Exams to Study Abroad

Exams to Study Abroad

With the global market more open and intertwined than ever before, not just trading but even education has witnessed an unparalleled boost. With countless programs offering student exchange to universities and colleges opening the doors to their graduate and postgraduate degrees to students worldwide, there is a new global connection between students, mentors, and professors. With books and course material from every known university available online, we are a lucky generation to witness the digitalisation of everything known to man. Now that the opportunities are opening, more daring choices are made, the courage to leave home and travel the world for better prospects is somewhat of a common trend. Therefore, the need to be fully aware and prepared for the exams to study abroad is needed today than before:


SAT, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is supervised by the College Board of USA. This was introduced way back in 1926, the score awarding system has been changed a lot many times since then. This is an examination that students take up to get admission to colleges for undergraduate degrees. The SAT exam syllabus is spread out in such a way that the higher secondary syllabus is covered. SAT with the essay is another form of the same examination, wherein 50 mins extra to the 3 hours, is given to write an essay.  

Another exam to study abroad in the same category is the ACT, which is conducted by ACT, a non-profit body, for admission to colleges in the USA for undergraduate degrees. Both the examination tests the student in Mathematics, English, and Sciences.


MCAT is one of the most popular exams to study abroad for Indian medical students. MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an online assessment for students wanting to pursue medical studies in Canada, Australia, USA, and the Caribbean Island. The paper is an MCQ one, prepared to test the biological sciences, physical sciences and verbal abilities of the candidate. MCAT takes as long as 7.5 hours to complete. The test is supervised by the Association of American Medical Colleges.


LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is one of the exams to study abroad for students who wish to pursue law.  Conducted 6 times in a year, this assessment is important for those who wish to pursue law in colleges outside the country. The scores are accepted in numerous colleges of Canada, USA, Australia, etc. This examination is administered to test the potential candidates on logical and verbal reasoning. This system of LSAT exists from 1991.


The International English Language Testing System is an examination that students wishing to study or even work abroad have to undertake. This examination is a must for candidates who do not have English as their native language. This assessment began in 1989 and was set up by the IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English, British Council, and IDP. The scores of this examination are accepted in most of the major countries in the world.

Read more about IELTS here:


Another examination similar to IELTS is the TOEFL examination. One of the most popular exams to study abroad, TOEFL is administered by the Educational Testing Service. The marks obtained are accepted in most of the prestigious institutes around the world. IELTS and TOEFL are taken along with the other mentioned exams to study abroad.  


One of the exams to study abroad, GRE (Graduate Record Examination)  is undertaken to get in colleges offering postgraduate degrees to students in various streams, abroad. The test lasts for 3 hours and 45 minutes and tests the verbal, analytical, writing and quantitative reasoning. The syllabus is spread in a manner that all undergraduates can understand and refer to. A popular choice amongst students, these examination scores are valid until five years.


For MBA aspirants, this is the exam to study abroad. The full form of GMAT is The Graduate Admission Test and is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council. This paper aims to test students to be deemed fit to study Masters in Business Administration. Even though students can take up GRE as an option for the same, studies show that most candidates prefer GMAT for their MBA dreams. The test that can be taken at a gap of 16 days is the ticket for the education of the corporate world, abroad.

Read more about GMAT here:

Here we have listed out the exams to study abroad to help you gain clarity about the various routes you can take to reach your desired destination. No matter what the field, there is an examination to facilitate the move to countries outside India. Here at Leverage Edu, we provide the correct guidance not just about how to approach the examination, but also, which examination and the careers that suit you. Contact us today at +91-8826200293.

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