Universities Accepting Backlogs In USA

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Universities Accepting Backlogs In USA

It is a common misconception that having a backlog means that your career is finished. Especially in a country like the USA. While studying in USA is a dream of many, sometimes having backlogs can be troublesome. Backlogs are one of the most important factors that are included during your admission process and selection. Have you been stressing about your backlogs and want admission abroad? Worry not! Here in this blog, we are going to tell you all about universities accepting backlogs in the USA. 

What Is A Backlog?

Before we talk about universities accepting backlogs in the USA, let us first find out what is a backlog. If you have not been able to qualify or clear an exam on the first attempt, it is known as a backlog. However, it is important and essential to appear on the second attempt for the said exam so that you can avail your degree or certificate from the university. In case you were absent, the exam will be recorded as absenteeism and not counted as a backlog. If you were not able to appear for your exam due to sickness, accident, or any other genuine valid reason, check and confirm from your institution’s exam department whether they have marked it as an Absent or as a Backlog. 

Factors Affecting Acceptance Of Backlogs 

There are various factors that affect the acceptance of backlogs in universities accepting backlogs in the USA. In the USA, the rate of backlog acceptance is dependent on the following factors:

  • Overall GPA / CGPA
  • Courses / Subject of Backlogs
  • Repeated Backlogs 
  • Backlog Status

Overall GPA / CGPA

One of the most important considerations during your admission is academic GPA along with/ or CGPA. This is even more important when you are seeking admission with backlogs. Having a very low GPA with backlogs can make your chances of admission bleak. However, if you can get a good GPA after you clear your backlog, the concerned university may give you admission and not pay heed to your previous backlogs. They will continue on through the admission process normally. Obviously, you need to bring enough GPA or CGPA that is required for admission to the University in the USA. 

Courses / Subject of Backlogs

If the Subject or Course you have a backlog in is not directly related to the course you are going to pursue, the backlog would not be a threat to your enrollment. But if the subjects are a major part of the curriculum, it will increase the chances of rejection. 

Repeated Backlogs

Repeated Backlogs refer to the time taken or the number of attempts taken to clear the backlogs. Time plays a significant role. If you have a larger number of repeated attempts of a single backlog, the chances that you will get rejected is higher. Similarly, if you have cleared your backlogs in a few numbers of attempts the chances of your application being accepted are high.

Backlog Status

Most of the universities in the USA do not accept admission if they have active backlogs. The number of attempts to complete a backlog, active backlogs, and inactive backlogs is in a Backlog Certificate, which is mandatory to submit for every student.  

What Is A Backlog Certificate?

A backlog certificate is a document provided by your institution that has all the details about your backlogs and the number of reattempts, active backlogs, or inactive backlogs. In the good chance that you do not have any backlogs then your college or institute will not give you any certificate. When applying abroad, universities may ask you to show them or provide them a certificate stating that you do not have any backlogs. It is always advisable to ask your university or college to give you a  Zero Backlog Certificate for Clearance. 

List Of Universities Accepting Backlogs In USA

We have made a list of Universities accepting backlogs in USA. The list is based on the number of backlogs they accept after considering the above mentioned factors. We have divided it into different numbers of subtypes.

US Universities Accepting 1 To 5 Backlogs 

Mentioned below is a list of universities accepting backlogs in USA. We have listed below the universities from the USA that are ready to accept students with up to 5 backlogs.

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US Universities Accepting 5 To 10 Backlogs

In this list, we have listed Universities that are ready to accept students with 5 backlogs up to 10 backlogs.

US Universities Accepting 10-15 Backlogs

With 10 backlogs to 15 backlogs, there are very few universities that are flexible enough to offer you a seat. However, there are a few good universities that may accept your admission form. Mentioned below are universities accepting backlogs in USA, between 10 -15.

US Universities Accepting 15+ Backlogs

15 is the maximum number of backlogs as entertained by US Universities. A higher backlog will result in no admission to any of the Universities of the USA. It is important for you to maintain a good CGPA and not clear out all your backlogs. 

If you have a strong and sound extracurricular profile, it will help you a lot. 

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We hope this blog helped you prepare for your admission to universities in the USA and clear your doubts related to universities accepting backlogs in USA. If you are still unsure about the admission process or to which university to apply to, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu. Book for a free e-session.

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