Top Courses in the UK After 12th Arts

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Courses in UK after 12th Arts

UK’s top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and UCL are ranked amongst the top universities for arts and humanities according to QS World Rankings. The country is known for offering thousands of art-driven courses like psychology, political science, IR, economics, fine arts, and more! Apart from high-quality education, students have access to numerous volunteer work, internships, and research opportunities. Many universities offer guaranteed scholarships and bursaries to support international students planning to pursue courses in the UK after 12th Arts! 

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Why Study in UK after 12th Arts?

As an Indian student, the decision to study courses in the UK after 12th arts is a difficult one to make. So what sets UK’s art universities apart from India’s?

  • The UK is a hub for art and culture. The country houses the highest number of museums, art exhibitions and art courses in the UK giving practical as much importance as theory. 
  • The UK’s rich history, diverse political landscape and tremendous economic and media-driven system are ideal for humanities students who wish to gain dual perspectives by going beyond theory.
  • The UK has the top arts universities and pursuing courses in the UK after 12th arts from one of these universities will earn you a high salary after graduation. 
  • UK accounts for 4% of the research worldwide which says a lot about the quality of education provided at art universities in the UK.
  • UK universities offer tremendous opportunities for international students like international exchange programs where students get global exposure and experience while studying.
  • UK Universities are also famous for their sandwich courses which allow them to pursue work placements as a part of their curriculum.
  • Another reason to pursue different courses in UK after 12th for art students is the opportunity to explore Europe and travel across a historically, politically and culturally diverse continent.
  • Scholarships are another reason to study in the country. Students can get various scholarships, bursaries and research grants to support their education.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to study courses in UK after 12th arts, you have to fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Have to be 18 years or older to apply
  • Minimum 65% in 12th arts (varies from university to university) 
  • SAT/ACT exam (minimum score depends upon the course you choose)
  • TOEFL/IELTS for proof of English proficiency (minimum acceptance depends upon the university you apply to).

IELTS is accepted not only in UK but in 140 other countries as proof of English proficiency. In a non-English speaking country, we recommend every Indian student who wishes to study abroad take this test. Here are some tips to ace the IELTS English test!

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How to Apply?

Application for courses in UK after 12th arts is done through an online portal called UCAS (Universities and Colleges Application Services). Throughout the process, a number of essential documents are required. We have provided the list below and make sure that you have them before you fill your application. 

In case you are pursuing a course that requires a portfolio like fine arts, make sure that you have a digital copy ready in a pdf format.

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Top Art and Humanities Universities in UK 

UK is the hotspot for Indian students looking to study arts after 12th. Five of the top 20 arts and humanities universities in the world are situated in UK. So if you are looking for courses in UK after 12th arts, you can choose any of the universities below:-

University QS World University Ranking Arts and Humanities (2021)
Oxford University1
Cambridge University 3
Edinburgh University 11
University College London12
London School of Economics and Political Science16
King’s College London30
St. Andrews University 42
SOAS University of London44
Durham University 45
Manchester University45

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Top Courses in UK After 12th Arts

There are numerous arts and humanities courses for international students to pursue in the UK like drama, film studies, archaeology, language, history, political science, architecture, fine arts, literature and so on. 

Most popular courses in UK after 12th arts for Indians are:-

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BA in English Language and Literature

BA in English Language and Literature offers a student the chance to improve their reading prowess and also seek a deeper perspective from the classics written. It is a 3-year full-time program that is the go-to for all art students from India after high school. The average tuition fee can go as low as Rs. 18 lakhs per year in Manchester University and as high as Rs.31 lakhs per year in Oxford University. The top university that offers BA in English Language and Literature is Oxford University with the largest English faculty in the United Kingdom. 

BA in Music

If you wish to be a professional music trainer or technician, BA in Music is the perfect amongst other courses in the UK after 12th arts. The course involves understanding the history of global music and how it has evolved through the years. Along with theory, instrument practice is also a part of the curriculum. Cambridge University is considered one of the best to study music in the UK. The average tuition fee for the same is Rs. 29.58 lakhs per year. An Indian student will require a 90% or A1 grade to be eligible for this course.

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BA in Drama and Theatre

Home to William Shakespeare and 1100 active theatre groups, BA in Drama and Theatre is one of the prestigious courses in UK after 12th arts. This 3-year undergraduate program is for all the theatre enthusiasts who consider the stage as their second home. Stage production, direction, theatre plays, acting and everything related to the theatre is taught in this course. While you can pursue diplomas in theatre at independent theatre schools, the best university for BA in drama and theatre is Manchester University. The average tuition fee is Rs. 18.21 lakhs per year. 

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BA in Creative Writing

Do you know that you can study to be an author through courses in UK after 12th arts? BA in Creative Writing is a 3-year course that helps you in your writer’s journey. It helps you in the fields of journalism, education and even print media. Middlesex University, Northumbria University, and the University of the West of England are the top colleges for creative writing. The average tuition fee is Rs. 12 lakhs-15 lakhs per year.

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Bachelors in Fine Arts

Fine arts include areas of study like photography, illustration, sculpture, painting, animation, film, printmaking and ceramics. If you want to pursue a career in any of the above areas. Bachelor in Fine Arts and Diploma in Fine Arts is perfect for you!  Oxford University and University College London are the top universities for Fine Arts in UK. The average tuition fee ranges from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 32 lakhs. 

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B.Sc in Psychology

One of the highly sought-after courses in the UK after 12th arts in psychology. Studying human behavior in different circumstances is what a psychologist does. Graduates in psychology mostly opt for a doctorate or masters in philosophy after their bachelor’s. UK has the top research universities which will be easier to apply for once you study B.Sc in psychology in the same country. University College London, Edinburgh University and King’s College London stand tall at the top positions to study psychology after 12th arts in UK. The average tuition fee is Rs. 28 lakhs per year for this 3-year course.

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BA in Film Studies

Film Studies is one of the most popular and vibrant courses for freshers. BA in film studies is ideal for students who wish to direct films, work in film editing and production. This degree will help you become a cinematographer, film editor, audio effects director and a lot of other technical roles. What sets this course apart from the other courses in UK after 12th arts is the opportunity to intern in London-based film and media companies as a part of the curriculum. University of Leicester and King’s College London are a few of the top colleges offering this course at an average tuition fee of Rs.16 lakhs per year. 

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BA in Archaeology 

If you like digging up the past, quite literally, then this course in UK after 12th arts is going to be a perfect fit. Evolutions of humans, ancient DNA and methodologies of archaeology are discussed in the 3-year course of BA in archaeology. York University, Nottingham University and Durham University are universities with highly ranked BA in Archeology. The average tuition fee for the same ranges from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs.24 lakhs.

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Cost of Living and Studying in UK

One advantage of courses in UK after 12th arts over commerce or science is their considerable tuition fee. This automatically brings down the cost of living by a huge rate. Also, some art courses like film studies require you to intern in the last semester. This helps you cover up small expenses like food and travel. 

Cost of living is explained in detail in the table given below:-

Category Average Cost
Tuition feeRs. 15-20 lakhs/year
Student visa feeRs. 35,141
AccommodationRs. 40,000/month
Food Rs. 15-20,000/month
Study material (depends upon course)Rs.10-50,000/year
TravelRs. 3-5,000/month
Utilities (Internet, gas, electricity)Rs. 2-4,000/month

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Postgraduate Studies

After doing bachelor courses in the UK after 12th arts, acceptance for master’s or doctorate programs is easier. You will be sufficiently qualified by UK education standards. All you have to do is renew your student visa a couple of months before your graduation. 

You can study the following postgraduate programs after courses in the UK after 12th arts:-

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Which course is most the demand in the UK?

A few of the top courses in the UK are Computer Science, MBA, MBBS, Engineering, International business, finance, Law, Architecture, Fashion Design and Interior designing.

Is the arts stream successful?

The scope in the arts stream is very vast. There are several job prospects for Arts students and graduates in India and worldwide.

3 Which stream is best in arts?

The best subjects in the arts stream would depend upon a student’s interests and preferences. Some of the major arts subjects include History, Geography, Political Science, English, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education, Hindi, Sanskrit, amongst others.

We hope that we have covered all popular courses in UK after 12th arts. Planning to study in the UK for the January Intake? Sign up for a free session today and get profile evaluation from our Leverage Edu experts!

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