Top Pathology Courses

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Pathology Courses

The fast-paced growth of the healthcare sector and technological advancements in it has led to the developments that were impossible to imagine a decade or two ago. Inventions like that of regenerative medicine and laser-guided surgical procedures have reshaped the industry making high standard healthcare available for the masses. Pathology is one such branch of medical sciences that is widely pursued. If you are planning to build a career in it, then the field has brighter career prospects. Pursuing Pathology courses from the top medical schools is set to give your career a jumpstart and land you in a fascinating job opportunity. 

What is Pathology?

A branch of Medical Science that deals with studying the effects and causes of disease or injury, Pathology incorporates a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices. The professionals in the field use their expertise to support the improvement of healthcare. From guiding medical professionals in the treatment of diseases to using advanced technologies to supplement the procedure, pathologists perform a set of roles. The role of a pathologist is central to devising new treatments to fight viruses, infections and diseases. It is because of the tireless efforts of pathologists that we have a cure for diseases that were lethal. A number of universities and medical schools are offering Pathology courses to train students for the highly demanding field with varied areas of concentration. The specializations include:

  • Surgical Pathology
  • Autopsy
  • Cytopathology
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Surgical Pathology
  • Dermatopathology
  • Paediatric Pathology
  • Veterinary Pathology

BSc Pathology

BSc Pathology is a 3-year course that deals with the study of fungi, bacteria, viruses and other microbes that cause diseases in living organisms. It focuses on how the hosts, pathogens and other organisms interact to cause diseases in living organisms and how to control such diseases. Some of the top universities include Ulster University, Long Island University Brooklyn, Victoria University of Wellington, Lousiana State University. 

What Do Pathologists Do?

Pathologists are the healthcare professionals who through autopsies or by taking cell and tissue samples find the root cause of disease and help in devising a treatment for it. A Pathologist performs varied roles which include: 

  • Taking blood and smear tests and examining them.
  • Reading test results and suggesting treatments for further medical assessments. 
  • Overseeing the blood transfusion process and ensuring it is done using standard procedures.
  • Helping in developing vaccines against inherited conditions and contagious diseases. 
  • Organizing laboratory work and supervising the laboratory staff. 
  • Collaborating with other health professionals for the better treatment of patients. 

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue Pathology Courses

The eligibility criteria to pursue the courses vary for different universities but the standard eligibility criteria are similar which requires you to have a valid GRE score. Some of the medical schools have their own entrance tests, thus it is advisable to go through the university website to check for the requirements for the course. You are also needed to take up English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE

Best Pathology Courses  

Universities abroad have started to offer intensive Pathology courses to train students in this challenging field to meet the global need for professionals in the field. The courses at the universities abroad are taught with an international overview allowing students to cater to job opportunities worldwide. The curriculum for the courses in schools abroad is designed to equip students with subjective knowledge and practical hands-on experience to prepare them for various job roles. Supplemented by cutting-edge technology and advanced research-based coursework, the courses offer a great learning experience and skill set needed to work in the industry.

Pathology Courses Around the World

University Location Course  Duration
University of New South Wales – UNSW Australia Bachelor of Science Major in Pathology 3 Years
University of Missouri USA MS in Pathology and Anatomical Sciences 1-2 Years
University of Kent  UK MSc in Infectious Diseases  1 Year
University of Malaya Malaysia Master of Pathology 4 Years
Manchester Metropolitan University  UK MSc in Cellular Pathology  1 Year
Dalhousie University  Canada Master of Science in Pathology 2 Years
Queen’s University  Canada Master of Science (MSc) Pathology 2 Years
Western University (Ontario) Canada Master of Science Pathology 2 Years

Top 10 Universities in India for Pathologist Courses

If you don’t want to study abroad, here are some of the universities you can consider located in India:

  1. St Johns Medical College, Bangalore
  2. AFMC Pune – Armed Forces Medical College
  3. HIMSR New Delhi – Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
  4. Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore
  5. SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Chennai
  6. BJ Government Medical College, Pune
  7. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
  8. Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, Saifai
  9. Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Bangalore
  10. Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar

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