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Digital Marketing Books

In a time where digital media is at its peak and access to online resources is available at the tip of the finger, marketing hasn’t been left behind. There are several digital marketing books available for an individual to have a stronghold on a business plan and market it online. These books provide a basis of how to initiate a plan, build an audience and develop a strong online presence by learning the know-how of digital marketing. This blog aims to bring you some of the top digital marketing books which are written by the established experts in this field and insightfully summarize their experiences and lessons learnt in the process. 

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“Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk

The title of this incredible work has been rightfully explained by the author himself by pondering upon the analogy of Jab and Right Hook reference, which is that the cartoons from the 1980s like the “Transformers, The Carebears, or GI Joe were aired for free but when the movie or new action figure or toy came out, you went and paid for that. Cartoons were the jabs that pulled you in so you would then pay for the movie or toy”. This ideology has been portrayed in the book to help readers learn the useful techniques to transform the audience into loyal customers. For an inexperienced individual, it is amongst the best digital marketing books which will help you understand how different social media platforms that can be utilised to market anything. For any person who is looking to learn the whole process, this digital marketing book breaks the concept down in a simpler manner which is suitable for an audience with different needs, considering a person running a small business to a social media influencer.

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“Marketing 4.0” by Philip Kotler

The journey from traditional marketing to digital marketing hasn’t been a smooth one. With the evolution and advancement of digital platforms, the traditional idea of how anything is marketed has not changed. With that in mind, an individual has to have the mere functionality of traditional marketing before stepping in the world of digital marketing. Another prominent one in our list of best Digital Marketing books, this one elucidates upon how the basic structure of marketing remains the same though with the change in the platforms, we see the evolution taking place but the message is the same, i.e. attract the audience, indulge them with the services and maintain a trusting relationship with the audience to convert them into your customers. Talking about the ‘new’ and ‘advanced’ marketing shift, the author explains that the online interaction is not enough to have the customer stay loyal, there has to be an offline touch which is required to show that a company is willing to go an extra mile.

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“Web Analytics 2.0” by Avinash Kaushik

Focusing more on the analytical aspect, this book talks about the assessing the collected data, using it for the benefit of the customers and the end-users to map the appropriate outcomes. Among all the digital marketing books in the stores, this particular book goes to the depth of analytical strategies that can be utilised while an individual is marketing on a digital platform. The digital marketing book deals with technical aspects of web analytics and how that technology has to be applied efficiently. The data collected has an integral role to play, with multiple platforms being used to market a product or service with the use of multiple channels. The data that is being collected is huge and holds immense possibilities, though usage of them directly is not efficiently applicable for the audience. It is followed by Web Analytics: An Hour a Day which provides a basic understanding and talks about a practical approach, whereas Web Analytics 2.0 is more strategic.

“Faster, Smarter, Louder: Master Attention in a Noisy Digital Market” by Aaron Agius, Gian Clancy

The author’s approach to the marketing world is personal, where they talk about their experience of building the company from the group-up with not only the content and their services but also by building human connections. This digital marketing book talks about the social approach to be connected with their audience. A brand will certainly put their services, by strategizing about how to market themselves to the world and once the brand is out in the market, the most essential thing would be to turn those audiences into customers and maintain a loyal relationship with them. The authors are focusing on digital marketing with the combination of planning and involving social science in that process.

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Digital Marketing in an AI World: Futureproofing Your PPC Agency” by Frederick Vallaeys

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With the upcoming involvement of AI, the information gets provided by the user himself, therefore it stands to be relevant, useful and gives the platform a chance to cater to the user’s needs. As one of the important Digital Marketing books that also involves the study of AI, this one delves deeper into how Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the years and how the social media is involved in its operations. The author focuses on how the digital space can utilise and incorporate Artificial Intelligence to provide the services to the audience without putting much of their input and hence saving time, which is what the world is curious about. The author starts at the bottom about what this technology can or cannot do. The focus of this digital marketing book is how the Artificial Intelligence technology can be adapted with the on-going process of marketing online, how the digital space is evolving and the data collected has to be used in a sophisticated manner for the audience to make their life easier.

Hence, we hope that this post has been useful to you with the best Digital Marketing books you must have to gain expertise in this popular field. If you are planning to pursue a degree in Digital Marketing, our Leverage Edu experts are here to help pick the right program and university that equip you with the necessary knowledge and exposure to make a thriving career in this field.

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