ACT to SAT Conversion: Differences, and Similarities

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ACT to SAT Conversion

In addition to other criteria like a good GPA, a well-written LOR, and a strong SOP, the ACT and SAT are important factors in determining a student’s admission to universities. The ACT or SAT exam must be passed for a student to enrol in a university in the United States. Students frequently take both the SAT and the ACT to prepare for college applications. Keep reading to find out more about the differences and similarities, ACT to SAT Conversion, and more!

ACT vs SAT- Differences and Similarities

The ACT and SATs may share a great deal of subject material. In addition to the subject, there are some other similarities. Before going on to the differences, let’s examine those points of similarity.

  • Both are considered standardised tests, consist of multiple-choice questions and are taken by high school students
  • The majority of colleges do not favour one over the other
  • Both offer the institutions a broad evaluation of a student’s skills
  • No points are deducted for wrong responses
  • In the reading, English, and math parts, they each study the same material
  • Based on passages, there are reading and writing exercises
  • One month before the exam, both are available for registration.

Differences Between ACT and SAT

Both the SAT and the ACT are standardised tests, but they evaluate a student’s proficiency and readiness for college in quite different ways. Let’s now look at the differences between the ACT and SAT.

The ACT exam is divided into four segments:
(Optional writing section)
SAT exam is divided into three segments:
Writing and Language

(No optional essay/writing section)

The scoring scale is between 400-1600 The Scoring scale is between 1-36
Use of a calculator allowed for the mathematics section Calculator not allowed
Overall 215 questions Overall 154  questions
Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes (without optional writing section)
With writing section: 3 hours 35 minutes
Duration: 3 hours
The test is conducted four times a year: March, May, October and December  The test is conducted six times a year. (February, April, June, July, September and October)

ACT and SAT Conversions

It’s best to focus your efforts on either the SAT or ACT rather than trying to do well on both exams. Finding out which test you perform best on can be done using the ACT to SAT converter. Even if you just take one test, understanding how your score translates will help you assess your performance and your chances of admission to several universities.

Now, you must be wondering how to convert ACT scores into SAT and vice-versa. Let’s check out the score conversion table to understand it in a better way;

ACT Composite Score SAT Composite Score
1576-1600 36
1530-1560 35
1490-1520 34
1450-1480 33
1420-1440 32
1319-1410 31
1360-1380 30
1330-1350 29
1300-1320 28
1260-1290 27
1230-1250 26
1200-1220 25
1160-1190 24
1130-1150 23
1100-1120 22
1060-1090 21
1030-1050 20
990-1020 19
960-980 18
920-950 17
880-910 16
830-870 15
780-820 14
730-770 13
690-720 12
650-680 11
620-640 10
590-610 9

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It is ideal for candidates to review the criteria established by the universities before choosing which test to take. The fact that the school does not favour one over the other should be noted. Trial runs of both tests are the best method to decide which one will best reflect your academic potential.


Why Convert Between SAT and ACT scores?

Converting scores from the ACT to the SAT can be quite beneficial for determining which test you perform better on. To maximise your score, it’s best to concentrate all of your efforts on either the SAT or ACT rather than attempting to do well on both exams.

Do we have to attempt both exams to get into a premium university?

No, you are not required to submit both as universities ask for either of these scores. Instead of wasting time and energy on both, one should concentrate on studying for either one of them to succeed.

Can someone with a 32 ACT score get into Harvard?

A composite ACT score of at least 33 is required for admission to Harvard University. The normal range for admitted students is 33 to 35.

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