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With the horizons of medical science expanding across various avenues, the career prospects of pursuing a course in this field have also increased. Individuals who are intrigued by the functioning of the human body and are passionate about helping others often work as doctors, researchers, or professors. However, with a plethora of options available, the aspirants often get confused between the medical courses after 12th. Although BSc Nursing, BSc Anesthesia, and other such related courses are pursued by Science stream students, MBBS still remains the most sought-after career path. Further, in order to enhance knowledge and skills, students also enroll in postgraduation courses like Doctor of Medicine [MD]. Though both programs are included in the list of popular medical courses do you know the basic differences between the two? Or what prospects do they offer? So, If you want to understand the comparison between MD vs MBBS degrees, then here’s a blog that will shed light on the salient features of both the programs

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What does an MBBS Degree Entail?

Being two different degrees amalgamated into one, MBBS is one of the popular courses after BiPC which every medical aspirant dream to pursue. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS is an undergraduate professional degree wherein the students acquire knowledge in an array of topics like Anatomy, Genetics, Microbiology, Pharmacology, etc. The course typically runs for a period of 4 to 5 years which includes a certain period of compulsory internship that provides the students with a platform to gain industrial exposure. Further, the internship also equips the learners with the career skills required to become a medical practitioner. 

What is an MD?

When we talk about MD vs MBBS, it is equally important to understand the latter. DM or Doctor of Medicine, is one of the popular post-graduate professional medical science courses which generally runs for a duration of 3 to 4 years. The variation in the course term depends on the curriculum and medical colleges. The students who successfully completed their MBBS and want to enhance their knowledge in a particular specialization field are eligible to apply for the MD program. There are some countries that even equate the value of an MD with that of a doctorate in medicine and surgery like PhD.

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Difference Between MD vs MBBS

MD vs MBBS: Eligibility Criteria

There is a lot of difference in the eligibility criteria when we discuss MD vs MBBS. Tabulated below are the prerequisites to pursue these courses: 

To pursue an MBBS, the students are required to pass their higher secondary level of studies (12th) or equivalent from any recognized educational board with BiPC subjects.The minimum parameter for eligibility for any MD aspirant is an MBBS or BAMS degree (including a year of internship) with a minimum aggregate score as mentioned by the college.

The candidates who are aspiring to pursue either MD or MBBS will have to qualify the NEET entrance exam or any such prescribed medical entrance exams

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MD vs MBBS Admissions in India

Over 500 medical institutions in India offer admissions into MBBS with the essential requirement of students qualifying for the NEET exam with the specified scores by the college or university. When it comes to MD vs MBBS, both these degrees are recognized by the Medical Council of India and are conferred by institutions that are affiliated with the same. In India, MBBS encompasses a duration of 5.5 years and the candidate is also required to complete at least a one-year internship or training while MD is a 3-year degree that is only offered after MBBS. Some of the prominent specializations for MD degrees include,

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MD vs MBBS: Career Scope

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The students often find themselves in a fix when it comes to the career scope after pursuing either the 2 or a combination of both programs. Settling the confusion between MD vs MBBS in terms of career prospects, we have provided a  summary below: 

  • The MBBS graduates can find employment opportunities in various private and public medical institutions as General physicians or General surgeons. An individual can also start their own private practice once they get a license from the medical council of the state or country. Pursuing higher education like an MD is a popular option after completing MBBS.
  • Doctor of Medicine is a route to specialize in a particular field of medicine like Oncology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Clinical Haematology, etc. So, when we talk about job prospects in MD vs MBBS, the Doctor of Medicine wins the race! Upon completing the post-graduation program, you can work in nursing homes, clinics, government and private medical institutions, research centers, consultancy, etc. 


Which one is better MBBS or MD?

There is a stark difference between MD vs MBBS. An MD degree mainly is a higher postgraduate degree offered with a particular specialization in Medicine and Surgery. On the other hand, MBBS is an undergraduate degree encompasses general training in the field of medicine and surgery, and only after completing MBBS, that you can pursue an MD. Further, an MBBS, i.e. Bachelor of Medicine, or Bachelor of Surgery mainly is a degree to become a general physician or general surgeon while an MD is for those wanting to gain specialty training and become a specialist doctor in a particular field of medicine.

Is the MBBS equivalent to an MD?

No, an MBBS is an undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery while an MD is a postgraduate level degree that is obtained by those wanting to gain specialty training in a specific field of Medicine and Surgery.

Is an MBBS a doctor?

After completing an MBBS degree, you are qualified and eligible to practice as a general physician or surgeon as it is more of a general degree in Medicine.

What does MBBS mean for a doctor?

MBBS is the abbreviated form of Latin Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae which can be translated as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree in the field of Medicine and Surgery and is awarded upon graduation from medical school or institution.

Hopefully, you are now familiar with the basic differences between MD and MBBS. If you are planning to study medical courses abroad but are confused about the university then don’t worry! Take the assistance of our study abroad experts who will gauge your profile and recommend the most suitable universities for you!

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