Media Psychology

Media Psychology

A noted human rights activist, Malcolm X said, “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” The aforementioned statement is evidence of the fact that media has become an inseparable component of our lives. We consume information from various types of mass media like social media, print media, television, radio, new media and other outlets in order to be updated with the global happenings. Moreover, with the advancement of the internet and technology, the growth and emergence of media are unmissable. But often, individuals are negatively impacted by various information sources. To identify and assess such behaviours, Media Psychologists play a significant role. In this blog, we will highlight the important details relating to building a career in media psychology, top universities and its related components. 

Who is a Media Psychologist? 

“What is Digital Media Psychology?” is a common question amongst those who want to explore this new field. There is no consensus definition of the term media psychology as it is an emerging field of media studies. However, with the term Psychology, we can decipher that it’s a field which involves understanding the mental and behavioural activity of a person. Likewise, a media psychologist is one who does extensive research on human behaviour, cognition and response towards media consumption. They study and establish a relationship between a media source of information(media outlets) and receivers. They understand how the media influences human psychology and in what ways by applying various concepts of Psychology and Media Technology. 

Media Psychology Skills

In order to establish a flourishing career in this field, an individual needs to possess certain skills. To bring more clarity, here are the qualities needed in a Media Psychologist:

Media Psychology Skills

Since Media Psychology is an emerging field, academic institutions often offer this subfield in the form of a minor in Psychology or that in Journalism. However, some universities also offer a full-fledged degree in the same. Moreover, Media Psychology is closely related to programs like that in Political Psychology, Immersive Technologies, Neuro Science and NeuroMarketing, Online education, etc. Thus, you can opt for bachelor, masters, or short terms courses in such fields too. Glance through the popular courses of media studies that can kickstart your academic career as a professional Media Psychologist!

  • BSc/BA Media Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Rhetoric and Political Culture
  • MSc Digital Media Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Media and Communication Arts
  • Master of Science in Mass Communication – Marketing Communication Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Communication, Culture and Media Studies

Prominent Universities 

Since the field of media studies and journalism is exponentially increasing, academic institutions across the globe are now focusing on offering programs that can provide quality education in various facets of Media Psychology. Take a look into prominent universities that are offering a full-time course in Media Psychology: 

Universities Media Psychology Courses
University of Salford MSc/PGDM/PGCert in Media Psychology
Bath Spa University BA/BSc [Hons] 
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Bachelor in Film, Television, and Media Studies
Erasmus University, Rotterdam MSc Psychology of Digital Media
Bournemouth University MA in Political Psychology
University of York MSc Social Media and Interactive Technologies

Apart from the aforementioned Universities, you can also consider the following for studying Media Psychology

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Media Psychology: Career Pathways

There are diverse media-based companies and agencies that hire media psychologists on handsome packages. Enlisted are some of the areas where graduates who have specialized in Media Psychology can work:

  • Broadcast Media, which includes television stations, movie centers, radio stations, newspaper outlets, universities, and educational institutions hire media psychologists on lucrative offers.
  • Advertisement industries that are growing exponentially also recruit Media Psychologists. 
  • Those with doctoral degrees can work in Government based universities and research centers. 
  • As a Media Psychologist, you can also work as a Public Relations Officer, media consulting officer, etc. 
  • You can work in political parties and other related organisations.
  • From films, web, and music to video games, Media Psychologists have a prominent role in the Entertainment industry. They assess various parameters including how the industry is helping individuals relax, enjoy, and engage.

Even though it is a new field, there are vast employment opportunities for Media Psychology Graduates. If you want to explore this domain but are unsure about which university to study in then don’t worry. Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who will not only provide assistance in finding the right academic institute but will also help you complete the application process hassle-free!

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