Here’s What You Need to Do After Getting Your Study Abroad Admit!

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After Study Abroad Admit

India is amongst the top countries with the largest number of students wanting to pursue their studies in foreign nations and is a significant contributor to the economies of these nations. As per the World Education Service (WES) survey on Indian Student Mobility 2018, the percentage of Indian enrolments internationally is the second most popular after China. If you have been accepted at your dream university abroad, the next thing that you must do is plan a checklist after study abroad admit. This blog brings you a detailed guide on things to do after getting your study abroad admit!

Here’s an Exclusive Study Abroad Checklist!

Things to Ensure After Getting your Study Abroad Admit?

After getting your Study Abroad Admit, make sure you’ve got all the following documents and paper works in your possession:

  • Letters of Approval of the Admission Offer
  • Information of your Correspondence Address
  • Check if you have received approved copies of your documentation from the admissions office of the university.
  • Proof that you have fulfilled the criteria of entry, whether you have been accepted on a conditional basis.
  • Arranged Housing
  • And sure that you have sufficient Medical and Liability coverage.

You should also check if you possess the following documents as the following documents are required for making a checklist after getting study abroad admit:

  • Certificate of Birth
  • Passport
  • Legalized Marriage Certificate (if you are married)
  • Form of Arrival which is Printed and Validated

Document Checklist

For receiving your study abroad admit, there are 12 documents that are really important for you to take. These documents might also be needed to verify your application at the university so keep them handy before as well as after getting your study abroad admit:

  • Application Form: Your Application Form for the institution of your choosing is a huge deal to learn about the accreditation process during your after study abroad admit. Be very straightforward, succinct and precise. Write a letter or article about your own encouragement. Be as truthful as you can and share your educational background and future prospects.
  • Valid Passport Size Photos: Admission centers and visa departments are very particular about the proper dimensions shot with the chosen backdrop. Assess the need for it and schedule it appropriately.
  • Academic Certificate: Have all of the academic credentials in place for your after study abroad admit. This indicates that you vary from your 10th grade to your last certification (i.e. 12th grade, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, etc.).
  • Entrance Test Scores: you will have to generate a valid certificate for whatever competitive exam approval is necessary for your program, such as GMAT, GRE, etc.
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP): The Statement of Purpose is important. It should demonstrate who you really are, your values, where you can see your future going, your particular institution, and what you’d like to do when you’ve completed your studies. It’s essential to inform you of the reasons that are relevant to you.
  • Valid Photo ID: Have a Photo ID. That might have been the PAN passport, ID of the elector, etc. You’ll even have to display evidence of residency.
  • Travel Documentation: Your New Passport, an Appropriate Visa, and a Global Student ID card is very important for your after study abroad admit. You’ll also be asked to apply your certificate of admission to the institution.
  • Financial Affidavits: This comprises student loan statements (as a sign of resources and assets), grant application, confirmation of funding, etc. You will still have to include evidence of your compensation or that of your relatives to approve your after study abroad admit.
  • Resumé: Intern in as many businesses as possible. If you have finished your bachelor’s degree, consult with a reliable company to build a comprehensive CV or Resume.
  • Health Certificates: Various nations have particular standards with relation to international students for your after study abroad admit. You may have been required for an identification card and a vaccine stamp. Get a wellness check-up done to get the latest reports.
  • Work History Documents: Whether you are attending a bachelor’s or post-graduate course, most colleges expect you to attempt to do internships or get a few years of industry experience. Get the certification that will confirm your experience.
  • Recommendation Letters: Ask your manager or mentor to write a letter of recommendation that will perk up your chances of attending your dream institution to prepare for your after study abroad admit.

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To-Do List After Getting Your Admit

Apart from the essentials elaborated above, there are certain tasks you need to tick off your list after getting your study abroad admit. This includes applying for visa, getting your funds ready, gearing up for luggage and travel essentials and so on. So, here is a comprehensive to-do list you must check while heading abroad to study at your dream university!

Applying for VISA

The VISA application comprising all of your documents, application-related, financial as well as language proficiency scores. The VISA agent will use this application before evaluating you. So make sure you answer it all concisely. This process does not require paying any submission charges.

You will be expected to pay roughly Rs. 10,000 (depending on the currency rate) in cash.  If the transaction is already completed, your online scheduling link will be enabled. An interview for a 10-print OFC and a VISA consultation could then be scheduled.

Arranging Finances

The next critical plan after receiving your study abroad admit is to formulate by preparing the funds. The issuance of the VISA refers to the availability of doubling the number of funds as set out in the I-20. The very first half must be in the form of savings, while the second half can include equity investments, PFs, PPFs, investment funds and even gold. Property is not counted as part of the total.

If your program mandates that you will have to get back to your home country after completing the courses, then immobile properties, i.e. land, and documents of that must be provided by the student as a justification to return to India after graduation. In either case, the appraisal of properties and gold is a necessary step and the documentation should be prepared prior to the VISA interview with the Relevant Consulate.

Other Important Processes

  • Participation is absolutely necessary if you sign up for induction.
  • Take a glance at the college’s website, you could get help and suggestions on entry.
  • Help ensure you have got your school fee receipt and have sent your application form to the admissions department.
  • Be sure you have finished all requirements applicable to student visas and residency permits.
  • Get all the necessary health screenings performed to get the reports.
  • Have information on various transit systems like public transportation.

So, these are some of the important documents that are needed for your study abroad admit. Planning to study abroad? Get in touch with the Leverage Edu experts for a comprehensive evaluation of your study abroad plan to get everything ticked off from preparing a winning application for your dream university to finding the right scholarship, finalising your admission essentials like LORs and SOP and more!

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