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Multimedia and Animation

“Nothing’s occurring in Animation, you manufacture everything” – Gore Verbinski. Do you remember the cute little Nemo who got lost in the human world above the sea and came back to his father? Are you a fan of the secret world of Andy’s favourite toys or the sweet love story of Shrek and Princess Fiona? All of these colourful stories are brainchildren of Multimedia and Animation. With the film industry embracing the new technological advancements, the world of multimedia and animation has benefited massively from the innovative editing and design software applications. Now, every film incorporates a little bit of multimedia effects here and there and big production houses like Disney and Pixar are on a rollercoaster of recreating every classic childhood tale, be it Frozen or The Jungle Book. If you love telling stories through visuals and want to transform your passion into a career path, here is an insightful blog that will explore the shining aspects of the field of Multimedia and Animation as well as the diverse programs offered in this lucrative domain.


Animation is the art of presenting still photographs with the help of various computer-based techniques in a manner which gives the viewer an impression of watching a real film. Multimedia is a combined version of text, animation, sound, video, and graphics. From the Godzilla spewing fire on the New York streets, Spiderman hiking on tall building to aliens roaming on earth and Hanuman fighting with demons, every animated film combines the magic of still designs into thrilling stories. Hollywood’s Jurassic Park and Bollywood’s Krish are two major examples of the success of these visual art forms. Multimedia and Animation are not confined to cinema anymore but has become an integral part of the advertising, media, TV, games, education, etc.

Regarded amongst the most sought after career options, this highly creative field is filled with an array of perks from higher salaries to giving you the golden chance of becoming famous. Since special effects have become an integral part of the world cinema, the scope of Multimedia and Animation has increased multifold thus providing budding animation artists with plentiful opportunities to explore worldwide in the Media & Entertainment industry.

Why Pursue Multimedia and Animation?

Multimedia and Animation is spanning across a varied range of other fields including Gaming, Advertising, E-learning, Graphic Designing and much more. It is not just limited to animated films or cartoons but now it has spanned across different kinds of media platforms. As the world is brought to our fingertips with a smartphone, more people express themselves through emojis and GIFs than just using plain text. Every website needs to incorporate cool animation effects to lure its target audience as visuals are becoming an attentive mechanism that can help anyone attract more views and to get easily noticed.

Studying a course in Multimedia and Animation, you will get to know about the different animation tools and software applications that are utilised to create striking moving visuals. From carrying out the pre-production part of an animated film to finalising its edited version, students are provided with the different techniques of telling a story merely through compelling graphics.

Major Courses in Multimedia & Animation

There are various degree and diploma programs that help students explore the process of animation and filmmaking with extensive practical sessions. The courses aim to equip students with the essentials of graphic design that are relevant for print, film, packaging, education and advertising industry. 

Below we have created a comprehensive table listing down the wide range of courses available in Multimedia & Animation:

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Education LevelList of Courses in Multimedia & Animation
Bachelor’s DegreesBSc Animation
BSc Multimedia
BFA Animation and VFX
BA Multimedia
BSc Animation and Visual Graphics
BSc in Game Designing
Master’s DegreesMA in Animation 
MSc in Animation and Multimedia
Master Diploma in Animation
MSc in Visual Communication
Master in Game Design and Development
MSc in Multimedia
DiplomasDiploma in Multimedia and Animation
Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Diploma in Animation and VFX
Diploma in Web Designing
Diploma in Film Editing
Diploma in Graphic Design and Creative Writing
Diploma in Animation and Filmmaking
CertificatesCertificate Course in Multimedia and Animation
Certificate Course in Visual Design
Certificate Course in VFX
Certificate Course in 3D Animation
Certificate Course in CG Arts
Certificate Course in Editing, Mixing and Post Production

Top Institutes Offering Multimedia and Animation

There are several prestigious universities, colleges and institutes across the world offering industry-oriented programs for those seeking a career in Multimedia and Animation. Here are some of the major academic institutions that are renowned for their prospective courses in this field:

  • Sheridan College
  • California Institute of Arts
  • Gobelins 
  • Vancouver Institute of Media Arts
  • The Maryland Institute College and Art
  • Centennial College

Following your passion can boost your career and eventually help you grow as an individual. We hope that this blog has helped you understand the various aspects of building a thriving career in Multimedia and Animation. If you’re planning to pursue this artistic field, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we will assist you in choosing an ideal course and institute that will equip with the right knowledge and exposure for paving your path in the domain of Multimedia and Animation. 

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  1. I”ve read your blog that is very useful & informative too. This Animation and Multimedia regarding the post is very much helpful for others to understand animation and multimedia. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sreeparna,
      We are glad that you liked our blog and can kick-start your career in Multimedia and Animation.

  1. I”ve read your blog that is very useful & informative too. This Animation and Multimedia regarding the post is very much helpful for others to understand animation and multimedia. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sreeparna,
      We are glad that you liked our blog and can kick-start your career in Multimedia and Animation.