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Statement of Purpose for Medical Students

The study of medicine and health sciences, also known as MBBS, has grown in popularity among young people in India over the years. Today, the number of students applying to study MBBS abroad is far higher than it was a few years ago. Why is this so? A lack of government seats, combined with exorbitant tuition fees charged by private medical colleges, has pushed a subset of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad. To know more about studying MBBS Abroad keep reading this blog!

How to study MBBS abroad?

While each country has its own set of rules and eligibility criteria for international students interested in pursuing MBBS abroad, we will discuss the general eligibility guidelines for Indian students interested in pursuing MBBS in the top countries abroad.

Age Requirements

The student must be 17 years old on December 31st of the year he is applying for admission. There is no upper age limit for applying to MBBS programs abroad.

Academic requirements

  • The student must have received his 10+2 from a recognized board.
  • The student must have a cumulative percentage of at least 50% or higher in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as English as a compulsory subject during his 10+2 years.
  • Students must also pass the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). This is required even if the student intends to pursue medical studies abroad.
  • At the time of admission to a foreign medical university, the candidate would also be required to present an Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India.

Medical Requirements

At the time of admission, the candidate must provide a medical certificate stating that he or she is not infected with any contagious diseases.

Best Countries for MBBS

Some of the best countries you can consider for studying MBBS Abroad are


Keeping the most recent advancements in technology and medicine in mind, the United States is well-suited for pursuing MBBS from abroad. In the United States, the MBBS degree is known as the Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. An applicant who wishes to pursue a medical degree in the United States must take the MCAT exam. A four-year bachelor’s degree in Science is also required for MD in the United States. Despite this, the destination is one of the most popular due to the ever-popular American dream.


The UK is home to some of the most recognized and respected universities for international students pursuing an MBBS, and doing an MBBS in the UK is all about the advantage of this tremendous reputation. When you study in the United Kingdom, you gain access to a platform that has trained the best in almost every industry. Every year, thousands of international students study medicine in the United Kingdom. The study will last between four and six years. Students must complete a two-year foundation training program after completing two years of undergraduate study.


MBBS in Canada provides you with a higher level of education and a higher standard of living. Canada offers you the opportunity to pursue medical education at prestigious colleges with highly qualified faculty and cutting-edge technology. In Canada, MBBS is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine, considered an undergraduate degree). International students who want to study medicine in Canada must take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). In Canada, the medical course is a 3-year to 5-year program that varies depending on the university and medical background of each student. Those with a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field are eligible for the 4-year program, while those without must choose the 5-year program. An additional residency training program is also required, which can last anywhere from two to seven years.

Top Universities for MBBS Abroad

The best Universities to study abroad by QS World Rankings 2021 are

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University of Edinburgh

Here comes one of the ancient medical universities of the English world. The University of Edinburgh was formed in the year 1726. At present, the university has a College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine that allow students from across the globe to get into medicine course. The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine consists of two schools: the Royal School of Veterinary Studies and the Edinburgh Medical School. It’s surprising to note that the university has received the 3rd largest endowment and it isn’t much popular outside the UK. The university’s output of research is pretty high, which clearly indicates that the university is highly practical. Moreover, we can’t miss out on mentioning the fact that the city of Edinburgh is made for global innovators.

Students who have tried to apply here often claim that it’s hard to get admission here because the Americans dominate most of the seats. However, you will again get surprised when you see the entry requirements. Yes, they don’t ask for high scores. And if you have high scores in the previous academic results, congrats! That’s the advantage you can have over other applicants.   

King’s College London

King’s College is London’s central university with 5 campuses. The university came into existence in 1829 and today is home to 27.6K students from 150 various countries. King’s College London puts emphasis on various subjects. For medical students, King’s provides a degree in nursing, dentistry, medicine, and psychiatry. There are various options available for the accommodation of students, depending on their budgets, the duration of the course, and personal preferences. All 5 campuses of the college are linked through the heart of the capital. Moreover, the medical campus of King’s College London allows one to learn in hospitals and get in-depth practical experience. The university has renowned professors who are experts in their fields and passionate about their respective subjects. Apart from this, King’s is also a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities, making it all the more prestigious.

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University claims to be a leader in training, taking care of patients, and providing service to society. For medical students, the university has a separate school which is known as the Washington University Medical School. The university was formed in the year 1891, and since its inception, it has been noted for an awesome contribution to discovery and innovations in the field of science and medicine. Students of the Washington University Medical School get a chance to learn from high-profile researchers and clinicians. Moreover, audiology, communication sciences, physical therapy, and medical education, are a few of the highest-ranked courses in the US. News & World Report.

Cornell University

Cornell University is a private research university that lies in Ithaca, New York. The university took birth in the year 1865 by Andrew Dickson and Ezra Cornell. After that, the university opened up a college within it in 1968, which is known as Weill Cornell Medicine. The medical college of the university is committed to building future physicians, discovering innovations, and providing excellent patient care. Since the beginning, the scientists and doctors of the Weill Cornell Medicine have been indulged in finding such a world-class clinical care service where patients can be treated with the latest innovations. Weil Cornell Medicine is striving hard to make significant recognition in the fields of medicine and biomedical science. They believe in leaving a positive impact on the health of every single human being. Due to such impeccable efforts, the university is considered to have one of the strongest global health education programs in the country.

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Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine

Back then, the university was called Mayo Medical School. In November 2018, its name was changed in the honor of a donor Jay Alix who has donated $200 million to the school. It’s a research-driven medical school in Rochester. However, it has additional campuses in Florida and Arizona. The school was founded in the year 1972. The HLC has accredited Mayo Clinic Alix School for its doctor of medicine degree. You may not believe that the university alone has 400+ programs for medical students. If you’re that kind of student who is very passionate to study Medicine abroad, then this university can be a perfect match for you because apart from grades, they look out for other things. They are more likely to accept those students who can think critically, make sound judgments, communicate excellently, and show empathy and commitment toward learning.

Duke University

This medical education institution is a private research university in North Carolina. Methodists and Quakers were the first ones who have founded the institution. The university was formed in the year 1838, and its Duke University School of Medicine was founded in 1930. Duke’s School of Medicine is listed among the youngest best medical schools. The university is appraised for interdisciplinary collaboration because of its great ideas. With the focus of the university on innovative thinking, it has the power to accelerate such scientific discoveries where human health can be improved around the globe. All the faculties together made Duke one of the most influential biomedical research institutions in the nation. The reason behind such influence goes to its annual expenditure. On average, the school spends around $740 million in sponsored research annually.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is highly engaged in the fields of Science, Technology, and Medicine. The college took birth in 1907. No matter whether you study science, engineering, business, or medicine, the university offers a research-led learning space where you can learn out of your comfort zone. And you may have heard that a comfort zone is a place where growth just doesn’t happen. Imperial College School of Medicine is among one of the most prominent schools in the nation.

New York University School of Medicine

NYU School of Medicine has been listed among the most prestigious medical school in the US. It was formed in the year 1841. At that time, it was used to be known as University Medical College. Now if we estimate its acceptance rate, we must say that the NYU School of Medicine is so competitive. NYU School of Medicine consists of more than 200 laboratories for biomedical research. At the university, you won’t be judged as a student or a researcher, you will be perceived as a part of the community that is diverse as well as friendly in nature. Although the university has made many remarkable discoveries, it still hasn’t taken a break from research. The university believes that the past can’t define what it is today, so it puts in efforts to achieve its trifold mission: to discover, teach, and serve.

University of Virginia

This medical school of the University of Virginia is as old as the university. Yes, in 1819, the Virginia School of Medicine was established along with the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was the person who took the initiative to discover such a life-saving School of Medicine. UVA School of Medicine allows international students to engage in the challenging “Cells to Society” curriculum. In such a curriculum, professors teach students by combining the science of medicine and a practical approach. Out of such intensive training, students get a lifelong learning experience. The UVA School of Medicine tends to accept those students who are physically, cognitively, and emotionally healthy. They ask for such requirements because these are essential aspects of the medication education program. The genius and active scholars surround the school. So you will get a great environment to learn and clear your doubts.

St. George’s University/Northumbria University

St. George’s University is affiliated with Northumbria University. That means you can complete 50% of your course at Northumbria University, the United Kingdom, and the other 50% at St. George’s University (SGU), West Indies, Grenada. St. George’s University has been in hegemony in the field of medical education for over 40 years and has alone generated more medical graduates than all the U.S medical schools. There’s hardly any state remaining in the U.S where SGU graduates haven’t practiced medicine.

How to Apply to Study MBBS Abroad?

  • The student must first pass the National Medical Admission Test.
  • Then he must correctly complete the online application form.
  • He will receive an offer letter from the university after completing the form.
  • Then he must pay the MBBS fees in another country.
  • After paying the fees, the candidate must submit the required documents.
  • This initiates the VISA application process.
  • After obtaining the VISA, he will be able to travel to other countries and study at universities there.

Documents Required to Study MBBS Abroad

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Which country is best for MBBS study?

Top countries to study MBBS for Indian Students at low cost are

What is study MBBS abroad fee structure?

The average cost of studying MBBS abroad ranges between INR 15-60 Lacs for top colleges.

Is it better to study MBBS abroad?

It makes it more difficult for medical students to gain admission, and as a result, many choose to study MBBS abroad. It is thought to be a better option for medical students. Aside from low tuition, government and top medical universities, and global employment opportunities, students can gain admission without making a donation.

Can I study MBBS abroad without NEET?

No, you must pass the NEET to pursue MBBS Abroad.

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