Film Studies

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Film Studies

Planning to build a career in Film Studies is a great deal for those who wish to create a positive mark in Filmmaking. It is one of the most luxurious and exciting professions for passionate film lovers. There is a great variety when it comes to choosing your field of specialization ranging from jobs behind the camera to those in front of it. Getting into the mainstream filmmaking industry can be tricky but certainly not impossible. Professionals can also choose to work as independent filmmakers.

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Career in Filmmaking

Globally Recognized Institutes for Film Studies

When choosing to pursue a professional and competitive field like Filmmaking, it is crucial for you to look for the best institute to study. A good film school not only trains you professionally but also allows you to build healthy contacts in the industry. Top universities and film academies around the world have a record of producing excellent filmmakers. Some of the premier institutes offering courses in Film Studies include:

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American Film Institute (AFI)

This prestigious film school situated at the foot of the Hollywood Hills has a history of producing more films in graduate-level than any other film school in the world. 80% of the graduates from the American Film Institute work as professionals in the filmmaking industry. This film school has a dynamic curriculum allowing students to interact with working film specialists and attend workshops mentored by world-renowned filmmakers. The institute offers advanced degrees in Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, etc. Some of the popular alumni include legendary film professionals like David Lynch, Janusz Kamiński, Patty Jenkins and much more.

University of Southern California (USC)

The USC School of Cinematic Arts offers world-class media facilities such as the IMAX theatre and research lab which makes it one of the leading international film schools offering courses in Film Studies. Known to be the oldest university in the US which is dedicated to courses like BA, BFA and MFA in filmmaking, USC should be on your list of film schools worth the application fee. The alumni from this film school include Will Ferrell, George Lucas, O. J.Simpson and many others.

Vancouver Film School (VFS)

VFS is a leading film school in Canada offering 13 courses in Film Studies. With a number of successful films to its credit, VFS has been a part of many popular Hollywood films with a number of awards and nominations to their account. Neill Blomkamp, Emily Bett Rickards and Kevin Smith are some of the notable alumni from the VFS.

London Film School (LSU)

Located in the heart of London, the London Film School was established 60 years ago making it one of the top film schools in the world. Offering specialized master’s degree courses in  Filmmaking, Screenwriting and International Film Business, LSU is renowned for producing film professionals who have worked in top studios like HBO and those who were a part of great shows like ‘Game of Thrones’.

Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)

Established in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, in 1946, the film school has 5 Oscars to its credit. This film academy offers a 1-year intensive course in Filmmaking and a 2-year master’s degree in Film Studies. FAMU has produced filmmakers like Milos Forman, Ivan Passer and Agnieszka Holland

Beijing Film Academy (BFA)

Asia’s largest film school, the Beijing Film Academy is one of the most reputed film schools around the world for Film Studies. In 2012, China witnessed a box office of $ 2.7 billion, making it the world’s second-largest film market after the US. BFA has world-class equipment for shooting and processing films.

Major Job Profiles in Filmmaking

Film Studies is a vast field of study to grow as a professional in Filmmaking. Below is a list of a wide range of job profiles for enthusiastic individuals who wish to enter the film industry.


The role of a Director in Filmmaking is highly respected as the individual has the vision to know the potential of a story and has the skills to turn that into a masterpiece. A degree in Film Studies is advised for those who aspire to become directors in the film industry.

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Among the highest-paid crew members, Cinematographer enjoys the position of being the most important person after the Director of the film. Cinematographer works in close coordination with a group of camera persons and other technical staff to bring a screenplay to life.

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What we see on the screen is actually the product of someone’s imagination. A Screenwriter is a person who writes compelling stories that are embraced by producers to be turned into films. As such, screenwriters require no formal education as long as they have expertise in their domain, but a degree in Screenwriting broadens their horizons in writing screenplays.

Art Designer

The historic sets, dramatic battle scenes and gothic makeup that we see in movies are the creative products of an Art Designer. The aesthetical design of a film is wholly curated under Art Direction which encompasses various areas such as set design, lighting, props, amongst others.

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If you’re someone who is seeking a highly creative and dynamic job, then a career in Film Studies would be best suited for you. You can reach out to our counsellors at Leverage Edu, who can guide you through the application process of getting shortlisted into your desired film school.

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