Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada

Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada

Is Digital Marketing a good career in Canada? With a bustling job market for digital marketing jobs and the total revenue spent by Canada on digital advertising is speculated to cross 7 billion dollars as per Statistica in 2020. As one of the choicest destinations amongst international students, Canada is home to many top universities offering a plethora of digital marketing and advertising courses. Looking for digital marketing courses in Canada for international students? Here we bring you the complete guide on Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, top universities, fees, scope, jobs and more!

TypesMA/MSc/MBA in Digital Marketing
Duration1-2 years
UniversitiesCentennial College; University of Winnipeg
University of Saskatchewan, York University, Seneca College
Cost14,000 CAD to 62,000 CAD
[8 Lakhs INR -35.5 Lakhs INR]

Where Can You Study Digital Marketing in Canada?

A masters in Digital Marketing is a postgraduate course offered by most Canadian universities. The duration of the course can be 1 to 2 years depending upon the institution and the curriculum. The program equips students with advanced level knowledge of brand promotion and how to adopt new techniques and methods to connect with consumers apart from aiding in skill development. Capturing data with the help of various tools is one of the major tasks handled by a Digital Marketing Expert. Studying a masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, students get to learn about the varied strategies that can help them effectively build an online presence and connect with their target audience.

Here are the best Master’s Degrees in Digital Marketing in Canada:

University of GuelphMSc Marketing and Communication Studies2 Years
Ryerson UniversityMaster of Digital Media1 Year
Queen’s UniversityMSc Management – Marketing1 Year
York UniversityPG Certificate in Digital and Content
8 months
The University of British
MBA in Marketing18 Months
Centennial College
1. Postgraduate Certificate Communications –
Professional Writing
2. Postgraduate Certificate – Marketing
3. Graduate Certificate in Marketing –
Research and Analytics
4. Global Business Management
5. Corporate Account Management
1 Year – 2 years
University of WinnipegPostgraduate Certificate in Public Relations,
Marketing & Strategic Communication
13 Months
University of WinnpegDiploma in Marketing Management2 Years

A masters in Digital Marketing in Canada is available in three categories, Master of Arts, Masters of Science, and Master of Business Administration (MBA). Depending on the degree, the course varies in terms of its syllabus and curriculum. An MBA program focuses on the implementation of Digital Marketing tools in the corporate sector; an MSc in Digital Marketing deals with the working of analytical tools in Marketing, whereas an MA in Digital Marketing delves deeper into the creative aspects of content in the domain of online marketing. Further, the duration can vary between 1-2 years.

Completing your masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, you can discover a multitude of career prospects in the field of New Media. The variants of a masters in Digital Marketing in Canada are as follows:

Digital Marketing Courses in Canada for International Students

Apart from the above-mentioned courses for a masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, you can also opt for the following short-term certificate and postgraduate diploma programs available in this field:

  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing: Digital Engagement Strategy 
  • Graduate Studies in Marketing Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing: Research & Analytics
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations, Marketing and Strategic Communication
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing Management 
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Content Marketing 
  • Diploma in Marketing and Digital Media 

Explore Digital Media Marketing as a Career!

Digital Marketing Colleges in Canada

Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada is offered by several universities and colleges in the country. It is always a better choice to pursue the course from a leading educational center as they can not only provide excellent job opportunities but also give you the right industry exposure. So, if “Where can I study digital marketing in Canada?” question bothers you then, be it for 1 year masters programs in Canada or for MBA in Digital Marketing, here are some popular universities/colleges for pursuing Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada: 

Fun Time! Here are some excellent Podcasts for Marketing Students!

Eligibility Requirements

Every university has its own application process and a list of prerequisites to screen the aspirants. However, based on the general pattern followed by most of the Canadian universities, common eligibility criteria can be derived. Below we have enlisted some of the key requirements that you need to fulfill in order to deemed eligible for a masters in Digital Marketing in Canada.

  • A bachelor’s degree with an average CGPA from a recognized university. 
  • GRE or GMAT scores 
  • IELTS, TOEFL or PTE scores
  • Statement of Purpose [SOP], Letter of Recommendation [LOR], Transcripts, Updated CV/Resume, etc.

Note: It is advised to go through the university website page before applying as some may require 2-3 years of work experience when it comes to pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing in Canada

Once you have successfully concluded a masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, you can opt from a varied range of work prospects. To help you further in your research, listed below are some of the popular career paths available in the vast domain of Digital Marketing in Canada:

Digital Marketing Officer/Executive

As a Digitial Marketing Officer or Executive, your work would be to explore market trends and conduct detailed market research. You will have to formulate timely plans of action using various tools to implement all the latest trends for establishing a strong online presence of your organisation. 

Media Planner 

Media planners are hired by advertising agencies to satisfy the needs of their different clients. Drafting strategies related to news, radio, print media or mobile phone advertising fall under the job description of a media planner. 

Advertising Copywriter

If you have a creative flair for writing and are good at words, then the career path of a copywriter might be the ideal one for you. As an advertising copywriter, you would be involved in designing promotional content for various social and mass media platforms. Excellent communication skills, creativity, good knowledge of the marketing tools are some key features required to excel in the job. 

Media Buyer

Media buyers work parallel with media planners playing the role of a negotiator between clients and the advertising agency. Their aim is to minimize the costs of advertising without compromising on the quality of content. 


Is Digital Marketing a good career in Canada?

Marketing is an ever growing field in any country including Canada. There are a bunch of great opportunities for candidates graduating with a Digital Marketing course in Canada. 

Where can I study digital marketing in Canada?

There are a bunch of universities offering Masters in Digital Marketing in Canada, here is the list of best ones: 
– Digital Marketing Institute
– Juno College
– Queen’s University
– Ryerson University
– Schulich School of Business
– Toronto School of Management
– UBC Sauder School of Business
– University Canada West

How much does a digital marketer earn in Canada?

The average salary of a Digital Marketing professional in Canada is 58,500 Canadian dollars per year. In the beginning, you can expect a salary of 32,250 Canadian dollars which can grow up to 99,450 Canadian dollars with experience.

Hence, We hope that this blog provided you with the key features of a masters in Digital Marketing In Canada. If you are planning to pursue this program, take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI tool which will help you browse through various universities offering this course and will connect you with the right mentor that can guide you throughout the admission process.

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