outcomes given different situations and determine what result is most suited for humanity. Skills like social sensitivity, communication and emotional coping mechanisms are developed among individuals which are highly essential when dealing with the humanitarian crisis.

Courses specializing in Human Rights have become more popular over the past several decades. These include a wide array of issues including bioethics, preventing torture, health care access, freedom of speech and climate change, to name a few. Mostly, students who are interested to pursue a career focused on Human Rights have already completed an undergraduate study in another field and are looking to seek a career path which is something more meaningful. 

Here is a list of few excellent Human Rights courses featuring master’s degree programs and certificate courses.

  • Master of Human Rights
  • Master of Public Health & MSc in Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights
  • MA in Human Rights
  • MA in International Human Rights
  • MA in Social Justice & Human Rights
  • LLM in Human Rights Concentration
  • LLM in International Human Rights
  • LLM in Human Rights & Social Justice
  • PhD in International Studies
  • Certificate in International Human Rights Law

Top Universities & Colleges

Here is a list of renowned universities and colleges with a unique reputation for Human Rights education and research offering highly respected training and exposure into this vast field. 

Exciting Career Paths

Technology, including the use of internet, social media and smartphones is becoming increasingly important in the Human Rights sector allowing people to create powerful platforms to discuss various contemporary issues. Moreover, technology is increasingly being used to promote the well-being of vulnerable populations of society through applications created to prevent labour trafficking and assault.

A degree or certification in Human Rights opens multiple opportunities to search for employment in varied sectors like International Media, International Regulations and Foreign Trade. Many graduates are also seen working within the government while others are public. Non-international positions could be found in research, activist group and consulting. Graduates who have successfully completed Human Right courses have the skill and knowledge to work across the following domains:

CategoriesCareer Domains
LawHuman Rights Law, Education Law, Public Interest Law,
International Law, Lobbying, Research, Public Policy,
Intelligence, Campaign Management, Government Relations,
Elected or Appointed Leadership, Special Interest Advocacy
and Program Administration
AdvocacyDomestic and International Advocacy, Development,
Policy Development, Program Administration, Humanitarian Services,
Disaster & Disease Relief, HIV/AIDS Advocacy, Volunteer Coordination,
Education, Grant Writing, Fundraising and Research
Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy, Peacekeeping, Program Administration,
Resource Development, Community Development,
Economic Development, Governance,
Policy-Making and Analysis, Public-Private Partnerships,
Legislative Services, Public Sector Reform, Political Advising,
Public Sector Reform, Poverty-Reduction Strategy,
Human Rights and Ethics & Anti-Corruption
Social ServicesHuman Services Provision, Economic Development,
Policy Development, Program Administration,
Program Evaluation, Administration & Planning,
Public Health, Disaster & Disease, HIV-AIDS Work
and Volunteer Coordination
CommunicationsInvestigative Journalism, Reporting, Editorial/Column Writing,
Foreign News Correspondence, Research, Photography and
Freelance Work

Professionals in Human Rights are also gaining ground in the business field due to the increasing awareness about labour equality and labour rights. They can also work in areas of anti-corruption and environmental protection within corporations and businesses. Marketing professionals with a specialization in human rights courses can work to create awareness, promote organizations, fundraise and more. Journalism in human rights focuses on the dissemination of information and stories to the audience through mass media. All major news platform like the New York Times, Huffington Post, CNN, to name just a few have a human rights section. 

Application Process

The following is the general application process that you will need to follow in order to apply for the Human Right Courses.

  • Visit the official site of the college and course you want to apply to
  • Fill the application form
  • Pay the application fees. Without paying the application fees, your application won’t be accepted.
  • Provide all the required documents, like English proficiency scores, marksheet etc
  • After you have completed this process, you may have to give an entrance exam and interview as well as visit the college and get your original certificates verified.

With an increasing need to protect individual rights and maintain law and justice in our ever-evolving world, students are opting for a varied range of Human Rights courses. If you’re interested to know more about the eligibility requirements to pursue these courses, you can reach out to experts at Leverage Edu and we will help you choose the right combination of course and university to begin your career in social ‘rights and dignity’.

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