Veterinary Courses

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Veterinary Courses

Exploring degree courses after 12th Science? Are you someone who is fascinated by animals but wants to pursue a career in the medical field? Then pursuing a Veterinary course can be the most suitable option! Veterinary Science is a branch of medicine that deals with the health and wellness of animals and birds. Hence, we can say that Veterinarians are animal doctors who work on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. In this blog, we have listed the most opted Veterinary courses at UG, PG, and Doctorate levels!

Skills Required for Veterinary Courses 

  • The foremost skills ot have as a Veterinary doctor is the ability to diagnose skills without the aid of the patient being able to speak to you
  • You must be familiar with the required laboratory research skills
  • Clinical skills act as an add on 
  • Understanding of scientific literature
  • Solid grounding in biological sciences
  • Team-working skills 
  • Learning to work with the advanced technology used in modern practices and research facilities
  • Soft Skills

List of Veterinary Courses 

  • Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology
  • Graduate Certificate of Tropical Veterinary Scienc
  • Diploma in Veterinary Technician
  • Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife
  • BSc Veterinary Biosciences 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science- Pre Selection 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science Honours
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science
  • Veterinary Science: Accelerated Graduate Entry BVSc
  • Gateway to Veterinary Science BVSc
  • MSc Global Wildlife Health and Conservation
  • Master of Tropical Veterinary Science
  • Master of Tropical Veterinary Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Veterinary Science)

Veterinary Courses: Undergraduate Level

When it comes to the Veterinary courses at the undergraduate level, the duration can vary anywhere between 1-6 years, depending upon the university you aim to study at. Given below are some of the most popular bachelor level courses that are offered by Veterinary colleges worldwide.  

Bachelors of Veterinary Science

Running for a period of 5 years and one of the most opted Veterinary courses, a student who graduates with this bachelor’s degree will acquire an intense knowledge of academic as well as professional skills in fields like Animal Production, Equine Clinic, Veterinary Biotechnology, and Biodiversity & Environment. During this program, students will be given training in hospitals from the very first year and extensive training with the best veterinary professionals to care for animal patients.  

Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine

Owing to a great emphasis given to food hygiene, this bachelor’s degree deals with the ethical, aesthetical, environmental, and economical protection and needs of the animals and the pet owners. The students graduating in this Veterinary Medicine program solve issues in relation to the maintenance of animal health and the quality of food products. They will gain extensive knowledge about the functionality of healthy animals, reproduction, hygiene, behaviour and so on.   

Bachelors of Sciences in Biovetinary Science

When it comes to the Veterinary courses, this is one of the most sought after programs. It gives students an opportunity to learn about the science behind animal health and diseases. This includes a combination of animal science, severe laboratory experiments, and analysis. Graduates will have an intense understanding of animal health processes including the history of infections and immunity, parasites and pathogens, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

 Veterinary Nursing

Those who look forward to qualifying as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, this course provides a perfect opportunity for them. A bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Nursing would equip students with intensive knowledge including Animal Welfare, Breeding and Nutrition, Diagnostics, Applied Anaesthesia, Surgical Nursing, Applied Pharmacy, Wildlife Conservation, Emergency Critical and Intensive Care Nursing, Research Methods.  

Veterinary Courses: Postgraduation Level

To become a master in this field, one can level up their skills by pursuing a master’s degree program. Depending upon the university you plan to join and the kind of specialization you aim to seek, Veterinary courses at the masters level can last for one to three years. Enlisted are some of the popular programs for you to consider.

Masters in Research in Veterinary Studies and Food Sciences and Technology

The course gives out a comprehensive knowledge about numerous fields of study which ensure the health and welfare of animals and the quality of their food. Students are trained to apply various techniques and methods of research in the areas of Animal Medicine, Reproduction, and Health. It is one of the most popular, interdisciplinary Veterinary courses.

Masters in Veterinary Sciences (Research)

Relevant to the student’s chosen specialty, this program offers an excellent opportunity to undertake projects of research in a department or laboratory. Students are lectured upon various subjects such as Stem Cell Biology, Clinical Trials, Ethics, Statistic Training, Molecular Medicine, Basic Tissue Culture, and Cell Biology to name a few. Following the initial months of the course, students move towards their own chosen field of specialization.   

Masters of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine

Masters of Veterinary Science is another addition to our list of popular Veterinary courses. The students under this masters-level program are trained to treat ill or injured animals, including the wild ones. Subjects taught in the course duration are related to biodiversity and interrelationships existing in the ecosystem. Upon graduating, students will be specialized in Environmental Monitoring, Emerging Infections & Diseases, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).    

Masters of Veterinary Science in Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology

This Veterinary course encourages students to have an intense understanding of the pathogenesis of diseases. Advance techniques of diagnosis for controlling and preventing animal diseases is an essential part of this program. Students are trained to become veterinary pathologists and thus it is a notable mention in our list of Veterinary courses.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Running for a period of 4 years, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is one of the most coveted Veterinary courses. For those who want to become registered practitioners, pursuing this course is necessary. From animal health and veterinary public health to animal management systems, you will garner a lot of knowledge through this research-oriented program.

Other Programs to Consider

Apart from the above-mentioned Veterinary courses, listed below are some other options that can shape your career well:

  • Bachelors of Science in Animal Health
  • Bachelors of Science in Bioveterinary Science (Hons)
  • Bachelors of Science in Pre-Veterinary
  • Diploma in Technology (Veterinary Technology)
  • Diploma in Veterinary Technician
  • Associate of Arts in Veterinary
  • Certificate in Veterinary Assistance
  • Certificate in Veterinary Technology

Free Veterinary Courses 

Listed below are the courses that you can pursue seeking education in this field that too for free- 

  • Dog emotion and cognition by Duke University
  • The Horse Course Basic Introduction to Care and Management by University of Florida
  • Dairy Production and Management by Pennsylvania State University
  • Animla Behavious and Welfare by University of Edinburgh 
  • EDIVET: Do You Have What it Takes to be a Veterinarian? by University of Edinburgh
  • The Truth About Cats and Dogs by University of Edinburgh
  • Approach to Hemorrhagic Shock in Small Animals (veterinary) by Udemy
  • Ozone Therapy – Most Needed Adjunct to Veterinary Medicine  by Udemy
  • Mentorship At Work For Veterinarians by Udemy

Top 10 Universities Offering Veterinary Courses

Check out these top 10 universities which offer a wide range of Veterinary courses right from bachelor’s level to masters level.

University  Country
University of London UK
University of California, Davis United States
Utrecht University Netherlands 
The University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
Cornell University United States 
University of Guelph Canada
University of Cambridge United Kingdom
University of Copenhagen Denmark
Vetsuisse Faculty Bern and Zurich  Switzerland
University of Glasgow  United Kingdom 

Veterinary Courses Career and Scope

Courtesy: Vaibhav Deshmukh NEET

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts pertaining to Veterinary courses. However, it is natural for you to be sceptical regarding your career choice. Well, worry no more as our experts at Leverage Edu are here to calm all your apprehensions. From guiding you to take admission into a best-suited university to helping you secure an awesome career, we will support you at each step. Book your free 30 minutes career counselling session with us now!

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      Canada and USA are both top choices for Veterinary Courses. You can connect to our Leverage Edu experts at 1800-572-000 who will guide you with the best universities and application process entirely.

  1. I have completed my bachelors in veterinary science & animal husbandry in 2013 & my masters in vet. Surgery & Radiology in 2015. I have 5 years of work experience. Now i want to apply for PG diploma course in canada. I want to know about the colleges over there.

    1. Hi Khushi,

      Canada and USA are both top choices for Veterinary Courses. You can connect to our Leverage Edu experts at 1800-572-000 who will guide you with the best universities and application process entirely.

  1. I have completed my bachelors in veterinary science & animal husbandry in 2013 & my masters in vet. Surgery & Radiology in 2015. I have 5 years of work experience. Now i want to apply for PG diploma course in canada. I want to know about the colleges over there.

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