Competitive Exams after 12th

Competitive Exams after 12th

The first step to climb the ladder of success in a student’s life is to obtain a bachelor’s degree. It not only imparts knowledge in the field of interest but also helps in the overall development.  There is an array of universities across the globe that offer a multitude of courses in various disciplines. But securing admission in the top educational institutes is no piece of cake. Thus, if you are planning to pursue higher education abroad, you need to clear the competitive exams with flying colours. In this blog, we will discuss some of the competitive exams after 12th which will open gates to world-renowned universities. 

Competitive Exam After 12th: Overview

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

One of the most famous competitive exams after 12th, the IELTS tests your basic skills in the English language. Based on your score, you can get admission in countries like Canada, the US, UK, Australia, etc. 

TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)

TOEFL a standardized language proficiency test that comprehensively evaluates the reading, writing, and listening skills of the candidates. The score of this test is accepted by various universities to offer admissions. 

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Another popular competitive exam after 12th, the GRE is conducted by ETS to help students pursue a master’s or doctoral program in the US. The test examines the reasoning ability, logical thinking, and quantitative ability of the candidates. Nowadays, Universities in countries like Canada, Australia, and China also accept these scores for granting admissions.  

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

To pursue MBA abroad, giving the GMAT exam is a must.  Apart from testing the writing skills, it also examines the reasoning and analytical thinking of applicants. If you are aspiring to study a management degree at the top universities abroad then you should start preparing for it with the ultimate GMAT guide

MCAT(Medical College Admission Test).

Designed to examine critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and scientific concepts of students, the MCAT is a renowned competitive exam after 12th. The non-native students willing to secure admission in the Medical field in Canada and the US have to go through this examination.   

LSAT (Law School Admission Test).

This is a competitive exam conducted after 12th to help students secure admission in the top law school of the world after. 

Competitive Exams After 12th: United Kingdom 

The universities in the UK not only offer an array of degree programs across various disciplines but also provide a platform to students for their holistic development. Given below are some of the competitive exams after 12th which can help you take admission in top UK institutes:

  • History Aptitude Test (HAT): Conducted by Oxford University, this exam is for students who want to enroll into History courses at the university. 
  • Graduate Medical Science Admission Test (GAMSAT): This is a common entrance test for the students who want to study Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and Podiatry. 
  • Biomedical Admission Test (BMT): BMT is an entry-level exam offered by Oxford University for the students who want to pursue Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry courses. 
  • University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT): This exam is for those students who want to pursue Dental and Medical programs in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Competitive Exams After 12th: USA

USA is one of the most popular destinations to pursue higher education. Here is a list of some of the most common competitive exams after 12th to study in the country: 

  • American College Test (ACT): This entrance exam test is an Aptitude test to get admission in the Universities of US.
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): SAT is a standardized exam for the students to attain admissions in several US Colleges.
  • Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA): To get a smooth admission in Universities of Texas one has to appear for this competitive exam after 12th.
  • General Educational Diploma (GED): For a person willing to pursue a diploma in the United States or Canada has to give this competitive exam after 12th.

Thus, there is a wide range of competitive exams after class 12th. If you are planning to pursue a degree abroad but need guidance to prepare for competitive exams, then you can reach out to our Leverage Edu counselors who will mentor you and help you ace any exam. 

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