Career in Dancing

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Career in Dancing

Performing Arts is a source of inner feelings and emotions, express ideas, bring social issues to the public eye. So, if you get an adrenaline buzz from being on stage, performing and dancing, then a degree in Performing Arts can be the perfect way to develop your skills and build your confidence. With the growing demand of all-rounders, the world recognises highly valued performers who are skilful in singing, acting and dancing. But nothing comes easy! In order to produce a piece of art of any form, you need extensive practice, hard work and guidance. To help you prepare in varied in style and tone, we have come up with some of the specialised courses that will fit your interest and help you build a rewarding career in Dancing.

Is Dance a Good Career Option?

Imbued with aesthetics and symbolism, dance is an art form that involves movements and steps to express and demonstrate a culture and art form. It is considered as an expression of pleasure and joy when performed in a social setting. While dance can also be seen as a theatrical form of art where there is an elaborate choreography followed by planning on multiple levels such as costume design, stage design, the scenery, and many others to create a production. Therefore, to make a career in dancing, you can learn a particular form and master in it. You can definitely opt for Indian dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Bihu, Kathakali, Kalbeliya, Ghoomar, Garba, Bhangra, etc. or if you are intrigued by the international culture, then you go for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Highland Dancing, Line Dancing and Irish Dancing. Apart from following particular dance forms, formal education can readily add to your expanding skill set and broaden your career choices.

Courses for Career in Dancing

Although post-school education is not necessarily a requirement to build a career in Dancing, degree courses can allow students to explore different dance genres or concentrate on a specific discipline. Moreover, students get an opportunity to gather practical experience along with learning about contemporary dance trends, choreography, movement analysis, rhythm and dynamic, ballet, jazz, dance history and composition. For those planning to go for a graduate degree can choose to pursue MFA programs in dance. The program allows them to study advanced dance theory and performing arts in their chosen dance style under the mentorship of a highly skilled faculty.  So, if you’re interested in learning such courses, we have listed various degree courses in dancing at different academic levels:

Education LevelCourses in Dancing
DiplomaDiploma in Dance Performing Arts
Diploma in Dance Education
Diploma in Dance
Certificate Course in Dance Performance
Diploma in Fine Arts
Bachelor’s LevelBachelor of Fine Arts in Dance 
Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Performance Studies 
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance 
Bachelor of Arts in Dance
Bachelor of Science in Dance 
Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Movement Studies
Master’s LevelMaster of Fine Arts in Choreographic Inquiry 
Master of Fine Arts in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis 
Master of Fine Arts in Dance 
Master of Arts in Dance Education: Teaching Dance in the Professions and ABT Ballet Pedagogy Master of Arts in Teaching Dance in Professions 
Master of Fine Arts in Dance
MA in Teaching Dance, All Grades, Initial Certification
Master of Arts in Teaching Dance, Grades K-12, Initial Certification
Master of Arts in Teaching Dance, Grades K-12, Professional Certification
Master of Fine Arts (Dance) (Research)
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Certification, Pre K-12 Dance Education
Masters of Education (Ed.M.) in Dance Education

Top Dance Schools in the World

Dance is a field where your finesse has the most crucial role to play in terms of how your career flows, but getting the best mentorship in the world would expose you to the challenges that you may face and prepare you for them. Besides this, these programs prepare dancers for different types of performance settings and job roles. There are various institutes across the world designed to guide students who are interested in the field of dance for motion pictures, digital media, television, stage and animation. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent dance schools offering excellent courses in Visual Arts and Performing Arts:

Top Schools for Career in Dance in India

Apart from these, here are the top Indian dance schools which you can explore if you are planning to learn dancing in India:

  • Sangeet Natak Akademi
  • Benaras Hindu University
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore
  • Nalanda Dance Research Centre
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore
  • Bharathiar Palkalaikoodam, Puducherry
  • Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Delhi

Dance Careers and Salaries

Career in Dancing opens up the opportunity to perform in a live setup or work in domains like choreography or teaching. Sometimes, you can find a profession in Performing Arts and theatre or simply choose to become a Youtuber or a social media influencer. Here are some ideas to consider:

Job ProfileDescriptionSalaries
Dance TeacherTeaching at a studio or public school system witha Master’s degree or any other qualification is oneof the most popular career choices.It is interesting to know that, the field of dancingwould not exist without dancer teachers. Rs. 6,50,000
ChoreographerYou can either choose to start your own dance companyor simply work at a local theatre groups for plays or musicalsor as choreographers for commercial work.Rs. 4,00,000
Work in ArtsAdministrationIf you desire a less physically active career in Dancing,you can shift to a desk job; schedule meetings showsor rehearsals and organize fundraisers and budgetary finances.Rs. 7,00,000
Yoga or PilatesInstructorWith kinaesthetic knowledge, Pilates mat and apparatus training,offer wonderful careers and additional income to full-timedancers. This is best for those who wish to transition into a fieldthat is gentler on their body while keeping them physically activeat the same time.Rs. 5,00,000
Marketing for DancersProfessionals can become a graphic designer or closelywork in arts administration for a company. You will be activelyengaged in crafting web pages, promotional materials, flyersor promoting an event through social media. Rs. 10,45,000
Dance Photographer orVideographerBeing a dancer, you can become aware of different movements,therefore photography can be easier to give you an edge topredict video framing and great photo movements.Rs. 3,40,000
Costume or ClothingDesignerApart from dancing, you can create costumes and dancewearthat are designed to be moved in with the body. Moreover,the internet has paved the way for a booming self-employmentmarket like Paypal, Etsy, Shopify, etc.Rs. 5,00,000
Physical Therapist orDance MedicineSpecialistAn academic degree program along with extensive trainingand a wide range of kinesiology and anatomy knowledge,graduates can choose to work as physical therapists.Rs. 4,00,000

Career in Dancing after 12th

Credits: Create your identity

There are numerous forms of Dance in India and abroad. Check out the popular forms of Dance globally:

Career in Dancing Ballet

Ballet is one of the beautiful forms of dance. Popular all around the corners of the world. Ballet is a form that tells a story through dance. It originated the Italian renaissance in the fifteenth century. It was initially popular in Russia and France.

Credits: TwinTalk Ballet

Career in Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is one of the elegant forms of dancing. Ballroom dancing is one of the oldest forms and still practiced today at social events and competitions. Ballroom dancing is a couple dance and will require two people to dance together.

Credits: Warner the great

Career in Kathak Dance

When it comes to dancing, India is home to some of the unique dance forms. In every state you can find a different folk dances. Like in Punjab, Bhangra is famous and Kathak from the god’s own state Kerala. It is an inspirational form of Dance inspired from  Ramayana and stories from Shaiva traditions.

Credits: Learn Kathak from Guru Pali Chandra


Is dance a good career option?

Dancing as a career has numerous lucrative opportunities on offer! You can become a professional dancer or pursue the career path of a choreographer or dance teacher. There are numerous promising opportunities available for those passionate about dancing and performing arts and can explore incredible careers in the entertainment industry and education sector.

How do you become a professional dancer?

Professional dancers commonly opt for training programs at dance schools and master their chosen dance form through diploma as well as degree courses. A host of programs are available in dancing at diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level which you can choose as per your interests and preferences.

What are the career options in Dancing?

There are several career options in Dancing such as Professional Dancer, Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Dance Therapist, Dance Photographer, etc.

Dancing brings wonderful qualities to open new doors, build new bridges and have a happy life no matter what you do. If you enjoy the movement of your legs and sole and want to make a lucrative career in Dancing, you need to start now. Book your 30 minutes free career counselling with Leverage Edu experts, and get help in choosing the right place that provides you with the most suited platform to improve your training and grow as a professional.

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