How to Get into Harvard Business School

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How to Get into Harvard Business School

Being a business aspirant, you must be aware of the Harvard Business School, the name that needs no introduction. Consistently ranked on the top in offering business education, Harvard is the leader in Research and Development. Established in 1908, the business school is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Offering globally recognized MBAs and other online programs, the school has a reputation in producing leaders in the field of Business Management. The prestigious school is a part of the world’s leading Harvard University. Studying at Harvard is a dream for many but accomplishing it can be a daunting task. The school has a professional way of going about the selection process. In this blog, we will explore various steps to know how to get into Harvard Business School.

Meeting the Eligibility Criteria

The basic thing to get admission in any of the top business schools is to meet the required eligibility criteria and Harvard, in that case, is very choosy. The key to knowing how to get into Harvard Business School depends on knowing how to approach the admission process.

To study an MBA program at the Harvard Business School requires you to have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. But if you want your application to stand out, a bachelor’s in Business or Engineering is set to give you an edge over others. The school processes the applications of the candidates very minutely, so it is important that you make your application strong.

Here are some of the ways to do it.

1. Get a Valid GMAT Score

Harvard processes the applications based on the GMAT score. Though the median GMAT score for top business schools is 690-720 but to get into Harvard, you need to aim for a bit higher. To enhance your selection chances at the prestigious institution, you should be getting a score above 750.

2. Good GPA Score

Your GPA plays a significant role when it comes to seeking admission to Harvard. If you are in your bachelor’s degree course and you are aiming for Harvard, try to work to improve your GPA as it will surely give your application a boost. Though there is no minimum GPA mentioned but the average GPA required for Harvard ranges between 3.6 and 3.75.

3. Language Test Score

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If you are a non-native English speaker, you need to prove your proficiency in English by taking the English language tests. Harvard accepts all three standard language tests which include IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. There are no minimum requirements for the language tests but since we are talking about Harvard Business School, the higher the better.

4. Letter of Recommendation

LORs are an inseparable component of the application process at Harvard Business School. The school asks applicants to have two LORs with the application.

5. Statement of Purpose

Writing an enthralling SOP is important to supplement your application process. It should be clear and error-free and should highlight your passion for the subject.

Boosting Your Application

Knowing how to get into Harvard Business School is not enough. In fact, meeting the eligibility isn’t either. Receiving a great number of applications every year, Harvard has ample criteria to reject an application. But there is always a way to strengthen your application to make it stand out.

Here are some of the ways that will boost your application and enhance your chances of getting into Harvard.

1. Add Experiences to Your Application

Adding experiences to your portfolio makes your application stronger. If you have volunteering experiences, have taken part in co-curricular activities or have attended summer programs, mentioning them in your application will help you in the admission process. The evaluators at Harvard Business School take into consideration the experiences of the applicant while processing the applications.

2. Complete an Internship

An internship is a crucial part of the admission and Harvard counts internships during the evaluation process. If you have done an internship with a reputed organization, it is likely to push your application an extra mile. Internships and training are vital in making a strong portfolio which is significant to your application.

3. Establish Contact With Faculty at Harvard Business School

Developing a relationship with two faculty members at Harvard is an important thing for your academic success. Before proceeding with the application process, try to establish contact with the concerned faculty members at the business school who will not only help you with the admission process but will also guide you to make it more workable.

By now you must be well informed about how to get into Harvard Business School. The most prestigious institution for business education is set to give your business skills a flight and take your career to the next level. Guaranteed placements and high earning jobs are characteristic of Harvard. If you have set your mind to being part of Harvard’s intensive curriculum, Leverage Edu can help you achieve the goal. Our career experts have a network of mentors to help you in giving your application process a boost.

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  1. I am interested for MBA in Digital marketing and I am 49 years old is it possible to study in this age if possible then what are the requirements please get me know.
    Rajinder Singh

  1. I am interested for MBA in Digital marketing and I am 49 years old is it possible to study in this age if possible then what are the requirements please get me know.
    Rajinder Singh