Bachelor of Science in Human Behaviour

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The lives of those with behavioural and mental health illnesses have been significantly improved by the study of human behaviour. Additionally, it has aided developments in fields including public health, organisational behaviour management, and early childhood education. To better comprehend the decision-making process, professionals who are interested in studying human behaviour are driven to understand why people make decisions. Read on to know more about pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Behaviour.


What is Human behaviour Study?

The study of human behaviour spans a wide range of fields in social and natural research. The American Psychological Association defines behavioural science broadly as any field that uses experiments and observation to explore human and animal activities and reactions in a scientific manner.

The behavioural science field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) focuses on the fundamentals of behaviour, learning, motivation, and strategies for behaviour change. Schools, private practices, and community mental health facilities are just a few of the places where applied behaviour analysts can work. Their work entails developing and putting into action behaviour modification programmes employing observation and data analysis. Other specialities of applied behaviour analyzers include psychology, sociology, counselling,, and special education.

Why Study Human behaviour?

Human behaviour research has a positive impact on both people and society as a whole. According to the behaviour Analyst Certification Board, behaviour analysis, which is focused on the study of human behaviour, has contributed to advancements in a number of societal sectors, including

  • Autism spectrum disorder treatment
  • Creating instructional strategies based on observations of student-teacher interactions
  • Creating interventions for those with a drug or alcohol use disorder
  • Strengthening workplaces to boost worker performance
  • Creating initiatives to address brain damage

Methods behaviour Analysts Use to Research Human behaviour

Examining the various subfields of the study of human behaviour is one method to see how applied behaviour analysts approach the subject. According to the New Mexico Association for behaviour Analysis.

Some behaviour analysts pursue their studies in the conceptual branch of their discipline, which comprises researching the theory behind behaviour analysis. Other behaviour analysts concentrate on the experimental area of the discipline, where they carry out investigations into the factors that affect behaviour.

Still, some behaviour analysts concentrate on the applied branch of the discipline, emphasising the application of behavioural concepts to encourage behaviour change in a person and enhance that person’s quality of life.

BSc Human Behaviour Eligibility

Candidates require the following in order to be eligible for BSc Human Behaviour:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • A score of English Proficiency Tests
  • A score of SAT/ACT
  • Student Visa

English Language Requirements

Candidates must score at least the below-mentioned test as required scores:

Test NameTest Score

Application Process

Check out the application process below in order to apply for BSc Human behaviour abroad:

  • Look out for universities globally and check their eligibility criteria.
  • Check out the requirements on the official website and carry all the required documents.
  • Fill out the application form with the required credentials.
  • Upload all your official documents.
  • Pay the application fee in order to complete your application.

Documents Required

Below are the documents that must be prepared and submitted when applying for studying abroad. 

Top Universities for BSc Human Behaviour

Some of the popular universities offering BSc Human Behaviour have been mentioned below:

University NameCourse NameCourse Duration
East Central University OnlineBachelor of Science in Psychology – behavioural Health2 – 4  years
Arden UniversityBSc (Honours) Psychology3 – 6 years
Morris Brown CollegeB.S. Psychology0 – 4 years
Saint Joseph’s UniversityBSc in Autism Behavioural Studies0 – 4 years
Mercy CollegeBachelor in Behavioural Science0 – 4 years
State University of New York at CantonBachelor of Science – Applied Psychology0 – 4 years

Cost of Studying BSc Human Behaviour

The average cost of studying BSc Human Behaviour abroad ranges from USD 19,000 to USD 50,000 (INR 15,00,000 to INR 40,00,000). To make it easy for you, we have mentioned the average fees for different universities abroad:

University NameAverage Fees per annum
East Central University Online
Arden UniversityEuro 20,805INR 18,43,593 Lakh
Morris Brown College$ 15,480INR 12,66,644 Lakh
Saint Joseph’s University$ 23,175INR 18,96,283 Lakh
Mercy College$ 21,358INR 17,47,608 Lakh
State University of New York at Canton$ 50,920INR 41,66,506 Lakh

BSc Human behaviour Career Scope, Jobs and Salary

Jobs for drug addiction, behavioural problems, and mental health counsellors are expected to expand by 25% by 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is a great time to be a professional that focuses on the study of human behaviour since there are signs that the job market may expand further in the upcoming years.

Areas of Recruitment

Students who successfully complete this programme will be well prepared to work in any environment that requires an:

  • Understanding of the social influences on behaviour
  • The fundamental neuroscience underpinning behaviour
  • The stages of language development, and the early developmental stages and their influence on human behaviour. 

Job Profiles

Some of the Job profiles where you can start working after pursuing a BSc in Human behaviour are

  • Psychologist
  • Childcare professional
  • Research Scholar
  • Mental Hospitals
  • Universities

Average Salary

You can choose the BSc Human behaviour program for lucrative benefits and rewarding salaries. The average salary range is $ 48,726 (INR 39,84,787 Lakh) per annum. It is possible to find a rewarding job in a fascinating field by studying human behaviour. 

“In the end, students will research with practical experience and offer coursework in behaviour assessment, treatment evaluation, ethical practices, and other relevant topics to prepare graduates for success in a number of potential professional domains”.


Which psychology degree is the best?

MPhil and Doctoral degrees are considered to be the best in the field of psychology. You get RCI License after which you can independently practice this profession.

Which branch of psychology has huge scope?

Clinical Neuropsychology is in high demand and has huge scope.

Does psychology has good scope?

Psychology has a vast scope and its demand is increasing day by day.

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