SAT Exam

SAT Exam

For every undergraduate student, the SAT exam is the first step towards their dream to study abroad. The SAT serves as an entrance examination for getting admission at major international institutes. It measures a student’s eagerness and academic inquisitiveness and helps colleges in comparing the numerous applicants of a course. The college recruiters view your SAT scores along with your high school GPA, the classes and subjects you enrolled for in high school, your extra-curricular activities, interviews for admission, your written essays and letters of recommendation. The importance of SAT scores varies for different institutes. In this blog, we will explore why the SAT exam is important, what subjects it consists of as well as major tips that can help you crack SAT with good scores. 

Why Should You Give SAT Exam? 

While there are numerous exams to enroll in when you are planning to study abroad, the SAT is beneficial in many ways. Here we have listed the major reasons why you should appear for the SAT exam:

  • You can score a scholarship through your SAT score. This helps you explore different options for paying your college tuition fee. 
  • Many international colleges and universities require SAT score as a key part of their admission process. 
  • Furthermore, there are certain job opportunities that require SAT score for the selection process. 
  • This implies that students wishing to pursue a degree in fields that do not have any connection with maths or science can give this exam to apply for admission in colleges abroad. 
  • With the help of SAT exam scores, you can apply for scholarship opportunities at your dream college. Better the score, the better the scholarship. 

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Overview of the SAT

The SAT exam is a generalised paper with variations available for specific kinds of subjects. The duration of the paper is three hours and the exam tests your writing, mathematical and reading abilities. It is structured for those who have completed high school and are seeking admission to colleges outside India. The sections of the exam constitute a particular mark set for each question. Each section in the SAT has a score range of 200-800 points. The final score consists of scores from all sections that may vary from 400 to 1600. However, the writing section is marked on a range of 0-24 and may vary incrementally. Here is a table that outlines the necessary information about the different sections of the SAT exam:

SectionDuration Marks 
Reading65 minutes52
Writing35 minutes 44
Maths 80 minutes 58
Essay (optional)50 minutes 

This is the time-division as well as marks distribution for the SAT exam. The SAT exam is held from October to January internationally mainly on Saturdays. It is highly recommended to secure your SAT exam dates early in order to avoid any hassle at the last minute. 

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Preparation Tips for the SAT Exam

For attaining good scores in the SAT exam, you should prepare in advance along with keeping the following tips in mind: 

  • Begin by answering the questions you know. Attempting to answer questions that you are not familiar with may result in valuable loss of time.
  • Read the section-wise directions thoroughly before attempting a specific section. 
  • The test book is a good place for all your calculations as you are allowed to write in it. This way you can keep your answer sheet clean and neat.
  • Since the SAT exam does not give negative marking, try not to leave out questions and answer even the difficult ones with the best possible guess.
  • Read each and every part of a question carefully. Being confident is good but being overconfident may result in silly mistakes that can easily be avoided. 

These tips will help you get a good score on the SAT exam thus landing you into your dream college. If you are confused about how to tackle the exam, let the experts at Leverage Edu assist you in understanding and strategizing each section properly thus helping you in getting a step closer to your dream college.

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