English Literature Courses

English Literature Courses

Whether it is a novel that brings us to tears or a poem that rouses a spark of love or awakening in us, literature has a miraculous impact on us. From centuries literature has been educating, reshaping and building societies while entertaining us. It is a study of different writing styles and texts. Exploring the era of Dickens, Bronte family and Dostoevsky and contemporaries like Atwood and Rushdie, English Literature encapsulate literary gems from different epochs. One of the most popular career options for students with immense love for reading and literary criticism, English Literature is an ocean of knowledge. In this blog, we will explore some of the best English Literature courses around the world. 

English Literature is taught as a subset of Arts and Humanities at the senior secondary level which forms the base for anyone to start a career in the field. As such, there is no prerequisite to study a course or a degree in literature but being a detailed subject, one should have clarity of mind before choosing to study it. English Literature courses are offered at both bachelor’s and master’s level.

English Literature Courses

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Bachelor’s in English Literature

At the undergraduate level, colleges offer courses in the subject that span over 3-4 years. The coursework is divided into 6-8 semesters with each semester focusing on the detailed study of the different eras in the history of literature. Primarily studying British Literature, the course deals with the study of English Literature produced in different parts of the world at different stages. BA English Literature is commonly pursued by students planning to develop their understanding of the English language while exploring a diverse range of literary texts from the UK, US and beyond. To study the course, you need to have completed your class 12th education from a recognized board besides meeting the English-language proficiency requirements by taking up a test like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE

Master’s in English Literature

The postgraduate level English Literature courses are designed to give students advanced learning of the subject, focusing on literary criticism, writing styles and deconstruction of literature. Spanning over 1-2 years, the coursework studies major works from influential writers. Studying works of English fiction, non-fiction and poetry from across the world which includes, Latin American, British, Classical European, Indian English Literature, etc. MA English Literature is the popular master’s level program. To study the program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized college. The universities abroad follow a strict selection procedure. To get admission, you should have a strong profile along with a valid GRE score. SOP plays an important role in the admission process. Take help from career experts at Leverage Edu for eyecatching SOPs and resumes.

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Top Ranked Universities

A degree in English Literature allows students to develop key skills, relevant to a wide range of different professions. Literature students learn how to research and review a test, analyse and report, incorporate debate and build a dynamic career in publishing house, broadcasting and journalism. Take a look at some of the most renowned institutions offering English Literature courses abroad:

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Career Prospects

Mostly, aspiring writers take up English Literature courses as they offer an insight into the various genres of writing and exposes you to the different styles of writing. Apart from this, highly reputed career opportunities are associated with the field. From content writing to blogging to pursuing a fulltime career as an editor in a newsroom, a course from a reputed university is set to propel you towards a successful career. Some of the job profiles that are suitable for you include: 

  • Writer
  • Poet
  • Blogger
  • Academician
  • Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Literary Critic
  • Journalist
  • Translator

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If you are interested in studying English Literature courses from one of the top universities in the world, arrange your free career counselling session today! Our experts at Leverage Edu can create a career map in sync with your skills, interest and career goals, and help your progress in the world of Literature.

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