Short Term Courses in UK

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Short Term Courses in UK

Short term courses are those accelerated courses that provide fast education on a subject. They are usually 1 to 6 months long and cheaper than a year-long degree. The UK is one of the top countries with the best education and a country that offers more innovative courses than any other. Many Indian students attend short term courses in UK or summer school to have a glimpse of what UK education is all about. 

Why Study Short Term Courses in UK?

Before you decide to study in UK for a short term course, here are some key reasons that will help you to know whether it is worth it! 

  • Personality development- With summer school, you instill confidence by communicating with like-minded international students. 
  • Glimpse of boarding life– Short term courses last for no more than 6 months which gives you the perfect time to stay in UK independently.
  • Explore UK– A vacation is a hidden benefit of short term courses. While you attend classes for a couple of hours a day, you are free to explore UK and its culture the rest of the time. 
  • Resume building– Even if you have graduated in India, a short term course adds the rightful weightage to your resume. You have better job opportunities and higher chances of investors investing in your business. 
  • Communication Skills- Studying a short term course in UK guarantees complete development in your communication, English fluency and targeted skills.

Top Universities for Supply Chain Management in UK

UK is known for its exemplary and technologically advanced management and business programs. Here’s a list of popular short term courses in UK you can pursue in business and management along with the academic institutions offering it:-

Short term course Offered by 
Entrepreneurship- 14 daysCoventry University 
Leadership, Communication and Innovation- 21 days University of Warwick 
Principals of Business and Management- 19 days University of Sussex
Managing Global Supply Chains- 19 daysUniversity of Sussex
Developing Negotiating Skills- 19 days University of Sussex
Global Leadership Development- 21 days Coventry University 
Introduction to Fashion Business- 2 months University of Arts London
Hospitality Management- 3 months European School of Economics 
Film industry Management- 3 months European School of Economics
Fashion and Luxury Goods Management- 3 months European School of Economics 

Exponential research in the field of health and medicine has led UK to be one of the top countries with medical expertise. If you want to study an overview of medicine and health-related sciences, here’s a list of popular short term courses in UK for the same:-

Short term course Offered by 
Introduction to Psychology- 21 days University of Warwick
Immunology of Tropical Diseases- 1 monthLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Health Promotion- 14 days Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Revolutions in Biomedicine- 1 month Imperial College London
Human Anatomy- 5 months University of Glasgow
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health- 19 days University of Sussex
Return to Practice (Nursing)- 2 monthsCity, University of London
Principles of Respiratory and Thoracic Care- 3 months Anglia Ruskin University 
Child Nutrition- 14 days Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 
Pain Management- 3 months Anglia Ruskin University 

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Can you believe that UK has got short term courses for legally interested students in their best law universities! So you don’t have to spend years on general knowledge and practice but learn field-specific knowledge in these short term courses in UK for law:- 

Short term course Offered by 
Pre-University Summer School for Law- 14 days King’s College London 
Human Rights Law- 19 daysUniversity of Sussex
Legal English- 14 days Torquay International School
International Economics Law- 21 days University of Warwick 
Global Migration Law- 19 days University of Sussex
Global Antitrust in a Digital World- 19 daysUniversity of Sussex
Gender Equality and the Law- 19 days University of Sussex
International Law- 1 monthUniversity of Edinburgh
International Development- 21 days University of Warwick

Benefits of Studying Law in UK

Marketing is a skill that can only be taught practically. Here is a list of top marketing short term courses in UK, that teach you field-related marketing techniques with technological advancements:-

Short term course Offered by 
Marketing- 3 months European School of Economics
Future of Branding- 5 daysFuture London Academy
Communication for PR and Advertising- 21 daysUniversity of Arts London
Business Communication and Social Media- 1 monthUniversity of Edinburgh
Digital Landscapes- 19 days University of Sussex
Digital Media Concepts and Applications- 19 days University of Sussex
Digital Marketing Introduction- 2 monthsBournemouth University

UK is the melting pot of culture and languages. You can learn the most difficult languages in the world in UK, learn fluency and written ability in it. 

Short term course Offered by 
Beginners in Specific Language (popular languages)- 2 monthsUniversity of Westminster
IELTS Preparation- 1 month Europa School of English
English for Academic Purposes- 2 monthsUniversity of Manchester
Focus on Writing- 2 months International House
Cambridge English- 3 monthsCapital School of English
TOEFL Preparation- 14 daysOxford English Centre
Focus on Pronunciation-  2 monthsInternational House

The theatre and film scene of UK is world-famous with actors and filmmakers from all across the world attending short filmmaking courses to sharpen their skills at the best film schools in UK

Short term course Offered by 
Part-time Foundation in Screenwriting- 3 months MetFilm School
Part-time Foundation in Documentary- 3 months MetFilm School
Mixed Media- 2 monthsArts University Bournemouth 
Graphic Media Design- 21 daysUniversity of Arts London
Journalism- 21 days University of Arts London
Acting for Film (Level 1)- 1 monthMetFilm School
Post Production- 6 monthsMetFilm School
Cinematography- 1 month MetFilm School
Public Relations- 4 daysBirmingham City University
Fashion JournalismLondon College of Fashion

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Online 6-month Courses in UK

A lot of the short term courses mentioned above can be learnt in an online study format. More than 1500 short term courses to study in UK are taught online. Here are some of the popular online short term courses in UK:- 

  • Global Digital Marketing
  • Business and Management- Business Analytics
  • Business of Architecture
  • Managing Public Money
  • Computing and IT
  • Paediatrics 
  • Food Coaching
  • Law with Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Data Science

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Eligibility Requirements 

The eligibility requirements for each course is different for short term courses in UK. When you are shortlisting the short term courses, make sure that you go on the official website of the academic institution and check the specific eligibility criteria. 

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Admission Process 

The admission process for short term courses in UK is given in this easy to understand the guide below:- 

  • Choose your short term course to study in UK.
  • Check the eligibility requirements and application deadlines. 
  • You may be asked for proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL).
  • Attach all documents required for admission in UK.
  • Wait for the results to be declared to know whether you are accepted. 
  • Apply for the short-term study visa or visitor’s route. 

The application process is much easier than the one for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 

Recommendation Letter for a Student to Study Abroad Sample

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Cost of Studying in UK

Due to the shorter duration, the tuition fee for short term courses is also comparatively low. The average tuition fee ranges from Rs. 43,570 to 5.10 lakhs. 

Other than the cost of studying, the cost of living in UK is also very expensive for Indian students. Again, the cost of living depends upon the city you chose to pursue your short term course in UK. For example, rent in London is 51.22% higher than rent in Oxford. On average, an Indian student would spend Rs.1.03 lakh per month if pursuing short term courses in UK. 

Want a more personalised cost of living based on your choices? Use our cost of living calculator for absolutely free!

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Visa Requirements for Studying in UK

There are two types of UK visa you can apply for, depending upon the nature of your short term course in UK. 

  • To study English in UK for a short duration, apply for a short-term study visa. This visa applies for English courses of 6 months to 11 months. 
  • For other courses less than that of 6 months, you have to apply for the UK Visitor Visa. This visa allows you to stay in UK for 6 months. 
  • In both cases, the letter of acceptance is a crucial document that you must submit in your UK visa application.


How long is a short term course in UK?

A short term course in UK can be up to 6 months long. 

Do short term courses get you a job?

Short term courses are an added advantage to your CV but might not necessarily get you a job. 

Does the University of Oxford have any short term courses?

There are short and online courses available for those pursuing continuing education. 

Which country is the best for short term courses?

UK, Canada, Germany and USA are touted as the best for short term courses but there is no confirmation for the same. 

Do universities provide accommodation for short term courses?

No, not many universities in UK provide accommodation for short term courses. 

Short term courses in UK are a quick getaway to skill-based education. Exploring student life, beautiful countryside and networking with like-minded students are just a few of the benefits a short term course in UK holds. Call Leverage Edu at 1800-572-000 now and talk to our experts about your areas of interest while they pick the perfect short term courses in UK for you!

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