Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries

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Immigration Friendly Countries

For all Indian students who wish to study abroad, the most common thing among them is the search for immigration-friendly countries as well as the happiest countries abroad. There are various factors which make a country most favourable for Indian students to choose as their study abroad destination. A strong economy, work permits with immigration policies which are easy to conquer, quality education and good job opportunities are some of the most sought-after reasons. In this blog, we will cover the top 10 immigration-friendly countries.

Immigration Friendly Countries

There are many countries which come within the radar of immigration-friendly countries. Go through these top 10 countries which are preferred by a majority of international students. 

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • UAE
  • Norway
  • Argentina


Considered to be one of the most immigration-friendly countries globally, Canada provides international students with quality education, flexible immigration laws, simple visa requirements and part-time work permits while studying and post-study work permits. Known for its equality and unity policies, Canada is on number one rank in the world’s high quality of life countries. It is against discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, disability, etc., therefore, making it a haven for international students who wish to study in Canada. With its labour market touching the skies, Canada has many job prospects for immigrants who are eligible for jobs. Flexible immigration regulations make it easier for international students with good merit to settle in Canada if they wish to do so or extend their stay. It also gives the country better global corporate visibility. 

Eligibility to Immigrate to Canada

  • Educational background
  • Professional profile
  • Your IELTS/CELPIP score
  • French language skills, if migrating to Quebec
  • References & legal documentation
  • Canadian employment documentation

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Australia is one of the favourite destinations for Indian students to study abroad, with a host of world-renowned educational institutions offering students a variety of courses to follow. Most students prefer to study in Australia as it also offers decent job opportunities along with a high standard of living and simple immigration rules, in addition to offering world-class curriculum courses. The Skill Select Migration Program is an online scheme which has been created to help lodge an online Expression of Interest (EOI) for foreign students as well as migrants who have graduated from Australia and may want to apply for permanent residency. The factors mentioned above are what makes Australia one of the most immigration-friendly countries in the world. It uses a test based on points to invite students who qualify for the minimum conditions to be eligible for permanent residency.

Eligibility to Immigrate to Australia

  1. Minimum required qualification with skill-assessment
  2. English proficiency test result
  3. Meet the minimum points criteria
  4. Work experience-related documents
  5. Medical clearance certificate
  6. Police clearance certificate

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New Zealand

With abundant natural beauty and cultural heritage which is rich, New Zealand is also one of the immigration-friendly countries. Most international students wish to study in New Zealand and consider it a perfect study abroad destination. An education system which is a class apart, with excellent infrastructure, a low unemployment rate, a low crime rate and a stable economy draws many foreign students not only to study in New Zealand but to also see it as a possible future residence. Most Indian students studying in New Zealand pursue a post-study work visa. This helps them pave a path to a technical career in the country. It also benefits applicants because it makes them eligible for permanent residency. The country uses a point system which gauges students on their educational qualifications, employability, work experience they have and age to award them permanent residency. In addition, when applying for permanent residency, most Indian students go for a Qualified Migrant Category Resident Visa.

Eligibility to Immigrate to New Zealand

  1. Certificate of previous education with a transcription
  2. Recommendation letter
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Language certificate
  5. A CUP from a foundation program, if necessary
  6. Other on-demand documents

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Next on our list of immigration-friendly countries are Singapore. The country has a good education system and is one of the best countries to deliver world-class education in Asia. Many Indian students wishing to study abroad wish to study in Singapore because of its study rates, which are comparatively lower than those of the United States and the United Kingdom. This Asian country has one of the world’s most prosperous economies and is considered the world’s significant financial centre. These variables attract learners to explore post-study avenues and the quest for permanent residency in Singapore. Often students wish to qualify for permanent residency in Singapore, for which they must have a post-study work permit. International students also have the choice of applying for a one-year non-renewable Long-Term Visit Pass. This helps them obtain employment in the country, which is most suitable for them. Students must be careful that they might be asked to return to their country if they do not get a suitable job.

Eligibility to Immigrate to Singapore

  1. All applicants must have a valid passport.
  2. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  3. The applicant is only allowed to work within the work permits provided by the authorities.
  4. Online applications take three weeks to process, whereas manual applications take eight weeks.

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Touted as the centre of the automotive industry, Germany is one of Europe’s favourite destinations for students who want to study abroad and also one of the most immigration-friendly countries too. Many students wish to study in Germany because of its stable economics, world-class educational centres, great infrastructure and rich cultural heritage. It draws international students to Germany to fulfil their career goals and search for ways to earn permanent residency in the country. The easiest way to do this is to receive a Residency Permit/EU Blue Card from the Central Registry Office of Foreign Nationals. The Residence Permit allows students to remain in Germany for an 18-month post-study duration to work in an industry suited to their studies and qualifications. Students studying in Germany become eligible to qualify for permanent residency once they have a minimum of 2 years of work experience.

Eligibility to Immigrate to Germany

German institutions either charge little tuition or none at all. Because of this, Germany is a popular destination for immigrants seeking an education. You need to apply for a study visa in Germany if you want to move to Germany to pursue a university degree. You can stay in Germany to look for a job for a set period after receiving your education visa for Germany and earning your degree. If you can find a job during that time, you are allowed to stay in Germany.

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United Kingdom

The next country on our list of immigration-friendly countries is the United Kingdom. For all students who wish to study in the UK and have zeroed on their education destination this year or next in the UK, there is good news. The British government is working hard to accept several international students, mainly Indians, making the post-study programme more flexible than before, which has seen a decrease in student intake. The Government is proposing an attractive post-study programme that would allow students to work in the UK for two years after completing their respective courses and that will promote and encourage studying at multiple levels in the country under the immigration rules. In the late 90s or early 2000s, when a massive influx of students made it their second home, the UK was one of the hotspot destinations. It is recognised primarily for courses in management, accounting, economics, humanities and social sciences.

Eligibility to Immigrate to Germany

  1. The points-based system is followed in the UK.
  2. For skilled workers, a job offer is required.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate their ability to communicate in English (A-level or equivalent).
  4. Highly skilled professionals must be endorsed by a UK authority, but they are not required to have a job offer.
  5. Students who want to study in the UK will have to pass a points-based system and show proof of an admission letter from an educational institution, as well as English proficiency and financial means.
  6. 70 points is the minimum score required to be eligible for a visa.

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United States

The most sought-after destination for immigration is considered to be the United States of America (USA). It is understood that the USA is a multicultural nation that draws people from all over the world making it one of the most immigration-friendly countries. The culture of the USA is welcoming to immigrants. With a majority of top universities here most international students wish to study in USA. This country has a very powerful economy. As it has many of the world’s best colleges and business schools, the USA’s educational system is among the best in the world. It could take a long time to get a green card in the USA, however.

Eligibility to Immigrate to United States

  1. An online non-immigrant DS-160 application form
  2. Valid passport
  3. Receipt proving payment of $160 for a non-immigrant US visa application

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Norway is an incredibly friendly nation where individuals lead a very healthy and happy life. In its public schools, this affluent nation provides free tuition. Naturally, Norway is a beautiful country without pollution. The beautiful weather here is an added treat for all students who wish to study in Norway. Another major attraction that attracts international students here is that the immigration laws here are not very strict, and it is one of the most immigration-friendly countries in the world.

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Eligibility to Immigrate to Norway

  • One must have received admission to a Norwegian university or other institution.
  • The university or institution must have accreditation from the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT).
  • A full-time programme is required for enrollment.
  • The ability to afford tuition and living costs is a requirement for students. They need at least NOK 123,519 (about USD 13,600) for living costs in addition to tuition. This money needs to be stored in a bank account in Norway.
  • In Norway, one must have a place to stay.
  • Universities in the Netherlands recognise TOEFL and IELTS test results as proof of a minimal level of English language ability.

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Argentina is a big country, but it is not heavily populated. This country is also one of the most immigration-friendly countries. In Argentina, it is very easy for immigrants to settle down. To become a qualified candidate to settle in Argentina, individuals must meet the minimum monthly income requirements. This nation has numerous opportunities for its people, both for work and education. Living costs are still modest in Argentina as well.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an attraction for people from all over the world. This country is tax-free, where no personal tax needs to be charged by residents. There is a very low crime rate in the region. This oil-rich country has a very diverse economy. The potential for education in the UAE is very good, with a large number of universities. This nation also boasts a low rate of corruption. Such aspects make the UAE a suitable relocation destination.

These are the world’s top 10 immigration-friendly countries. Begin to choose and prepare for your new life in a foreign land and if you require any help in applying for universities in these foreign destinations, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu. Sign up for a free session today!

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