Product Design Courses

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Product Design Courses

Did you grow up playing with a lego? Were you fascinated by the creative outdoor billboard designs and newspaper advertisements? Ever wondered what it takes to create such dynamic designs? Well, a career in Product Design combines your personal creativity with professional knowledge and skills. This is not just a single field but encompasses multiple disciplines within one industry. From basic aesthetic design to the complex world of industrial engineering, Product Design is an integral part of every sector. If you’re curious to explore the different angles of Product Design courses, continue reading the blog to grab all the information you need.

What is Product Design?

Product Design as a process involves designing products that will be used by the end consumers. A Product Designer is a professional who carves out the look of different types of products right from mobile devices to automobile vehicles. It involves imagining and creating objects meant for mass production. Product Design courses incorporate the physical as well as the functional aspect of the product. 

Designing a new product goes through an analytical process with a problem-solving approach to improve the consumer’s quality of life. A career in this field is spread across a range of application domains such as Media, Engineering, Industrial Design, Medicine, Jewellery, Web Design, Interior Design, etc.

Courses in Product Design

These programs aim at providing students with the fundamental knowledge of designing and creating a new product to be sold by businesses to their customers. A range of Product Design courses are available at the undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate level that focus on effectively generating and developing new ideas through a defined process. Students are taught the entire design process starting from generating ideas for commercialisation, followed by the art of combining personal creativity with science and technology to create stylish and reliable products.

Two of the major aspects of Product Design include the following:

Principles of Design

There are 7 major Principles of Design which students learn throughout their Product Design courses. These principles equip students with a range of techniques and concepts such as lines, shapes, colours, values, forms, textures, and space. A knowledge of these design principles represents how the artists use the elements of art to create and convey their intentions.

Visual Design 

Visual Design is the process of making the content engaging and approachable in order to increase its usage. It aims to create and improve the user experience through various means such as photography, illustrations, graphics, typography, etc. to increase the product’s usability and improve their aesthetic appeal. A course in Product Design provides students with an understanding of several techniques of visual design such as unity, space, hierarchy, gestalt properties, contrast, dominance, and similarity. Moreover, students learn about various products and their related materials by strategically implementing images, graphics, colours, fonts, and other elements. 

Here’s a tabular representation of some of the prominent Product Design courses along with the course duration:

Level of EducationProduct Design CoursesDuration
DiplomaDiploma in Product Design
Advanced Diploma in Product Design
1-2 years
Bachelor’s DegreeBachelor of Design (B.Des) in Product Design
BA (Hons) Product Design
B.Des Innovation – Industrial Design
B.Sc Product Design
B.Sc (Hons) Product Design and Technology
BE (Hons) Product Design
3-4 years
Master’s DegreeMaster of Design (M.Des)
MA Design Management
MA Luxury Brand Management
MA Product Design
MA in Product and Furniture Design
M.Sc in Industrial Product Design
M.Sc (Eng) Product Design and Management
M.Sc Product Design
M.Sc in Integrated Product Design
M.Sc in Advanced Product Design Engineering and
MFA Design in Product and Furniture
1-2 years

Top International Colleges and Universities

Product Design courses effectively impart students with the knowledge and skills to produce creative products. There are several renowned institutions offering such creative courses globally. Take a look at some of the prominent ones:

Scope of Career

After completing Product Design courses, graduates can look for career opportunities in various multinational businesses thriving constantly to introduce new products globally. Students with sufficient knowledge and creative design skills can easily make their way in this fast-paced sector. Moreover, graduates can also choose to start their venture, creating and crafting their own products. 

Here are some of the popular profiles in the field of Product Design:

  • Product Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Product Marketer
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Product Show Organiser
  • Product Pattern Maker
  • Product Illustrator
  • Product Finisher

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It’s time for you to design your future with Product Design courses. You can reach out to our counsellors at Leverage Edu, who can help you in finding the right institute to set you apart from the competition and experience life in a different part of the world. 

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