How to Crack IELTS

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How to Crack IELTS

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally accepted test which assesses proficiency in the English language. Candidates who don’t have English as their first language take the IELTS test to prove their English language skills when moving to an English-speaking country for study, work or immigration. There are over 140 nations in the world which accept the IELTS test as a credible English language qualification. In this blog, we will be discussing all the aspects of IELTS as well as useful tips on how to crack IELTS.

What is IELTS test?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a global exam for English Language that certifies your speaking and understanding ability in the language to study in an English-speaking country.

Types of IELTS Test

The IELTS test is of two basic types:

  1. Academic: The Academic type of IELTS Testis for those who are looking to study abroad.
  2. General: Is the type the IELTS Test taken by professionals migrating for work or training.

For this blog, the IELTS Academic test has been kept in consideration and more emphasis is placed on its preparation, but these tips can be used for both the exams.

How to Crack IELTS: Structure of the Test

Let’s begin with understanding the structure of this test before exploring the tricks on how to crack IELTS. The structure of the IELTS consists of four essential sections:

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking.

These sections takes roughly 2 hours 45 minutes to complete. You can choose to take the IELTS in either the paper or computer-based format. Both formats test your reading, writing and listening skills while the speaking section is an oral interview with a certified IELTS examiner. Altogether you will be examined on your grasp and understanding of the English language and how well you can understand and communicate with a person from an English speaking country.

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How to Crack IELTS: Tips for Preparation

  • Make Yourself Aware of the Test Structure

The structure of the IELTS test is simple but is divided into sections. Each section is conducted in a distinct manner. For example, the speaking section has three parts, namely, the introduction, a long speech section, and a topic-based discussion. Devote time into understanding which section you are good at and which ones need a bit more practice.

  • Choose the Format You are Comfortable With

There are two ways you can give the test. It is conducted both with a paper and pen or on a computer. There is absolutely no difference in the questions asked.

  • Let the IELTS Supplementary Book Guide you

Included in your IELTS exam fee is a supplementary IELTS exam guide. The guide deals in great detail with all the sections. It explains the questions and provides sample answers as well. Especially the Reading and Writing sections can be nailed solely with its help. It has all the information you will need to know how to crack IELTS.

  • Types of Questions in IELTS are Vast

The IELTS test-setters continuously try to experiment with new categories of questions, especially in the listening section. It includes multiple-choice, matching, drawing, table or flow chart, sentence completion questions among a variety of other questions. You can still come across an entirely new question type on the test so make sure you are well-prepared.

  • Don’t Focus on Vocabulary but Accuracy

Unlike the GRE, your vocabulary of words will hardly be tested in this test. It lays more focus on correct sentences, accurate grammar, word organisation, complex sentences construction, and understanding and comprehension. If you know tough words, use it to perfection or don’t use it at all. Errors can lead you to lose marks.

  • Try to Speak with Fluency and Accuracy

The speaking section is the most feared section of the IELTS. To overcome this section, practice speaking simple sentences correctly and fluently. Then, progress towards speaking complex sentences accurately.

  • Read English Books and Watch Hollywood movies

English magazines and Hollywood movies are an easy hack to learn how native English speakers communicate. Besides, it helps in significantly improving your reading and listening skills which will give you a better idea on how to crack IELTS.

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English language certification tests like IELTS or TOEFL are necessary when applying abroad for any purpose. Further, organisations typically require a certain band score as an eligibility requirement. We hope that the above-mentioned tips and tricks helped in understanding how to crack IELTS. Experts at Leverage Edu can assist you in perfecting every section on the IELTS so that you can score high and make your dreams of studying abroad a reality.

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